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Video: “Why Did @Google Maps Switch to a Globe?”

Video: “Satellite images shows massive destruction from the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami”

Operations Dashboard: Provide Context to Your #ArcGIS Dashboard Indicators

#Map: Time Travel in Venice

#Colorado is a rectangle? Think again

SRS barn raising: 5th report

Video: “Demo of @QGIS Software : Adding #GIS Data, Attribute table & Identity tool Change symbology”

MapSurfer.NET Cartographic Framework

The future of #mapping and its relevance for the SDGs.

#Mapping and Modeling #Lidar Data with #ArcGIS Pro

Video: “Bridging the gap between conservation practitioner and remote sensing science”

New and Improved Elevation Profiles in On The Go Map

Video: “Measuring Area / Length Using @Google Maps”

Video: “Export Selected Layer of Shapefile from @QGIS”

#Map: Where Not to Cycle in San Francisco

Visualizing Redistricted Legislative Districts

MapAction wins Data Analysts User Group award

Plan your next trip with @Bing #Maps

Open source geospatial coordinate sytem libraries are being revised

Block Adjustment for Ortho #Mapping in #ArcGIS Pro Part II: Getting Adjusted

Sky and Space Global begins construction of 200-strong nanosatellite network

Video: “Demo of @QGIS Software Digitization, Spatial Queries Linking spatial & non-spatial data”

Where Location Intelligence is driving innovation in geomarketing

Vintage Maps in 3D

Crowdsourced Pavement Quality #Maps

@Esri Announces Beta Program of #ArcGIS Runtime SDK for #Qt Supporting Embedded #Linux Devices

#Vespucci 11.2 BETA Highlights

Open Geospatial Consortium and Natural Resources Canada partner on Geospatial Innovation

Video: “How to quickly add latitude and longitude coordinates to a spreadsheet using @Google Sheets”

Video: “How to get the #map view to fill the available space in @QGIS on a #Mac”

#Mapping 57 million agricultural fields with AI

Collector for #ArcGIS (Android) v18.0.3 Released

#3D #mapping global population density

High Fidelity Polar Elevation

Edge styles in urban environments

Explorer for #ArcGIS is coming to Windows

@QGIS 3.4: novedades de una LTR a la altura de las expectativas

OpenWeatherMap team announces Weather maps 2.0

Indoor #Mapping your Venue with the new IMDF Standard

A Spatial Data Infrastructure platform for #Django

#Map: Counter Surveillance of the Police

Forest-based Classification and Regression in #ArcGIS Pro 2.2

#Mapping Student Debt Burden in Massachusetts

The #Map of Ancient Trees

@QGIS 3.4 changelog

Running a Serverless Vector Tile Backend with AWS Lambda and Go

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean Trade Route Maps

A @VerySpatial #Podcast – Episode 606

#GRASS GIS 7.4.2 released

@QGIS 3.4 Madeira is released

Video: “How to download Climate Data from NASA website”

Maps: calculate distance in 3D?

Map: NO2 hotspots of the world

@OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week 2018: Nov 11-17

#Mapping the Zip Code

Buffer Tool: Multiple Ring Buffer, Geodesic vs Euclidean and Round vs Square

Develop a #Map Application using #NativeScript and @Mapbox

Video: “Extracting values from raster data and converting them to SHP format.”

The One Place in the US @Google Earth Stopped #Mapping Creates a Unique Interactive #Music #Map

Open Data Response for Typhoon Yutu

What’s new in #ArcGIS Companion 1.3 (October 2018)

#Mapping Midterm Political Donations

#GIS Day at the Library of Congress on Wednesday, November 14th

#Map: The World’s Most Powerful Company

The Concave Hull

Carbon emissions mapped: the naked truth

#Mapping Health Inequality

How to search, store and plot indexed @Google Maps links — case study using drones in Syria

Video: “How to Publish a #Map as a Web Page”

Video: “How to Create a PDF Report in @QGIS”

Video: “How To Publish A @QGIS #Map Online”

After WWI, a U.S. relief effort kept Europe from starving amid famines

Presentations at MAC URISA 2018

Story Maps Labs: An Ongoing Experiment

Video: “3 Ways to load ANY geo-data into Postgres”

Using Satellite Imagery to #Map Obesity Rates

Global Population Pyramids

Modernizing Catchment Areas With Human Mobility Data

The Writer’s Map

Cómo añadir funcionalidades a un mapa web con @Mapbox GL JS

A new OSMCha version

Junção espacial 5x mais rápida com #PostGIS

#Map: Street View of #Hawaii’s Sunken Island

A Beginner’s Guide to… Bulk Database Updates with #FME

How @Google and @Apple are killing tourism for 2 Australian towns

Navigating New York: An #Exhibition at the #NewYork Transit Museum

#OpenData Response for #Hurricane Willa

#Mapping International Trade

Build an innovative navigation, augmented reality, or computer vision app and win a trip to AWS Re:Invent 2018

New #map styles and vector tiles for @Tableau

Should Developers Continue to Worry About @Microsoft’s Plans for @GitHub?

Editing your data in @QGIS

#Mapping Where Your #Food is Grown

#Map of Indigenous #Canada Accompanies People’s Atlas

Mapping Natural Disasters in France

#GIS education & awareness

#BigData Spatial com #GeoMesa

3D #Map of Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution

Satellite Evidence of #China’s Re-education Camps

A New Approach to Flood Mapping

Mapping active hurricanes

How to Create Locator Maps

OpenStreetMap Belgium: the newest Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

#Map: Locking Them Up

Places Patterns

Geofable: Explore spatial data and tell stories with interactive map-based infographics.

Urban Rambles find ArcGIS Server web services

Orfeo ToolBox Users Day 2018 – Recap

OpenDEM: open project for sharing the third dimension of the earth´s surface

The Life of a #GIS Professional: From improving cooperation to engaging citizens

The Mappyist Hour: Lost Podcoast

Mobile plugins for

#Map: Planning for Nuclear Armageddon

One size doesn’t fit all – global and local mapping solutions

The Lynching Dot #Map

Things you didn’t know you could do with Story Maps

@Google Maps for iOS will now allow you to share real-time updates with friends

Video: “@QGIS Geometry Generator”

Geo-spatial analysis with #Python

Visualizing Geospatial Data in a Web Browser with Cesium ion and FME

@OpenStreetMap History Viewer

OGC seeks public comment on Symbology Conceptual Core Model

Courtney Claessens: “It’s incredibly important that we stay humble in the kind of work we do”

Análise de performance de Big Data com #PostGIS e #ArcGIS

Interactive Map: Precipitation in the 2050s

Find Suspicious @OpenStreetMap Changesets

USGIF Announces 2018 GEOINT Community Week Events

Creating MapMate Picture Files for Ireland

#London Cycle parking #map

The @OpenStreetMap DWG’s new Organised Editing Guidelines announced

The Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA)

The China Strike Map

How to Use Humanitarian @OpenStreetMap Data in Research

Mapping Latino Voters

#Map: Shipwrecks of the First World War

#Map: Americans don’t know their Alsace from their Bilboa

Novel #Lidar Data Improves Understanding of Tropical Forests

#Landsat Explorer

Make Your #ArcGIS Story Map Successful

@OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.16.0

An Equal Earth Wall #Map for everyone

Take hope: This Fukushima disaster map is a fake

#ArcGIS Online and #Android

#Map: New York’s Fast Food Hot Spots

#GeoServer 2.13.3 released

#GeoTools 19.3 released

Millions of places from billions of check-ins on @Foursquare added to @Mapbox Search

Raster Vision: A New Open Source Framework for Deep Learning on Satellite and Aerial Imagery

A new search is coming for #ArcGIS Hub

Create #ArcGIS Hub sites: New ways to share pictures, apps, and video

The BBC on the Ordnance Survey

#ogr2ogr Quick Start Guide

Map: Unequal Neighbors