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16th International gvSIG Conference (online event): Communication proposals submission

pydeck: High-scale spatial rendering in Python, powered by

GNSS joins the fight against the global pandemic

New Esri #ArcGIS Field Maps beta supports Eos Arrow GNSS location and metadata

Beyond the models of potential species distribution

The US High Poverty #Map

OGC (opengeospatial) API – Tiles and its refinement at the 2020 Sprint

Generate interactive maps using Folium

2020 Journal Impact Factor (Remote Sensing, #Geography, and Hydrology)

Placename Pronunciation Maps

GDAL 3.1.1 is released

#Google will now auto-delete location search history by default

ESA, NASA and JAXA join hands to produce global view of COVID-19 impacts

#Python and #Geospatial Analysis

One-fifth of Earth’s ocean floor is now mapped

Ethics in Geo

Open Data in India: In a Restrictive Copyright Regime, Voluntary Organisations Pitch in to Make Data Accessible

Earth Surveillance Tech changing everything, including us?

Using map-driven stories to grab attention, influence international policy


#Map: The Earth Impacts of Covid-19

#Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure to Power Decisions at All Levels

Lesotho in 3D #map

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Racial Justice at the Esri User Conference 2020

Geomob #Podcast – 23. Interview with Denise McKenzie of the Benchmark Initiative

INSPIRE data to be shared under open terms in the UK

15 Google Maps Platform best practices

#Map: How America Was Lost to Covid-19

15 Years of Google Earth and the Lessons That Went Unlearned

#Mapping International Migration Flow

#ArcGIS AppStudio Virtual Workshop Recap

Something missing | #MapFail

#QGIS 3.14 Pi is released

Spatial Data in the Cloud – Part 2, NoSQL Databases

Using #ArcGIS Living Atlas to locate areas to promote solar

6 ways you can support local businesses with Google Maps

Integrate Carto & QGIS Using the New Direct SQL Connection

Exploring the Deepest Point on Earth

High-quality Japan data available for all developers in Mapbox

Firefighters Support Alliance Launches Interactive #Map, Tracking Economic Impact of Firefighters

Video: “QGIS User 0029 – Styling Tips And Trix (follow up from QGISch user presentation)”

Google announced it will automatically delete your location history by default

Using satellite imagery to prioritize vegetation management for utilities

#Map: How Happy is the World?

PostgreSQL 13 Beta 2 Released

British Library Flickr Maps on the Georeferencer Finished

The Joy of using Leaflet/Openlayers with Vue.js

COVID-19 Response: #GIS Best Practices from Across the Globe

Amnesty’s Video #Map of Police Violence

Geodata for Financial Institutions (Part 1/2)

#Map: YouTube Near You

The MapScaping #Podcast: Polygons of Ownership

Harness the Power of Location

Generate DXF on QGIS server

Video: “Data Visualization with QGIS”

Eos Positioning Systems Releases Eos Tools Pro for Windows

uDig Release Candidate 2.2.0.RC1

Video: “#GeoServer: The big picture”

Video: “Who needs #GeoServer?”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Running an online FOSS4G – some reflections”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: ArcGIS to QGIS in One Easy Lesson with SLYR”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Teaching QGIS – Certification and Running QGIS in the Cloud”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: What every GIS user should know about projections”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Optomized publising of map and dataservices with GeoServer, GeoStyler, GeoWebCache and MapProxy”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Using FOSS4G to track COVID-19 in Romania”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Women in Geospatial+ – Changing the status-quo by creating a strong network of Women in Geospatiol+ leaders and changemakers”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Delivering a digital register of common land in Wales with the help of Open Source Geo”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Managing Open Data with an Open Architecture”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Improving severe-weather resilience for Mongolian and Kyrgyz herding communities using earth observation imagery”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Don’t lose your way! Crowd sourcing the nation’s forgotten paths”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Big Earth Observation- and Geodata analysis with actinia and GRASS GIS”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: GeoServer 2.17 Updates”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: My Thirty Years of Spatial Modeling”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Solving Geospatial Problems with JavaScript”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Geonetwork orientation”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: OGC APIs and the evolution of OGC standards – an update”

Video: “FOSS4GUKOnline 2020: Labeling cans on a production line – automating metadata creation”

#OSGeo Certification Services for OGC (opengeospatial) Compliance and Reference Implementations

The Earth Archive Project and 3D #Mapping the Earth

#Google Maps may offer routes connecting bikes and cars to public transit

USGIF Announces 11 New Board Members For 2020-2021

What to consider when visualizing data for colorblind readers

#OpenStreetMap GPX extractor

Maps with Zealandia

#Map: Sending cabbies in circles

3 open-source projects that could transform #geospatial industry by 2025

Picking the right tool for #geospatial data enrichment (part 2)

Picking the right tool for #geospatial data enrichment (part 1)

#Google Maps SDK API Key in Android

The MapScaping #Podcast: Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

Positional Accuracy Assessment for NAIP/3DEP Pilot

Legend for continuous raster in QGIS composer

Lightning Maps

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and iLab Liberia Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning to Augment Human Mappers in Monrovia

The 2020 Submarine Cable #Map

Geomob #Podcast – 22. Interview with Harry Wood of OpenStreetMap London

4 things #GIS jobseekers should focus on, according to recruitment experts

Video: “David Rumsey Map Center: Inside One of the World’s Biggest #Map Collections”

JTS OverlayNG – Tolerant Topology Transformation

These are the best mobile data collection apps for QGIS projects

Creating a #map with inset using tmap

Spotify world #map shows most popular song named after every country

Why did Facebook acquire #geospatial startup Mapillary?

How earth observation data and analytics is helping tackle climate change

#Esri users gain access to international public transport data from TravelTime

#Map: The Gerrymandered States of America

Video: “MapTiler and vector tiles in QGIS 3”

Video: “Watershed Delineation using Arc Hydro Tools”

15 non-profit organizations making an impact with Google Maps Platform

State of the Map 2020 is here, more ways to get involved

#ArcGIS Field Maps released

British Library #map leads to a Gibraltar archaeological discovery

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) receives core funding to bring 1 billion people to the #map

COVID-19 modelling with the Centre for Humanitarian Data

#gvSIG Online: Importing vector layers and web services

Using Remote Sensing to #Map Invasive Species

New GNSS correction service launched for Australia

geoProspector: Download Data from Esri #Map Services

How to search Earth Engine API and import assets from GEE personal account?

Opening Google Maps database

#Map: The Sexist Street Names of Amsterdam

How to import Earth Engine #Python scripts into Jupyter notebook?

Bending Lines, an Online Exhibition from the Leventhal Center

COVID-19 Inequality: A Focus on Brazil Coronavirus Maps

UK Geospatial Commission releases new #Geospatial data strategy

ArcGIS World Imagery Metadata Update

RTKBase v2 is available for your GNSS Base Station

How To Build Computer Vision Workflows with Picterra + FME

#Map: Widen My Sidewalk

OGC (opengeospatial) adopts and publishes Hierarchical Data Format Version 5 (HDF5) Core Standard

OpenGlobus – a JavaScript library for interactive 3D maps and planets

ethermap: Create and share maps with your friends

How we measure the effects of AI-assisted #mapping

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Voting Membership Welcomes 27 New Members

#OpenStreetMap Awards 2020 are cancelled

Optimal Scan Locations for Terrain #Mapping

Open source tools

Geomob #Podcast – 21. Free is great. Or is it?

#LeafletJS & React #Leaflet

A Video Masking Effect #Map

Comparing human populatin density maps

ETL Google Distance Matrix API

Developers Diary 2 by pwramsey

Monitoring Volcanoes Using UAVs

Try the new features planned for upcoming #ArcGIS Online updates

Search Earth Engine API and import data from your GEE account

How to #map the impact of COVID-19 on your neighborhood using machine learning and satellite data?

A collection of 300+ examples for using Earth Engine and the geemap Python package

The Urban Analysis Interactive #Map

#OpenStreetMap on the Chinese Border

#Map: How Busy is My Bus?

Flight Planning for Lidar-Based UAS #Mapping

#Maps: COVID-19 Inequality in the US: How Coronavirus is killing more Black Americans

Presenting breakdowns by race/ethnicity (or any groups) in your maps

Install Google Maps & Places SDK for iOS Using Carthage