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Vegetarian food: The Map

Video: “How can a city or a country increase its tourism potential by using geospatial analytics”

An ArcGIS Earth overview at version 1.2

Fire Watch: Watching and Understanding Wildfires from Space

Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud with ENVI and Amazon Web Services | Webinar on August 9th

Video: “Using Python to Build a GIS Data Pipeline for Rural-Urban Classification”

Video: “Complementos QGIS”

GeoTools: Copyright Headers in Source Code Files

Life Expectancy map

Don’t be afraid to commit: Introduction to Git

Introdução ao GeoGig – Parte 1

GeoGig: an open source tool that draws inspiration from Git, but adapts its core concepts to hand…

Mapping the Third Dimension

Google Earth: how to present a geologic map in 3D?

NYC: Travel Time & Jobs

Carto Batch Queries on the SQL API announced

Google Maps Gives You a Wi-Fi Only Option, Warns You About Mass Transit Delays

Using 3D Web Mapping to Model Offshore Archaeology


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Renews Funding for OpenTopography

Principles of Remote Sensing – Practice to Water Resources

HERE Maps apps renamed to HERE WeGo

Height Mapping

Another way to visualise sun-synchronous orbits

QGIS Continuous Integration Testing Environment for Python Plugins

How to connect GRM to ArcMap

Caribbean GIS Community to Gather in Barbados

Is China Cutting Off North Korea? New Analysis of Satellite Images Say No

Map Making: Georg Steller’s Arctic

Download Landsat-8 Data via

Tips for managing credits consumed by ArcGIS analysis tools

Video: “Autotrace in QGIS 2.14.3”

Online GeoServer Bug Stomp – July 2016 Results

Cities by only buildings

Golden Software Surfer 13: georeferencing a map

Google Maps has a fresh new look

OpenStreetMap: Deriving centerlines from riverbanks without.

Using Maps to Share Information in a Visual and Engaging Way

Tutorial: DEM extraction module in ENVI 5.2

MapXtract: extract data from OpenStreetMap as SVG, PNG or JSON

Análise e visualização de dados LiDAR – Parte 6

Google Maps Highlights Areas of Interest

A (quick) intro to humanitarian mapping

Sun-synchronous orbits with Google Earth

Mapping the History of Ska

How to convert shapefile to google earth kml file

Australia’s spatial industry at risk of missing growth opportunities

ArcMap GIS Convert from 3 (ED50) to 6 (WGS84)

Google Maps Looks to Improve its Functionality by Opening up Location Edits to User

What’s new in Survey123 for ArcGIS 1.6

Google Places API for iOS & Google Maps SDK for iOS are now in separate CocoaPods

Solid Tool in Sketchup 2016

Sharing ArcGIS Online content privately between organizations

Discover the action around you with the updated Google Maps

DJI adding geofences based on real-time wildfire data

Toposheet mosaic in Erdas Imagine

Mapping the UT Tower Shooting

“City Maps: A coloring book for adults”: Revision Details

Helping emergency services find you when you need it most

What are mosaic datasets?

Video: “Overview of ArcCatalog”

World Map — Scratch Edition

Mapping Cape Town’s Townships

Decoding complicated transit maps

Trimble Photogrammetry – Aerial Triangulation

Imaging satellite list

Análise e visualização de dados LiDAR – Parte 5

How to Create Map Backgrounds

Accelerating Vector Tile Creation for Marble 2.0

QGIS using Cloud Maps

Mapping with R

Topo profile (cross section) in ArcGIS: How to make one.

Video: “How to Use Openstreetmap Plugin in QGIS 2.14.3”

Video: “Introduction to VBA for Arcmap”

Geocoding in GIS: ArcGIS, QGIS, Leaflet

How to Analyze the Distribution of Datasets in ArcGIS

Classify Landcover, Habitat Suitability in QGIS

QGIS tutorial : Combine into a Conditional Raster

QGIS: come usare il servizio WCS

Satellite map an interesting illustration from ESRI

The Antipodes Maps

How to Create and Add Data to an ArcGIS Online Web Map with Map Notes

Video: “Resolved snapping in QGIS”

Mosaic standard DEMs to new raster in ArcMap

Using Euclidean distance Raster tool (ArcMap)

Native view annotations in the latest Mapbox iOS SDK

Reclassifying Rasters: logical expressions, inequalities, isolation and additive methods

Photo functionality in QField

Three Measures in the Carto Data Observatory Worth Exploring

OpenDroneMap results to QGIS

Building a Server-Rendered Map Component (Part 1: Why?)

Mapping Life in Syria

Geomentoring for Geoliteracy

React-ing to the need for a modern MapGuide viewer (Part 2): The baseline

React-ing to the need for a modern MapGuide viewer

A @VerySpatial #Podcast – Episode 549

Portal for ArcGIS Security Patch (2016 Update2)

QGIS: Fixar Projeção e Recorte de um Raster do Openlayers

Crowdsourcing Story Maps and Privacy

Null Island: The Land of Lousy Directional Data

comparing openstreemap-carto to other map styles

Video: “Download and Use Thematic Data Like Soil, Transportation, Weather Data etc from Online Re…

Video: “Introduction to ArcGIS Network Analyst”

WorldView 4 satellite is all set for Sept 15 launch

Video: “QGIS: icone, aree protette e Strava”

Building a Mbtile for Fulcrum

Ordnance Survey colouring book coming this autumn

Mapping the High Plains Aquifer

After the Map

The United States According to Donald Trump by @JudgmentalMaps

The Osher Map Library’s Digital Project

Video: “Como usar o QGIS Browser”

Map Contest Winners at the 2016 Esri UC

History of Cartography (eBooks in PDF)

Introduction to Cluster Analysis in ArcGIS 10.2

Marker clustering in the Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library

Apple Maps Expands Transit Data to Honolulu and Kansas City

Download Landsat 8 Data Using Libra Development Portal

Copernicus Masters submissions extended

Mapping the diversity of dirt

Creating Simple Webmap using QGIS

Mapping with Strava

Street View Tour Maker by Steven Ho

Video: “Adding a legend in ArcMap”

3as Jornadas gvSIG México: geomática y software libre. Propuestas para comunicaciones

DigitalGlobe partners with Uber

The Carto Data Observatory welcomes Mexico

Mapping Gun Violence in Rio

Video: “Making a web map using LeafletJS”

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.1 Developer Edition Now Available

Using GIS to Fight Drug Trafficking

Workforce for ArcGIS 1.0.0 Release

Using Planet Imagery for Position Determination of a Weather Balloon

Add Demographics to Your Datasets (Fast!)

Simple Ways to Avoid Hotspots in Your Drone Data

ArcMap 10.1 – How to calculate area and perimeter using Calculate Geometry

QGIS 2.16 Nødebo: más de 80 novedades

Editing in google Earth

QGIS: Plugin autoSaver – Como Salvar Projetos Automaticamente

ERDAS Imagine – Earth Resources Data Analysis System

Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.0 (iOS) released

Docker PostGIS and pgsql2shp/shp2pgsql

What’s New in ENVI 5 3

Pan-Sharpening with ArcGIS 10.2.2

How often is Google Earth imagery updated: Europe

Introducing the QGIS First Aid Plugin

Tagging in OpenStreetMap: single values vs. value lists vs. separate keys

From DTM to 3D using QGIS

Greetings from Null Island

Up-to-date open data imagery – it is available, use it

Fresh imagery –> more mapping

Autocad Land Desktop: Import points to land Desktop and create PKs

Traveltime routing & catchment extension for the QGIS IDF router

Crayfish 2.3: New Features

How to Download ASTER Imagery from MADAS Application

Creating vector tiles from raster datasets