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Pandas 1.0.0 released

GDAL/OGR 3.0.4 is released

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ISRO satellite data to be used for government planning services

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Long-term #mapping key to effective management of irrigated areas

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vscode-map-preview 0.5.0 announced

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mapguide-react-layout dev diary part 24: Adding *even* more than just WMS layers

Fire Destroys Columbus Globes Warehouse

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The 2020 YouthMappers Research Fellowship Teams

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GraphDB Goes Open Source

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International Summer School 2020 in Matera, Italy: ‘Geocomputation Using Free & Open Source Software’

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27th Annual Miami International Map Fair

Maps of Planned Cities Can Be Very Pretty

Remembering 75 years of Auschwitz liberation through maps

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The Geographical Imaginations #Podcast: Episode Fifty Eight Poster Bear

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Ten-Year Timelapse of U.S. Weather Radar

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URISA Announces the Release of the 2nd Edition of The #GIS Management Handbook

GISCafe Industry Predictions 2020 – Part 4

GISCafe Industry Predictions 2020 – Part 2

GISCafe Industry Predictions for 2020 – Part 1

8 Features That Could Leverage Most Navigation Apps

Public Service Announcement by QGIS: Update to the latest point release now

Bus stops in the UK in OpenStreetMap

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Various definitions of the Middle East

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Upgrading The British Library Georeferencer

See the Mississippi River’s hidden history, uncovered using LIDAR

pygeoapi Receives OGC (opengeospatial) Compliance Certification and Reference Implementation Status

Visualizing Power Lines with Mapbox

#Map: The Mother Tongue of Every Canadian

#GeoServer 2.16.2 released

#GeoTools 22.2 released

#LiDAR Data Processing with #LAStools and QGIS 3

4th #GPS civilian signal goes live

Diversity in OpenStreetMap, Seeking your help on ideas for the Foundation

ArcGIS Analytics for IoT in the #ArcGIS platform

List of 20 Simple, Distinct Colors

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FME World Tour 2020

Cartoframes 1.0 #python library released

#Map: Internal Migration in the USA

Couture Cartography

GeoNetwork opensource v3.10 released

OGC (opengeospatial) seeks public comment on Core Tiling Conceptual and Logical Models Abstract Specification Topic

Make Your Own City Road #Map

3D and #Geospatial Infrastructure

#Geospatial Clustering: Types and Use Cases

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Patent awarded for indoor #map generation

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French open data imagery in MapTiler Maps API

Collaborative #Mapping with Ethermap

WebODM 1.3.0 released

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rindcalc: a #Python library that enables the calculation of Landsat-8 spectral indices

A Jupyter notebook example for using the Google EarthEngine Python API and folium library for interactive mapping

#Map: Germany’s Rising Rents

#GNSS: Triple-frequency Constellations

Vector tiles with dynamically updated style in #Leaflet LPvis

The expanding ecosystem of location intelligence

NASA Space Data Can Cut Disaster Response Times, Costs

Turn-by-turntables: How drivers got from point A to point B in the early 1900s

Openrouteservice v6.0 released

Latitude and Longitude Finder

U.S. National Address Database

Antarctica #Map and Satellite Imagery

Antarctica Data Sources: #Mapping the South Pole

#Map of LGBT safe spaces, HIV testing centers in the works

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Applications for State of the #Map 2020 scholarships are now open

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Sharing content with #ArcGIS Hub

TomTom closes deal with Huawei for use of maps and services

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#QGIS 3.10.2 released

Indiana surveyor retiring at 102

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Copernicus Hackathon Poland 2020

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5 new books for people who love geography and maps

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How to approach to indoor location for apps (indoor #GPS tracking)