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Search in Collector with iOS Shortcuts

GeoNode 3.0 and 2.10.4 are out

Did somebody say more Bird’s Eye imagery?

Workplace Social Distancing with Indoor #Mapping Software

The OGC (opengeospatial) Environmental Data Retrieval API: simple access to big data

#Mapping the Nakba

What’s the most deployed #geospatial server software?

Securely accessing enterprise #ArcGIS Portal sites through QGIS

Series of Jupyter Notebooks for Getting Started with GEDI L1B-L2A-L2B Products in Python

FDO Toolbox 1.4 released

Getting Started with GEDI L1B, L2A, and L2B Data in #Python Tutorial Series

#Map: Minneapolis Police Use Force Against Black People at 7 Times the Rate of Whites

Oscilloscope Joy map style

A Brief Tutorial on Exploring the Open SGID with Open Source #Python Tools

Geopaparazzi vs. Esri Collector – a user story

Maps in React using #leaflet

TatukGIS Developer Kernel 11 for ASP.NET Web Forms

The MapScaping #Podcast: best free #GIS apps for data collection

Canopy Base Height Estimates From #Lidar

How to generate lat and long coordinates of city without using APIS

Creating a #map of street designations with GeoPandas and Matplotlib

Lin.ear th.inking: JTS Overlay – the Next Generation

Collecting the Maps of the Coronavirus Pandemic

New flex output in osm2pgsql

Harmonised global datasets of wind and solar farm locations and power

Paying off technical debt in Osm2pgsql

Geomob #Podcast – 19. Previewing FOSS4GUK Online 2020

Video: “Graphical modeler in QGIS3”

Video: “Use #Python and QGIS (PyQGIS) to Automate #GIS Tasks and Workflows”

#Map: The 2020 Eurorail Contest

#Map: The Beer Belly of America

Copernicus Hackathon Bari 2020. The online competition for innnovators and developers.

#QGIS and Editing: Widgets

Pen and Ink map style

Graffmap is now open sourced

INSPIRE Conference 2020 goes virtual

GDAL/OGR – Automated Geodata Processing

How to keep your kids (and yourself) busy with maps during the Covid-19 lockdown?

MapAction 2.6 Challenge success

10 New #ArcGIS Pro Lesson Activities, Learn Paths, and Migration Reflections

#Map: Land-Grab Universities

Strategies for Planning and Selecting Maps for Exhibits, Displays and Workshops

London vs New York: Which city has the higher average building height?

Some numbers on the OSMF microgrants applications

#QGIS Server and OGC (opengeospatial) API Features

How to Make Animated Maps with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe and Adobe After Effects

The Power of Dynamic Engines in #FME

Temporary Closures in the Google Places API

#Map: Is the Water Safe to Drink?

#ArcGIS Enterprise on Linux: Helpful SysAdmin Commands for Non-SysAdmins

#Map Based Video Chat

Video: “Importing time series tables into PCRaster and interpolation”

Trimble launches Access 2020

Introduction to AEC Project Delivery

Defining the Role of #GIS and Needed Skills

These volunteers are filling in missing pieces of the world #map, and helping humanity at the same time

Video: “QGIS for handling Digitization errors”

Important Updates for the #ArcGIS Platform and HTTPS Only Enforcement

Here’s your chance to solve industry problems with IoT and Satellite tech

London is a forest, and this #map explores its trees

How Galileo is enabling the efficient transit of critical goods in EU

iD for OpenStreetMap v2.17.3 released

Upgrading Mapillary for JOSM: Focused Editing with Filters

Mapillary tools

Geodorable (mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 69

Geomob #Podcast – 18. Interview with Giuseppe Sollazzo

GRASS GIS 7.8.3 released

Maps are (Still) Important Again

#OpenStreetMap Carto Release v5.2.0

Construct a #Map Using D3

#Map: Visualizing the Loss of American Jobs

Foursquare location data reveals foot traffic is increasing across US

LandScan USA ambient population data is free for public use

#ArcGIS Runtime 100.8 available

Digital Plan Submissions: How To Build Automated CAD-GIS Workflows

Explore Air Quality with New Layers and Maps in #ArcGIS Living #Atlas

#Map: Cleaner Air Saves Lives

Customize your Mapbox style by adding or removing style components

Helping WHO with #mapping in Libya and Chad

Race for the Gold: #Map Games of the Klondike Gold Rush

InfoGation Corporation Sues Google Alleging Patent Infringement over its Maps API

Geometry Drawing with Angular Cesium

#Map: Take a Tree Walk

Synchronized trajectory animations with QGIS temporal controller

#SAGA 7.6.3 released

Low tech / high tech #map updates, Part II

Low tech / high tech #map updates

#Map: Where New Yorkers Still Use the Subway

#Map: Global Population Mountains

Get Started With Customizable Routing in GraphHopper

The whats, whys, and hows of DrapedFlat mode for SurfacePlacement in #ArcGIS Runtime

Creating Maps in #ArcGIS Maps for Adobe with Free Data

Spatial Data Engineering using Dask in #ArcGIS Pro

Automate Workforce with #ArcGIS API for #Python

Using Spatial Data in Retail Analytics Post COVID-19

Simple ways to break up text in #ArcGIS StoryMaps

#Mapping the Kent State Massacre

OGC (opengeospatial) seeks public comment on Version 1.3 of GeoPackage Standard

Mapping large datasets in #ArcGIS Insights

Google Summer of Code 2020: gvSIG Projects

Basic GRASS #GIS with BASH, plus GDAL

#Map: Magic Animated Weather

Workforce for #ArcGIS Beta Announcement (May 2020)

#Map: The Clean Skies of Europe

Manually building an OpenStreetMap tile server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

An Introduction to #ArcGIS ModelBuilder

What’s new in #GeoServer 2.17?

Basic GRASS #GIS with BASH

Shapely 2.0 roadmap

Geomob #Podcast – 17. How Geomob works

#QGIS video tutorials: election maps, hydrology, and more

Community attribution advice for OpenStreetMap

#Map: Local Sightseeing with Wikipedia

The MapScaping #Podcast: #GIS CAD Differences

Mapbox GL JS v1.10.0 released

Vespucci 14.1 and 15.0 outlook

Lessons Learned: How to do #Map Stuff

#Map: Great Trees of London

Antarctica: A brief history in maps, part 2

Antarctica: A brief history in maps, part 1

Check if lat/long is inside a rectangle in MySql

Mapbender Starter v3.0.8.5 released

US County-level unemployment layer updated monthly now in #ArcGIS Living #Atlas

#OpenStreetMap in Practical Use – By UK Government

Video: “QGIS and Multiband Raster = VerySpatialTV Season 5, Episode 11”

The Benefits of #GIS: A Look at Three Projects

Video: “QGIS 3.14 time handling and #map animation demo”

#Maps: 75 years ago, time was up for the Nazis

Pyrrhotite #map shows US locations where home foundations may crumble

Inception Folding City Maps

Ortelius: A Legendary Mapmaker

Count Polygon Overlap in QGIS

FME and the Democratization of Science: Unleashing the Power of Volunteer-Generated Data

Build Interactive #GPS activity maps from GPX files using Folium

First release candidate to final gvSIG 2.5.1 version is now available to be tested

Using QGIS profiles

A original map of China || #MapFail

Satellite #Mapping of Oceans and Coral Reefs

#GeoServer Group in Portuguese on WhatsApp

#Mapping large datasets on the web

#Mapping the Habitats of the World

How to Make an Illustrated #Map

How to search and import datasets from Earth Engine Data Catalog

Slope Stability Assessment Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

The MapScaping #Podcast: Robotics, remote sensing and facilities management

Geomob #Podcast – 16. Interview with Muthukumar Kumar

Resources for COVID-19 from OGC (opengeospatial)

Geomob #Podcast – 15. Interview with Raf Roset

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Rapid Response Microgrants: COVID-19

State Outlines: Blank Maps of the 50 United States

Geomob #Podcast – 14. Interview with Jan-Piet Mens of OwnTracks

Game: Guess the Location

Breaking Down Geocoding in R: A Complete Guide

Lubridate/ggplot date helpers

5 Ways to Use Location Technology in Logistics

Each #map is worth a thousand pictures