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Video: “ArcGIS: creating Raster DEM From Topographic Contours & Topo to Raster Tools”

MAPS.ME Now Shows All Subway Routes in Japan

Copernicus Data Warehouse Offers 40 cm Imagery Exclusively From European Space Imaging

Video: “Mapping Vulnerability Indices and Population to Support Local Decision Making”

OWSLib: a Python package for client programming with OGC web service (OWS) interface standards, and their related content models.

stars: Spatiotemporal tidy arrays for R

GML Application Schema toolbox QGIS plugin

Video: “Thiessen Polygon using Esri ArcGIS”

Video: “Geovation- A Hub for Geospatial Community”

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for YouthMappers Programs

Maps with impact

How to map a billion: Visualizing big data @ Locate

Maps on Tornado Migration

Video: “GPUs, Clouds and Grids Distributed Geoprocessing for Speed, Scalability and Better Living”

GeoAPIs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

Map: The 1968 Washington, D.C. Riots

In praise of insets

Map: Firebomb that City

INSPIRE Conference 2018 registration open

OGC seeks public comment on version 1.1 of CDB standard

A risk assessment map for the LGBTI globetrotter

Map: Nuke That City – the Sequel

Google Earth Outreach now support Indian NGOs

Video: “ENVI Modeler (in 60 sec.)”

Video: “Intersect Area calculation”

Google Maps rolls out wheelchair accessible routes in Sydney

GB postcode polygons – open data

Video: “Thematic Mapping with QGIS – Bar Graph”

New MapRoulette beta

Video: “Focal Analysis or Gap filling in Erdas Imagine”

mapguide-react-layout 0.11.2 announced

How to Talk to Martians

Google Maps now available in 39 languages including Hebrew and Swahili

First ever national maps of Australia’s ecosystem

Video: “The Use of GIS Tools and Techniques in Law Enforcement Analytics”

Esri CityEngine What is it?

SIGPobla, a successful case study of a Spatial Data Infrastructure in a municipality

Why spatial analysis is key to ending pharmacy deserts and the opioid epidemic

Video: “Derek on MapServer”

State of the Map 2019 – Call for Venues Open

Map: Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Video: “Supervised Image Classification using ArcGIS”

The Global Migration Map

Open Civic Data Standards: Book of Adopted and Proposed Standards

Video: “NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index) using Erdas Imagine”

Mapping Entire Liberia With Mobile Data Collection to Bring Clean Water to Every Single Resident

Map: From Slavery to Jail

Lightspeed Batch Processing: The Hidden Update in FME 2018

PlanetObserver Announces Release of PlanetSAT Global Imagery Basemap Version #2018

Cloud Native Geoprocessing Part 1: The Basics

Searching for the Right Lidar Sensor

OGC requests responses to a survey regarding potential Professional Certification program

On Barrington and Maps

Video: “Interpolation in ArcGIS”

Video: “Data Science with Python”

Video about The Horton Machine plugin available: new geoprocesses for gvSIG

Video: “Introducing the Pixels-to-Points Tool in Global Mapper”

Video: “Preparation of Pie Chart using QGIS”

New Esri Textbook Teaches the Fundamentals of ArcGIS

Map: Get Outta My Bike Lane

Map: Sexist Street Names

Breathing Room: Mapping Boston’s Green Spaces

Using GIS to Study Gentrification

Video of the presentation about ‘Emergency management and prevention with gvSIG Online’ available

A vertical map of Earth: How high or low can you go?

Video: “ENVI tutorial – How to classify using ENVI 5.0”

The Global Map of Football Fandom

Rare Map donated to Texas General Land Office in memory of Jefferson Morgenthaler

Code officiel géographique au 1er janvier 2018

What ISPs taketh away, the spatial community giveth back

MapGuide Open Source 3.1.1 Release Candidate announced

Worst of OSM: “Everyone edits. But not everyone thinks. Data and stupidity on OpenStreetMap”

GMaps.js: una forma muy fácil de publicar mapas en la web

Generating Run Maps with Node.js

Video: “Tips & Tricks: Finding Obstructions Using the Line of Sight and View Shed Tools in Global Mapper”

Video: “Georeferencing in QGIS”

Cartographic Freelancer Survey Results

Video: “Calculate the indices In Envi, Mathematical expression, with Band Math”

Video: “Get elevation of a set of points from Google Earth”

MapGuide Maestro User Guide

Mapping cherry blossom

Video: “Best Practices for Enterprise GIS”

Essential geospatial Python libraries

Street-Level Images Come to ArcGIS Pro with Mapillary

Video: “ArcGIS 10.4.1: Load Data And Import”

Video: “Cross Comparison of Spatially Enabled Databases PostGIS, SQL Server and JASPA”

Video: “Supervised Classification and Neighborhood in Erdas Imagine”

Some New(ish) Geospatial Podcasts

Mapping techniques to ‘leave no one behind’

Google’s ‘Plus Codes’ are an open source, global alternative to street addresses

Google introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation

Video: “OpenStreetMap nodes history 2006 – January 2018”

123map Publisher

OpenStreetMap Query-to-map

Geofabrik: Dropping User Information From Our Public Download Server

Make your own map background for your phone

Preview of the ohsome OpenStreetMap history analytics platform

Open Labs launches Tirana’s Open Data Geoportal

Swiss State of the Map Annual General Meeting April 7th 2018 Solothurn

Proposition d’intervention au State of the Map France 2018

Berlin Hack Weekend April 2018 – OpenStreetMap

Lost in Translation: translating OSMF wiki pages

Participation and marginality on the geoweb: The politics of non-mapping on OpenStreetMap Jerusalem

Andy Mabbett, Wikidata and OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap and the Buses in Nicaragua

OpenStreetMap Mapper in residence

OpenStreetMap Data Import as an Outreach Tool to Trigger Community Growth? A Case Study in Miami

Strava Heatmap Updates

Las calles de las mujeres

Video: “Georeferencing (Image to Image) in Erdas Imagine”

Revisiting point & polygon joins in QGIS 3

Video: “BasicQGIS – Save a layer as Esri Geodatabase”

Earthquake Risk Map

Video: “Create points from a table”

Mapwork Quilts

Custom voice instructions for navigation

Video: “Radiometric Correction in Erdas Imagine”

Missing Maps Leaderboard Updates

Video: “Top of Atmospheric (TOA) Reflectance of Landsat 8 Using ENVI 5.1”

Map: Fremont – More Money Than Sense

CLIWOC data revisited, focus on Antarctica, Part II

Story Map Gallery Fine Print

Video: “How to do a Change Detection Analysis using ENVI 5.0”

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.9.0

Creating an Interactive Map using SVG and CSS

Video: “Forest Structure and Bird Nesting Habitat Derived from LiDAR Data”

GfK releases new digital maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Melhorias na interface gráfica do GeoServer

A Look at European Bus Map Design

Bruce Gittings on the Shetland Controversy

Video: “QGIS 3.0 – Working with multiple map canvases”

AcATaMa: a Qgis plugin for Accuracy Assessment of Thematic Maps

Processing script template for QGIS3

QField 0.10.10 released

Video: “QGIS – Open Esri File Geodatabase”

MapaBabae – an OpenStreetMap workshop for women, with women

Сurrent weather and forecast from OpenWeatherMap

Video: “Amtmospheric Correction Sentinel QGIS SCP Application”

GIS Book: Fundamentals of GIS

GRASS GIS 7.2.3 LTS released

QGIS Server 3.0 on Windows 10

Creating a Choropleth Map of the World in Python using GeoPandas

Automating GIS-processes course

Video: “Geostatistical Analysis in ArcGIS”

The Coastline Paradox

Globes Exhibit in Abu Dhabi

Pre-Trade War Planet Earth

The Worldwide Trash Mapping Challenge – Map the Trash

The effect of the new iD release on restrictions

Landsat Services Update

Map: Worldwide Climate Change

How to use gvSIG Mobile, open source GIS for field data gathering

Easily testing the latest version of GDAL

Video: “Copy & Paste Objects QGIS”

Video: “ENVI Supervised Classification”