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#Map: Dividing Germany

The MapScaping #Podcast: Elastic Search

A Distributed Windows Deployment of FME Server is Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

MapStore Release 2020.02.01

Download temperature and precipitation data from anywhere on Earth using Google Earth

Oriented Imagery 2.5 is now available

Plotting #Geospatial Data with Cartopy

SensorML 1.0 and Sensor Web Enablement Common 2.0 Executable Test Suites released

Globe: The History of Human Population

Developing the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7: download and processing of GOES-R images

The Swiss Fall Foliage #Map

Simple navigation in R

Data Visualizations & Vintage Maps

#QGIS Road To Nerdvana: Episode 8 – It’s all a big meshunderstanding

Admiralty Charts: good design in the analogue age

#Mapping Chinese Detention Centers

#Mapping Noise Pollution with Noise

e-GEOS CLEOS goes live

How #Map Projections Lie

Data Observatory: Thousands of Spatial Datasets On Demand

#Map: Make Russia Great Again

4 Must-have JupyterLab Extensions for #Geospatial Data science

China to set up #Geospatial Knowledge Center

#ArcGIS Excalibur provides greater access to imagery with WMS

#Mapping Every Tree

Advanced geophysical remote sensing rapidly captures high resolution 3D data about subsurface geology

5 Ways to View Your Data in Augmented Reality (with Examples)

#Map: Is it Safe to Trick & Treat?

Modeling in QGIS – Part 2

Autodesk University 2020 goes virtual

#Map: The Racial Disparity in Police Arrests

Querying multiple layers in a single query with #GeoServer?

Video: “QGISBasic #102: Lat Lon Tools Part 1”

Video: “Extract DEM from Stereo Satellite Imagery Using Agisoft Metashape”

Video: “QGISBasic #101: SVG Manipulation”

Video: “MobilityDB Managing mobility data in #PostGIS”

Video: “Complete Guide to Open Source – How to Contribute”

Video: “QGISBasic #100: Add/Import SVG”

Video: “Zonal Statistics with #Python – Part 4: Rasterize the Polygon”

Video: “How to create Web Maps in QGIS 3.14 # Lesson 19 of 29.”

Video: “QGISBasic #99: Shapefile Coordinates to Points and Automatic CSV to Points”

Video: “QGIS Road to Nerdvana Episode 7: Logging Postgres Calls”

Video: “GEE Clip #16 – Adding animated text to GIF images generated from Earth Engine data”

Video: “GEE Clip #15 – Converting Earth Engine JavaScripts to #Python directly within Jupyter notebook”

Video: “GEE Clip #14 – Adding customized legends for Earth Engine data”

Video: “GEE Clip #13 – Calculating zonal statistics by group with Earth Engine”

Video: “GEE Clip #12 – Computing zonal statistics with Earth Engine and exporting results as csv”

Video: “GEE Clip #11 – Exporting Earth Engine Image and ImageCollection as GeoTIFF and Numpy array”

Video: “GEE Clip #10 – Using shapefiles with Earth Engine without having to upload data to GEE”

Video: “GEE Clip #9 – Interactive plotting of Earth Engine data with minimal coding”

Video: “geemap – key features”

Video: “GEE Clip #37 – How to use Earth Engine with pydeck for 3D terrain visualization”

Video: “QGISBasic #89: CRS and Layer CRS Manipulation”

Video: “QGISBasic #72: Join By Location”

Video: “Create DEM and contours from point data : QGIS 3.14 and Google Earth Pro”

Video: “Zonal Statistics with #Python – Part 2: Create Temporary Dataset”

Video: “Earth Engine App for creating Landsat timelapse animations”

Video: “QGISBasic #71: Delaunay Triangulation”

Video: “Using SQL Select in MapInfo Pro for AREA”

GPSLogger has been removed from the Play Store, and development has been paused.

#Python for #GIS and Geoscience

Video: “QGIS loves #Qt – Qt development experiences and advice from a massive open-source desktop application”

Access the Latest Air Quality and Human Impact Information with Air Quality Aware

Video: “MobilityDB Managing mobility data in #PostGIS”

The Moscow Building Age #Map

The importance of AI to #Geospatial 2.0

#Map in a minute: Map floods using #ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Living Atlas

Digital Meetup on How Deep Learning is changing the Earth Observation industry and beyond

Why is nFrames acquisition by Esri huge news for the whole #GIS industry?

MovingPandas v0.5 released

This is the Earth Now

New OGC (opengeospatial) API standard for #geospatial processing across the web; public comment sought before approval

Interactive data layers with Wemap

Polygeohasher: an optimized way to create geohashes

The 2020 Census: #Mapping the Undercounted

The 2020 Census: #Mapping the Undercounted

Using #GIS to Improve Hurricane Evacuation and Preparedness

#Map: The United States of Climate Change

The what, when, and how to symbolize by size

OGC (opengeospatial) and ODA Announce Strategic Partnership

#Map: The World’s Shifting Borders

Why Cartography Still Matters

False start for first Australian private rocket launch

The Building Height Histogram #Map

#Mapping the Coronavirus at U.S. Colleges

Spatial Data in R

Streaming Satellite Imagery in #Python: Beginners Guide

Osher Library Launches Fundraising Campaign

Customize the language of your map labels in Mapbox Studio

OSMF general meeting and board elections

#Map: Paris in the Nineteenth Century

Store and visualize your raster in the Cloud with COG and QGIS

LU drones survey hurricane damage at beach

Using #GIS to Monitor the West Coast Wildfires

Developing the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7: Sentinel-1 download and preprocessing

#Map: Ranking the Countries of the World

Video: “Zip files and QGIS”

The Black Lives Matter #Map

New York Times Fire Tracking Maps

Registration opens for GEOBIM 2020 Virtual Conference

Typhoon season in Japan: Crisis Mapping and OpenStreetMap

#GeoServer 2.18-0 Released

Illustrating the scale of fires: Open data from the National Interagency Fire Center

How Can OpenStreetMap be Used to Track UN Sustainable Development Goals?

How to use in-tooltip-charts with

OSM Wikinames

Open data for mapping wildfires, smoke, and air quality

#Mapping COVID-19 Outbreaks in the U.S. Food System

Tips on using the new #ArcGIS StoryMaps theme builder

J.B. Harley Research Fellowships in the History of Cartography

Integrating the #ArcGIS API for #Python and Survey123 with Azure Functions

The World Hunger #Map

Google Maps app is back on the Apple Watch

ESA 100m Annual Land Cover Layers

Modeling in QGIS

#Mapbox With Mapillary Images

Strava announces Strava Metro, the largest active travel dataset on the planet, is now free and available to cities everywhere

#QGIS visualization workshop

Reconstruct maps from 360 video and other cameras

3D Animated Hurricane #Map from Radar Data

#Mapping the Fall Colors

mapillary-js v2.21.0 released

The weird, enchanting beauty of geology maps

Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award

Oregon Wildfires #Map

How to create shortcuts to the portable version of gvSIG

3D City Models: the fundamental building block for digital twins

#GeoServer 2.18-RC released

#GeoServer 2.18-RC released

Earthquake Detection Using Smartphones

CovidPulse: A Coronavirus Sparkline #Map

CovidPulse: A Coronavirus Sparkline #Map

#Mapping a World of Cities

3D Printing the World

Almost Realtime Live Data Visualization in QGIS (Air Traffic Use Case)

New proposal deadline for 16th International gvSIG Conference (online event)

Ground Truth – Satellite Calibration Targets

Red and Blue vs. Gray and Green

Spatial Source webinar looks at mobile #mapping for digital twins

GOES vs POES (Geostationary and Polar Operational Environmental Satellites)

The Hong Kong Protests on Street View

#Map: The Sounds of the Forest

The Definite Guide to Fastkml

#Map: Your House’s Solar Power Potential

Sea level rise web #map, poster and pirate #map

What is the difference between othophotos, orthophotomaps, orthomosaics and true orthophotos?

Google Maps: The Strategies to Rank in 2020

A Primer on GDAL

Developing the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7

How does Google Maps predict traffic and select best routes?

Historical Maps in #GIS

Revolutionizing Location data through accessibility: The OGC (opengeospatial) APIs Maps Virtual Code Sprint

Virality and cartography: How to create a viral #map?

Third Update to Daylight #Map Distribution

#GeoTools 24-RC Release Candidate

New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States