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Visualization and analysis of deeply geotemporal data

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Interactive widgets for data exploration in ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Rasterio 1.0.25 released

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UK Government #map data on #mapTiler Cloud

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USGS LandLook Viewer

Version 3 of the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model Released

Extend Your Big Data Analysis with GeoAnalytics Server and Spark

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UN GGIM – Global #Geospatial Information Management

Earth Observation Policies – What is the Way Forward

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Summit 2019

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2019 URISA Board Election Results

The Dot #Map of 1910 #Hungary

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Traffic sign Catalogues in OSM2World

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Geovation Accelerator Program now inviting applications from geo startups

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List of band combinations in Sentinel 2

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Elastic Maps released

CnG #Podcast Episode 5 – Expectations

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JtsOp – a CLI for JTS

QGIS2web with interactive filters

Ordnance Survey opens online art gallery

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Accuracy Metrics

The #Map of English Literature

The MapScaping #Podcast: The Google Drive of #geospatial – curation over creation

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#Satellite mass production facility opens in #Florida

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Map Design: a guide to good map design

Digital Transition vs. Digital Transformation

Wikidata & OpenStreetMap

Building generalisation: simplification

Felted Cartography

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Bubble #map style

#Map: Boston Harbor, 1775

#Map: See the Deforestation in Your Town

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Create your activity #map based on heart rate zone

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Lighthouse #map

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#Map: All the roads in Iceland

A Topographic #Map of the Moon

The Global Child Mortality #Map

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MapRoulette 3.3.3 is out

Google Maps UX Case Study

Difference Between Recreational and Professional #GPS

Reapportionment Projections and the Potential Impact of New States

An exaggerated relief #map of Southeast Asia

New Autocomplete features in Google Maps Platform help your users make faster decisions

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The Los Angeles Oil Boom Through #Maps

Importing Data into #Python

Geomatics Professional versus Licensed Land Surveyor

The Art of Illustrated Maps

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Get started with #ArcGIS Enterprise

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Official Canadian Geographical Names Data

Hacking the Electoral College #Map

Real-Time Street View

Turn your smartphone into a #GPS to collect field data

How to import XY data tables to QGIS 3

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Building a QGIS 3 Digital Elevation Model

Reclassification of a raster in QGIS 3

MapAction supporting a United Nations training exercise in Indonesia

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Facebook speeds up #mapping data validation with machine learning tools #map With AI and RapiD

Visual changelog for QGIS 3.8

Automating QGIS Deployment on Mac computers

#Map: Countries where >1 in 200 people are incarcerated.

Exploring the true potential of Earth Observation

Course: Mapbox GL 101

A fresh Cygnus+ version

Caretographic Representations Export #Map

Understanding and Managing Credits in #ArcGIS

GeoStyler: Generic Styler for geodata

Trimble4D Control software Version 5.0 released

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Google #Maps 101: how Google #Maps the world

Sheldon Tapestry #Map of Oxfordshire on Display

Photogrammetry Accuracy with a Phone?

The next version of #MapGuide Open Source will be 4.0

#Map: Average speed of trains in Europe.

Climate #GIS Data from

A More Accurate Global River #Map

JOSM Stable version 15238 released

#Map: Lakes, rivers, & streams of #Ireland

Explore and communicate landslides risk in #Nepal using interactive #maps

Landviewer Now Features Change Detection That Runs In Browser

Pitney Bowes Announces PBLocator Geocoding for #ArcGIS

#Map: Human Development Index at the subnational level

#Map: Earth in 100 million years

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