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Creating a collaborative photo map: From Flickr to CARTO with Amazon Lambda

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How much data do you need to store a map of the planet to 1cm?

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New Street View coverage 2016

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HERE gets new investors and plans expansion into China

The MAPS Podcast

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This amazing map shows shadows of New York City

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Google Earth 3D imagery progress for 2016

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Landsat WRS 2 Descending Index Polygons

Official Nepal administrative boundary shapefile

Analyzing Risk for Radioactive Materials Using GIS

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Google Earth imagery updates – Fire

Origin-Destination Flow Maps

POI Edits by OpenStreetMap Editor


Official Israel census boundary shapefile

SpaceBook: Realtime satellite viewer

A GIS Alternative in Google My Maps

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Boundless Suite 4.9 announced

Watch a Year on Earth as Seen From Space

“Crafting Data-Driven Maps” by Uber

MapContrib: Thematic OpenStreetMap contribution

The 5 most interesting things that happened in geomatics in 2016

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The Global Nest Atlas Update: The CEO of MapBox gave Dronpes a call.

Country Profile – OpenStreetMap in Costa Rica

How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?

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The biggest changes to Google Earth in 2016

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GeoTrellis: 1.0 release with LocationTech

Build Google Maps Typeahead Functionality with Vue.js and Laravel 5.3

Video: “Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline in ArcGIS”

pymodis, GDAL and GRASS GIS: A FOSS4G example to build time series of MODIS data

Where to Find Tectonic Plate GIS Data

Python programming course offered on Udemy for ArcGIS programmers

The Spatial Community: A community on Slack

An open database of inconsistent edits observed on OpenStreetMap from OSMCha

Planet imagery for natural disaster response

Video: “ArcGIS 10.2 – Draw perpendicular lines from vertices to the diagonal of a polygon”

OpenStreetMap Carto v3.0.0 released

A better elevation model by integrating UAS and lidar

Survey123 for ArcGIS 1.10

Crafting Data-Driven Maps

National Geographic Infographics

More on Escape Maps

Video: “Mapping Buildings in Vermont: Transforming Lidar Data into Information”

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 560

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.19 released

The Best Maps of 2016

Mapping Changes to Global Surface Water

Map: Water – Not Safe for Drinking

Geolocation and Firebase for the Internet of Things

Esri Basemaps – 8 New Contributors, 13 Updates, 3 Countries

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‘Bout Surveyin’, Mate!

The sinking Millennium Tower, San Francisco | #Sentinel #satellite World Imagery Updated with DigitalGlobe and Community Content

Google Maps adds wheelchair accessibility and it’s one of the most important updates ever

GeoServer 2.10.1 Released

GeoTools 16.1 Released

Video: “Geopunt”

Video: “download very hight resolution satellite image tif from SASPLANET”

OpenLayers v3.20.1 released

Discover the wonder of the world from a captivating perspective | #maps

IGNITE competition winners announced

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Esri Arcade

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LiDAR 101: A Q&A with a Pictometry Expert

Your Guide to Named User Levels in ArcGIS Online

Aeronautical maps with ForeFlight

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TatukGIS for Mobile GIS Development

Documentación sobre el Taller de R dado durante las 12as Jornadas de gvSIG

Bring your maps to life with Runtime Styling on Mapbox mobile SDK

FME 2017 will not ship before its time

News from FOSS4G in Boston

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The ultimate guide to HERE WeGo, 2016 edition

Map: Unemployment in 3D

The Google Earth Blog Santa Tracker

Alexander Armstrong presents MapAction’s Radio 4 Appeal

QGISODK new plugin

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4 ArcGIS Hits and Misses

Companion Guide to The ArcGIS Book

GIS Plays Pivotal Role in Global Change

Best of the Blogs 2016: the spatial year in review  

QGIS 2.18.2 changelog

Geo Trends 2017 – What to expect across Geo Industries next year?

Arctic Elevation Data from Esri Now Available

Mapping the Stark Rich-Poor Divide in Major U.S. Cities

ArcGIS Python API 1.0 Released

Applying Fantasy Maps to Globes

4 Ways Retailers Use GIS and Geographic Data for Holiday Marketing

Map: Animated marine traffic in the San Francisco Bay Realtime geolocation as a service

Crowdfunding Initiative: Full Styling Interoperability between QGIS and GeoServer

Map: The Shortest Historical Tour of America

OSGeo Code Sprint 2017 in Daytona Beach

5 Key Factors for GIS-Based Decision Support Systems

Land Lines Chrome experiment

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Introducing ArcGIS Arcade

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Map: Migration flows in Europe

Electoral Map What-Ifs

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Understanding Engraved Maps

5 New Year’s Resolution for GIS Users

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Using Osmose to fix OpenStreetMap admin boundary errors

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Details of good flow maps

End of the Line: A tube map of tube maps parody map

Convert the data file you get from Google Takeout to ESRI shapefile or GeoJSON.

Video: “QGIS: Image Classification and Post-processing: edition and reclassification”

Video: “Google Earth Engine Download Satellite Bands and Stack in QGIS”

Video: “Esri HoloMap”

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Map: One Country Divided by a Common Language supports historic names

Bing Location Control helps devs add location to the conversation

Heat maps vs. density maps

Video: “watershed delineation from DEM by ModelBuilder in ArcGis”

Interactive map with historical events from Pearl Harbor

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What’s New in Esri Configurable Apps (December 2016)

Video: “Come creare con QGIS una linea che collega due punti da un file CSV”

3D at Esri: 2016 in Review

Scaling OpenStreetMap with Wikidata knowledge

Video: “Multi-User Geodatabase – Non-Versioned Archiving”

Presidente Kuczynski visita emprendimiento digital de jóvenes Ayacuchanos

Building a Women’s work group in Openstreetmap Latin America, or How to Make Community

What’s new in Collector for ArcGIS

Video: “A Working Definition of Spatial Thinking”

Top 15 maps and charts that explain Christmas