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WhiteBox for @QGIS Processing

WhiteboxTools User Manual

The Soviet Military Program that Secretly Mapped the Entire World

Video: “@QGIS Basic #69: Check Validity”

MapRoulette 3.1.2 released

PotreeConverter Mac Binary

Animated Population Cartograms

Crowd2Map Success in 2018

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Select features from a vector layer”

Best #Map of the Medieval World

What’s new in #ArcGIS Maps for Office 5.0

@QGIS UserConf & Hackmeeting 2019

3D Sketch Maps

Back-up data in #ArcGIS Online

#Mapping America’s Falling Fertility

Providence, Provenance and an 1841 #Map of Lafayette

The #London Medieval Murder #Map

Sketch your city with #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

How to build a non-geographical #map

The future of #mapping is living maps

New Gold Standard for #GPS

Processing R Provider for @QGIS 3.4

What A Tiny #Atlas Can Show About the State of the World during WWII

USGIF Now Accepting Nominations for its 2019 Awards Program

Openlayers 6: call for funding

Web AppBuilder for #ArcGIS v2.11 Developer Edition Available

Giant 1940 Model of San Francisco Digitally Assembled

#Mapping Superdiveristy

#Mapping Where Norway is Moving

Understanding the Grand Canyon by Turning It Inside Out

OpenStreetBrowser category updates: buildings, offices, culture, …

Dynamically change disputed national borders

The Chicago Parking Ticket #Map

@Mapbox maps are now more customizable and global

World Magnetic Model Being Updated a Year Early

Design for a #Map

Library of Congress Story Maps Dive into Early Photography

A world #map of Virgin Mary apparitions

#Map: The History of Rising Seas

Registration for #FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest is open

#GIS Day Contest 2018 Winners

Geomatics at UAA

Visualizing Gun Violence in America

Turn by turn voice routing now available to all User Types in Navigator for #ArcGIS

#Map: Where Federal Workers Aren’t Being Paid

GoGeomatics 2019 Conference Being Planned for Ottawa

Has @Google Assistant shown up on your Google Maps yet?

#Mapping UK Commuting Flows

DuckDuckGo Taps Apple Maps to Power Private Search Results

First GPS III satellite reaches orbit

Digital Earth Australia’s new lease on life

Make a #Map About Your Community in 4 Easy Steps

#Map: Where Are the Richest American Counties?

#Map: 2018 – the Year of Climate Change

#ArcGIS Desktop Error Reporter Learns Its Manners

GRASS #GIS 7.4.4 released: @QGIS friendship release

WorldView-4 suffers catastrophic failure

Hivemapper High Resolution Maps

Hivemapper Terrain Maps

#Map: 12 Months of Global Winds

On custom layout checks in @QGIS 3.6, and how they can do your work for you

MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2 release planning

Video: “Advanced JOSM”

Video: “Mobile Data Collection Best Practices and Tools”

Video: “Introduction to JOSM”

Video: “Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Validation Webinar Feb. 23, 2018”

GRASS GIS 7.4.4 released

#Map: America’s Million Dollar Neighborhoods

A Brief Look at Medieval Maps and Travel Guides

#Map Books of 2019 Page

Calling Geo-Researchers: Help @geoawesomeness by Blogging Your Work

An Approach for Checking Overlaps and Gaps in Polygons using Geopandas

Spatial Law and Policy: 2019: The Year of Geolocation Privacy?

#Map: 2018 Journalist Deaths

pgAdmin 4 v4.0 released

PyQGIS101 part 10 published

The #Geography of the World’s Religions

The OpenLitterMap

Making a #map with EU data on R: Erasmus exchanges by country

#FOSS4G SE in Knoxville 2019

The Sound Maps of the the Wild West

Using World Imagery Wayback

The Racial Dot #Map of U.S. Prisons

Confessions of a Cartographer in Crisis

The BBC’s Alarmist Migrant #Map

OSGeo Java 2018 Code Sprint Results

#Mapping Coral Reefs

The 1940 Wooden Model of San Francisco

How To Use the Equal Earth Projection With @QGIS on the Mac

Crowdsourced Digital Cartography: A Historical Study of the Democratic Pursuit for the Most Comprehensive and Extensive Cartographic Data

#Mapping Medieval Comet Sightings

@OpenStreetMap 2018 In Review

Plugin Builder 3.1 for QGIS 3.x

#Map: UK Trade (pre-Brexit)

Disease-carrying Mosquitoes Being Tracked with #Lidar

#Map: Remembering Australia’s War Dead

The Maps Mania 2018 Maps of the Year

openrouteservice-js – your JS library for spatial node applications

Mannheimer Mapathons

Response to Grab’s Response on @OpenStreetMap

Updated @OpenStreetMap contributor statistics for 2018

Using pg_upgrade to upgrade PostgreSQL 9.3 #PostGIS 2.1 to PostgreSQL 11 2.5 on Yum

#GeoServer 2.15-M0 Milestone Release

#GeoTools 21-M0 Milestone Released

Fundraiser for the Purchase of Historical Namibian Topographic Maps to use them as OpenStreetMap background layer

Video: “#ArcGIS: Topographic Surface Profile (ArcMap)”

Video: “How to Download the Boundary(Shapefile) of Any Feature using @OpenStreetMap”

Video: “Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and #ArcGIS”

#Leaflet 1.4.0 released

Video: “Crowd Sourcing and Participatory GIS- One Day online Workshop”

Taking #ArcGIS Online User Types to the Field

Challenger Expedition as a Story #Map

Video: “How to Download Sentinel-2 Level-2A Satellite Imagery from Copernicus Open Access Hub”

Video: “Download 30m Spatial Resolution SRTM DEM Data From EarthExplorer”

Video: “Using the Advanced Criteria in EarthExplorer”

#FOSDEM 2019 #Geospatial devroom Program

Using #Python to Reverse Geocode with Administrative Boundaries

#Globe: The Global Prosperity Index 2018

Updating Scene Layers in #ArcGIS Online

GDAL SRS barn raising: 7th report

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Get raster layer statistics”

Video: “The Evolution of the #ArcGIS Feature Service”

Video: “How to Calculate Rainfall Erosivity Factor in ArcMap: R Factor”

Video: “Create Contour in ArcMap”

Video: “Georeferencing High Resolution Satellite Imagery using ArcMap”

Video: “Interpolation in ArcMap using IDW”

Video: “Re-project #Map Layers in ArcMap”

Introduction to the use of SpatiaLite and Geopackage in @QGIS 3

Download ILWIS 4

Video – #ArcGIS Coordinates In Revit

Creating shapefiles in @QGIS 3

Convert SHP files to GPX in @QGIS 3

Create a new shapefile in #ArcGIS Pro

Download ArcHydro for #ArcGIS Pro

Video: “Create Composite Landsat Imagery in ArcMap”

Video: “#GIS Data Types”

The @Mappyist Hour Podcast Episode 19 – Auld Lang Syne

Video: “Clip Landsat Imagery in ArcMap Software”

Video: “Mosaic DEMs in ArcMap”

Video: “Land use method and when to use – #GIS”

Video: “Viewing a Locally Hosted Web #GIS (index.html file) with Android Browser”

How @Google #Map Determines Traffic Condition