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Hydrological analysis to locate archaeological material or sites. #GIS applied to Archeology

#GeoServer 2.15-RC Released

#GeoTools 21-RC release ready for testing

Can commercial #satellites be used for espionage?

Small Satellites – The Next Big Thing in #Geospatial Innovation

Working with Features in #Leaflet

Call for testing: #GRASS #GIS with #Python 3

Entryism in Open Communities

Dealing with delayed measurements in (Geo)Pandas

#Mapping the Holocaust

ICTA launches National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Shaded relief #map of Mount Desert Island, home of of Acadia National Park

#Leaflet Basemaps and Overlays

Forecasting The Future: What to Learn from The Weather Channel App’s Geolocation Lawsuit

Movement data in #GIS #19: splitting trajectories by date

Geo Week 2019 Opens with MAPPS, Then ASPRS and ILMF

How to configure custom attribute displays for pop-ups in #ArcGIS Online

Adding a Trail to a #Leaflet Map

#Helsinki in 3D

Collect data offline

#Map: How Well Do You Know the UK?

Swarm raises $25 million to build world’s lowest-cost satellite network

New #ArcGIS Pro styles

Euroconsult plans to launch around 330 satellites on average each year by 2027

Geographica Digitalis

Government Shutdown Delays Update of World Magnetic Model Used for Ocean Navigation

GeoIgnite Conference Launched by GoGeomatics

Penn State University Libraries offers maps and #geospatial info sessions for Spring 2019

Sanborn Announces Version 2 Release of GeoServe #Lidar Viewer and QC Interface

Rayshader experiment

Using #GIS to Analyze Pedestrian Accessibility

#ArcGIS Desktop TLS Patch

How to license your #ArcGIS Enterprise portal at 10.7 prerelease

#Mapillary puts 186 million AI-generated Map features on global #Map

#ArcGIS Desktop Dialog Initialization Performance Patch

Prerelease for #ArcGIS 10.7 Now Available

#Maptime – Grassroots Geo-learning

How to embed @OpenStreetMap in a webpage

Earthquake Activity on a WebGL Globe

#ArcGIS Pro 2.3 released

How to Add Items in Bulk to a Select List in Mobile Data Collection Form via JSON (@giscloud)

Adding a Marker to #Leaflet

@OpenStreetMap Ireland 2018 Visualized

@Esri Publishes Second Edition of Getting to Know #ArcGIS Pro

Jobs in Geo by @geoawesomenes

VizExperts launches its #Geospatial Intelligence based flagship product GeorbIS

#Map: Where the Europeans Hate Europe

Open Call for Contributions @FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest

Automating #GIS processes with graphical modeler in @QGIS

Printing @OpenStreetMap Promotional Leaflets

New design views in #ArcGIS Pro 2.3

DuckDuckGo debuts #map search results using Apple maps

Exploring historical maps and spatial data with R and @OpenStreetMap

How to create a basic #Leaflet map

The Average Temperature World #Map

Using Blogging to Update @OpenStreetMap

Bike to capture 360 photos for Mapillary

@OpenStreetMap UK 2019 Q1 Project: Food Hygiene Ratings Revisited

Investigation into the Unusual Signups of OSMF Memberships

#Map: What Powers America?

Updating coordinate system dictionaries for MapGuide

Why @Azavea sold HunchLab

Jump into fieldwork with Explorer for ArcGIS

Esri #Python Raster Functions

Bamboo: server-side map rendering service

Properly interpreting static floodplain maps crucial for home and business owners, communities

Popular #PostGIS workflows to improve spatial problem-solving

USAA Joins #Geospatial Intelligence Center

Video: “@QGIS (Version 3) – Free #GIS software for Windows, Mac, and Linux”

Video: “Making Edits in the Field with Collector for #ArcGIS”

Video: “Viewing Updated #ArcGIS Online Content in Autodesk InfraWorks”

Video: “Import #GIS content into Autodesk InfraWorks”

Video: “#ArcGIS Online: Scene Basics”

Video: “@QGIS Basic #70: Collect Geometries”

Create clear context with rich text labels

Location is Personal

Washington’s Environmental Hazards #Map

Do good and get #mapping with Missing Maps

#Map: Average Earth 2018

Explore, Collect and Share Maps About Issues Important to Your Community

Parallel Processing and FME: A Redesign for 2019

GRASS GIS 7.6.0 released

How digital #mapping can be used to track development in counties

USAA Joins #Geospatial Intelligence Center

Geovation announces return of its Accelerator Programme for 2019

#Map: Where’s Everyone Moving in Holland?

TomTom selling Telematics unit to Bridgestone for $1.03 billion

@Boundless #PostGIS Tutorial

Off the chart: the big comeback of paper maps

Maxar Technologies Reports Failure of its WorldView-4 Imaging Satellite

@OpenStreetmap: A free #Map for a global village

BBC World Service: Africa’s Missing Maps

TransitScreen, MobilityData form open transit data platform

Making a commute time visualization #map

Hillshade tile server

Road access restriction information in openrouteservice

Ramp up Imagery Collection with the New Mapillary Desktop Uploader

Open #mapping in Africa: community spirit and the common good

OSMF Fee Waiver Program

The Little Sports #Atlas

Do you know how many satellites are currently orbiting around the Earth?

Another Geolocation Horror Show, This Time from South Africa

#Mapping Shrinking Glaciers

@OpenStreetMap Foundation Organised Editing Guidelines

Interactive Pipeline #Map

Update release GRASS #GIS 7.4.4

#GeoTools 20.2 Released

Top 10 #geospatial ready countries of 2019

Iceberg Motion Animation

#Map: Illinois’ Lost Bet on Gambling Machines

How do you #map a #museum?

@OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.19.0

Review of “Learn @QGIS – Fourth Edition”

#Map: How Long Since You Saw the Sun?

#Geospatial Climate Models Show How Fire Seasons Are Changing

Calculate the area of a polygon in a #map with #Python

Get Pure Sauce of Open #Map Data

A look at the @Waze Map & the people behind it

Draft Equal Earth Physical #Map Open for Public Comment

From CSV to GeoDataFrame in two lines with #GeoPandas

Intel RealSense tracking camera helps robots navigate without #GPS

New #Mapping Experience Available for ArcGIS for Developers

#Map: Taking the Measure of America

Apple Maps gets more features, plans to take on @Google Maps in India

#Mapping London’s Trees & Tree Cover

OpenStreetBrowser Feature update (v4.4): Improved localization

Static maps on MapTiler Cloud

Introducing the FME Server Kubernetes Tech Preview

Following the flow of data in GeoAnalytics Server

What’s new in @Esri Vector Basemaps (January 2019)

#Map: Political Donations in the Midterm Elections

A #map of London’s most toxic breathing spots

Coordinates and Measurement Units in Collector for #ArcGIS

New FME Tools for Cityworks Integrations

#Mapping the Ebola Outbreak

@Esri Relaunches #ArcGIS For Developers

#ArcGIS Hub Site Editing Enhancements

#Map: Brexit & the Irish Border

Rendered maps with #Python

Digital farming using drones and remote sensing analytics

INSPIRE resources

Modeling Crisis Migration Routes

Satellite Image Guide for Journalists and Media

16th-Century Hand-Drawn Maps Imitate the Style of Printed Maps

Working with historical maps: Georeferencing images. #GIS applied to archaeology

Vallaris #Map JavaScript API

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Get vector geometry”

Introduction to #PostGIS

Experts detail what to expect across geoindustries in 2019

The Mappyist Hour (@themappyisthour) #Podcast Episode 20 – Crunchy Elephant Data

#Geospatial Career Seminar Service

How Indoor #mapping is going to change lives in 2019

#Map: Top 5 Rivers of Plastic

#Map: 100 Years of Californian Wildfires

#Map: White Supremacist Flyering in the US

Here’s why 2019 is poised to be an exciting year for #Geospatial analytics