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Mano Marks: “The map is just a piece of what’s going on”

Release of Ordnance Survey (GB) Open Map

Pinpointing Disasters with OpenGeo Suite

Creating Seamless Street View Transitions

Creating interactive 3D Maps with OpenStreetMap and Sketchfab

Google Map Style with “Shape Burst” effect in QGIS

GeographicLib: a small set of geographic C++ classes

Oceancolor Data Downloader v1.0 for QGIS

Go2streetview plugin for QGIS

Nautical Charts in QGIS – The Compass Rose

The Coastal Vignette in QGIS

The Blue Marble in Google Earth

Announcing FOSS4G-India 2015

Two New Satellites Join Galileo Constellation

Importing CSV files into PostgreSQL using the DB Manager in QGIS

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 3.0 Beta 1

Using Windows 10’s Extended Execution |

Canvas Masking in Leaflet

ArcUser GIS Bookshelf

Unleash the Landsat archive: SCP 4.3 for QGIS allows for downloading from the entire archive of L…

Mapping the Ocean Floor

Fast reverse-geocoder in Python

ArcGIS Expresses Your Open Data

The Democratic Road Map

ArcGIS JS code samples for imagery

FOSS4GNA Code Sprint Replacing Vecmath

ArcGIS Living Atlas Community Webinar Recording Now Available

AirMapView: interactive maps for Android with and without Google Play Services.

GeoServer 2.7 Released

Legacy ESRI BAO Apps for iOS and Android Will Be Retired on April 3, 2015

There Are 3D Maps – Then There`s Our Tam

16 Things We Can Do to Increase Geoliteracy

Facilitating 7 Ways of Learning: Connections to GIS in Education

Earth Hour in Google Earth

Openlayers v3.4.0 released

Copy a layer style/symbology to multiple layers at once |

New Spatial Aggregation Tutorial for GIS Tools for Hadoop

22 URISA`s GISCorps Volunteers Respond to the Call for Typhoon Pam

Norwegians Track Power Outage, Restoration with Live Utility Web Map

Open Data in the UK

Proceedings of the 2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum

Introducing the Dimension Explorer for ArcMap

A Geospatial Network for Latin America and the Caribbean

Tracking Shell in the Arctic

Google Views and Business View not working in Google Earth

5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Use of ArcGIS Online

Rising Rents in Boston Mapped

UK Election Maps – Can do better ?

Your Invite to the Turf Party

USGS Maps – Over 18 Million Served

Where Are London`s Missing Map Traps?

CalGIS Conference – Jun 1-3rd 2015 – Sacramento CA

The Living Atlas of the World has expanded to include new user community content in the World Top…

Satellite Imagery Aids Rural Development

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

GEOINT 2015 Symposium Registration Now Open

May 19th geomob LDN Details |

GeoTools CodeHaus Migration Schedule

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) 1.1 est disponible

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS available (Get the Developer Edition)

“My First FOSS4G”

Berlin 3D Portal provides CityGML data for 550,000 buildings

Mapping Vancouver Energy

Time Manager 1.6 for QGIS – now with feature interpolation

Get geared up! Dynamically render your map using new JavaScript APIs from SuperGIS

E-Book for International Geospatial Job Seekers

80 Million Bolts of Lightning

Introducing TomTom GO Mobile, a free Android app

PhotoSat verifies accuracy of DigitalGlobe`s 30 cm WorldView-3 satellite elevation data to within…

2015 GeoRodeo

Open Google Maps from your iOS app

Map Gives New Insights into Global Population

Embarking on a Journey with FOSS4G-NA 2015 – Boundless

Reveal attribute data with just a click in updated Gmap4

Mapping Road Noise in Paris

New Google Earth Imagery – February 2015

Street Map Premium for ArcGIS now available for the Middle East and Africa

Tumuc-Humac, the mountains range that does not exist

Cherry Bomb Your House on Street View

Esri Production Mapping for Server: Product on Demand (POD) Sample JavaScript Application Released

British Cartographic Society Annual Awards 2015

USGS to Hold 3DEP Stakeholders Meeting at MAPPS-NSPS Conference

ArcGIS 10.3 for Server Site Creation Failure and Service Startup Performance Patch

A @VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 505

Global Mapper SDK v16.1 Released

No User Left Behind

New Version Leica Geosystems CORS Solution Launched

Archivists unearth rare first edition of `The Map that Changed the World`

Spatialize Your Water Utility Data with ArcGIS

New extension for gvSIG: Create legends by scale

Landsat in Love with QGIS: the newest coup from Luca

Landsat data now on Amazon Web Services

Using WMS time to explore your data

Enter the Esri Data Viz App Challenge

ngeo : une bibliothèque combinant AngularJS et OpenLayers 3

ngeo/ Library combining OpenLayers 3 and AngularJS

OpenStreetMap tile CDN continues to grow

New Ordnance Survey OpenMap (Open Data) Released

OpenStreetMap to SVG

QGIS GRASS Plugin Upgrade Crowdfunding

GIS anywhere, anytime, on any device

New Developments Announced for SPAR International

How to launch a ArcGIS Story Map Tour at a specific tour stop

Inofficial QGIS 2.8 RPMs for EPEL 7

Strengthening ArcGIS Online account security in your organization

Complementary Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Capability; Notice; Request for Public Comments

GeoTools 13.0 Released

Mapping US Temperature Anomalies

The Street View Teleportation Device

March Updates to the ArcGIS Online Basemaps

From sea to shining sea: A Street View tour of the U.S.

A data-range-independent color ramp in Geoserver heatmaps

Will Skora: “I scraped an electronic list of pantries and set up a website”

Importing GLCF MODIS woody plant cover into GRASS

ESRI BAO Mobile — Now Available on Android and Updates for iOS

GeoServer 2.7 released

Another look at DigitalGlobe`s FirstLook coverage in Google Earth

@ESRI: “A Shout Out to Our 2015 Launch Festival Hackathon Projects!”

PostGIS 2.1.6 Released

Nordryggen on skis for 25 days – creating a route map

Making Lines from Points in PostGIS

Using 3D web scenes in ArcGIS Online Story Maps

Smart Mapping Part 3: Rounding classes for Color and Size drawing styles

Hangouts with James Fee:: Special Guest Peter Batty

QGIS Conference 2015 Nødebo

Transferring a route from QGIS to your GPS

A World of Imagery Available through ArcGIS Online

GISCafe Special Feature Blog: Emergency Response and Recovery

Magical PostGIS

QGIS Setting Manager

Mapping efforts in an unsurveyed land – Koorachundu Village Panchayat experience

GeoPhilly`s Balloon Mapping Launch: A Philly Tech Week Event


Using Satellite Imagery to Track the Ocean’s Acidity

The Sound of Silence: A Noise Map of the U.S.

Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery Available for Free Via Amazon Web Services

Komplexe Feature-Modelle mit dem QGIS WFS 2.0 Client Plugin

The Vaguely Rude Places Map Goes International

GIS GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out): 30 checks for data errors

Landsat Satellite Imagery on AWS

Public Data Sets on Amazon Web Services

Major Update: Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 4.2.0

CycloMedia Launches Street Smart Application for ArcGIS

Using ArcGIS Online Elevation and Hydrology Analysis Services

US Senate introduces Geospatial Data Reform Act 2015

US GAO Reports on Geospatial Data

NEW US Govt Accountability Office Report on Geospatial Data

gvSIG 2.1: da Excel a gvSIG

Using Mathematics, Web Maps, and Geography to Investigate Global Temperature Extremes

Identifying Tree Crowns

This Map is a Work of Art

Mapbox Landsat-live goes live

New Learn ArcGIS Lesson: No Dumping – Drains to Ocean

Making ‘Landsat on AWS’ Accessible

Landsat on AWS

Power Map Preview for Excel 2013