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GeoSeer Releases Licensed Database of Spatial Web Services

Making the MySQL FDO provider … geospatially useful

reproducible #geospatial visualization in

#Mapping With Folium in #Python

2019 Geospatial Holiday Gift Guide

#Map: Indigenous peoples and languages of Alaska

Spatial Solutions for the SDGs – COP25

A Global Model of Predicted Peregrine Falcon Distribution with Open Source #GIS Code and 104 Open Access Layers for use by the global public

Video: “Using the Profile Tool plugin in QGIS”

The Shocking Retreat of Swiss Glaciers

A Topographic #Map of Mars

Video: “Mats Henrikson – Digital Twins with TerriaJS and Magda”

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Video: “Emma Krantz – A Journey Towards More Accessible Maps”

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Video: “Byron Cochrane & Adrian Cochrane – DGGS: The New Digitally Friendly Format for Spatial Data”

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Video: “Brent Wood – Open source and open standards for sensor data sharing”

Video: “Byron Cochrane – Open Standards meets Open Source – Good Practice Guidance for Use of ISO19115-1”

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Video: “Iosefa Percival – Fishing for routes: exploring an application of pgRouting”

Video: “Fraser Morgan – Antarctic Data Analysis”

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Video: “Keith Moss – Delicious Democracy: snagging and #mapping citizen data”

Video: “Kate Crawford – #Mapping and Society”

Video: “Martin Tomko – FIXME: Documenting the Uneven Distribution of OpenStreetMap Data Quality Issues”

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Video: “Lyzi Diamond – maptime”

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Video: “Edoardo Neerhut – Urban mobility across Oceania”

Video: “Danielle Gatland – Access to Public Transport”

Video: “Hugh Saalmans – Building a movement data and analytics platform to de-stress customers & save lives”

Video: “Banika Sirohi – Crash data visualisation platform using Pixi, WebGL and #Leaflet”

Video: “Steve Bennett – Lightweight community #mapping sites, powered by spreadsheets”

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Video: “Paul Haesler – Opening a treasure trove: The Historical Aerial Photography project”

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Video: “Emma Hain, Nyall Dawson and Nathan Woodrow – Why is it so hard?”

Video: “Edwin Liava’a – FOSS4G Pasifika Roadmap: Then/Now/Beyond”

De belles courbes de niveau

The MapScaping #Podcast: Don’t just make the dots, connect them

How to build a tile server manually?

Orfeo ToolBox 7.0.0 released

Registration for LOCATE20 (locateconf) is now live

#Geospatial solutions for the Moving industry

#QGIS Server is ready for the new OGC (opengeospatial) API for Features protocol.

Hypothetical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mission: application of #GIS tools

#Map: Why Newton’s apple is heavier in southern Illinois

Clicking in a 3D web scene can do that in #ArcGIS API for JavaScript?

Digital #Mapping Degree Tops Ranking of Most Unusual Degree

Video: “Install Geopandas for #Python with Anaconda”

Geodesign with Geodesign Hub: an approach to working with communities to design a better future

Make a Web #Mapping App with Routing and Place Search: Tutorial

#Map: The High Cost of Rent in Germany

Galileo Drawing Competition 2019 to name satellites after European kids

Video: “QGIS: Pansharpening”

Install QGIS 3.4.x Madeira LTR on Ubuntu 18.04

Singapore tree map

OpenStreetMap Quality Measurement

#GeoTools 22.1 released

#Map: Superfund Sites & Climate Change

A QGIS Heatmap Using Kernel Density Estimation Explained

#Mapping the Spanish Diaspora

Looking to create custom map stories and presentations? Try Google Earth

Video: “KoBo for Missing Maps”

OsmAnd 3.5 released

Merkaartor 0.18.4 released

Modern Europe as a Lord-of-the-Rings-style #map

#Map: The Men and Women of Europe

An OSGeo Lexicon Committee started

Overlay Fade style for #ArcGIS Pro

The Portal for #ArcGIS Security 2019 Update 2 Patch is now available

#Mapping Coastal Erosion

Annotations in #ArcGIS Pro

“What’s Wrong with Open Location Code?”

#Geospatial binning with hexagons on spark

Sentinel 2 Bands and Combinations

mapillary-js v2.20.0 released

OSMF membership numbers by country 2019

Variable-distance buffering in JTS

Get started with #ArcGIS QuickCapture

#ArcGIS Data Appliance 7.1: Access Esri Basemaps Securely Behind Your Firewall

xkcd: Google Trends Maps

Preparing Content for Public Sharing with #ArcGIS Online

Calculating Catchment Areas with Human Mobility Data

Orfeo ToolBox provider for QGIS Processing in Ubuntu 18.04

Understand and explore your data in #ArcGIS Online #Map Viewer Beta

Understanding #LiDAR Technologies

Surveying: The Art of Measuring Land, Part One

Using QGIS to Bring Historic Maps to the Present

ESIP and OGC (opengeospatial) invite you to the Coverage Processing and Analysis API Sprint

Uber CPO, the exec Uber snagged from Google Maps, has resigned

#Map: Cool Walks in Barcelona

The MapScaping #Podcast: Building #geospatial truth sets Search for direct #train connections on a #map

Dot Density now in #ArcGIS Online

New color ramps in ArcGIS Online #Map Viewer Beta: A behind the scenes look

Introducing the next generation of #map making with ArcGIS Online #map Viewer Beta

Explorer for #ArcGIS brings simple #map viewing to Windows

#ArcGIS Experience Builder Beta 2 Now Available

Surviving in #Brussels Maps

One Minute #Map Hacks: 16-20

This US Army software rapidly converts live drone video into 2D and 3D maps

OGR FDW Spatial Filtering

First Geologic #Map of Titan

Spatial Analysis: Private Equity’s Secret Weapon

Get Started with #ArcGIS QuickCapture Live Training Seminar Q&A

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Bing Maps APIs session recordings available

#Map: Greece’s Refugees

Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold: A #GPS mystery in Shanghai

10 Topographic Maps From Around the World

The 77m Ltd case: Ordnance Survey defends its address data monopoly in the High Court

#Map: Lights of the sea online

#FOSDEM 2020 Geospatial devroom: Call for Papers

mapguide-react-layout 0.12.7 announced

#Leaflet 1.6.0 announced

#Map: The Biggest Plastic Polluting Brands

mapguide-react-layout v0.12.7 released

Geopaparazzi 6 is out

How to Create An Animation #Map Using Open Source Software

Video: “#GIS File Formats and Good Practice”

#ArcGIS Pro #Map Text I: Labels

Quick Map Layer Visualizations with GeoJSON and GeoRSS on the Google Maps Platform

Mega Easy Watercolor Painting in #ArcGIS Pro

Movement data in #GIS #25: moving object databases

The Moscow Building Age #Map

What Is #PostGIS Day?

#Map: There Are No Streets in Crawley

DNA Science and #GIS

Preview the New Manager App for #ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.8

Video: “QGIS on the road”

Video: “GNOSIS Cartographic #Map Style Sheets (CMSS) – an elegant and powerful styling language for both classic and 3d cartography”

Video: “OMERO: an open source tool for a cross-disciplinary #geospatial Odyssey”

Video: “Exploiting PDAL + Entwine in the wild”

Video: “The European Union’s Copernicus program: Europe’s eyes on Earth”

Video: “Development of a public toilet search system using open data and chatbots”

Video: “Open Source Design with Humanitarian tools”

Video: “How Open is Revolutionizing Science”

Video: “Pivoting to Monetize Mobile Hyperlocal Gamification in the Cloud”