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Video: “downloading OpenTopography DEM Global (30m)”

More about the new Landsat / Sentinel 2 data in Google Earth

Video: “POSTGIS query SQL Calcolo area con funzione ST_Area()”

Geographic Scritping in gvSIG – halfway between user and developer

Books and Maps: Finding English-language maps and atlases in Běijīng

Video: “Fridays of QGIS: How to automatically download and preprocess Landsat, Sentinel-2 and Aster imagery”

Video: “L’offre de Géoservices IGN”

Some ways to produce topographic swath profiles

Kaikoura, NZ in 3D — One month before the M7.8 earthquake

International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2017 Conference Program Announced

Esri’s Jim Young to Join Geoawesomeness GeoChat December 1

Official Dominican Republic shapefile data

Esri Announces Additional Presenters for Geodesign Summit 2017

Video: “How to Get QGIS for Mac”

Retransmisión (streaming) de las 12as Jornadas Internacionales de gvSIG

Why do more men use navigation apps?

The most detailed view of Earth across space and time for Google Maps and Google Earth

Video: “Part 1 Capture Coordinates From Google Maps and Convert to Excel”

Printing 3D Models of Maps

GIS Day Contest 2016 Winners

Raster map tiles for Mapillary traces

20 trucos para mejorar el rendimiento de GeoServer

Video: “Join data from Polygons to points in ArcGis”

6 Resources to get started with Web Mapping

Criação de SQL View no GeoServer usando parâmetros

Google Earth now has global Landsat and Sentinel 2 data from 1985 to 2016

First keynotes announced for Locate and Digital Earth

Workforce for ArcGIS (Windows 10) 0.2.0 Beta release

Video: “SuperGIS: Inspect and Update in Real-Time”

GeoTools 15.3 Released

“8 secrets about maps the government is hiding”

Map Readiness Webinar Series

Taking native geomapping capabilities further in SAP Lumira

Exploring NYC Open Data with 3D hexbins

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Map Books

PostGIS 2.3.1 Released

3d Marathon Mapping

OpenStreetMap Carto release v2.45.0

Microsoft brings ArcGIS Maps to Power BI

Map: How the World is Connected

Video: “Multi-User Geodatabase – Getting Started”

The land art of Dario Gambarin in Google Earth

Mapping London’s Winter Wonderland

The Top 8 Resources for new ArcGIS users

Video: “QGIS, uncertainty, aggregation by region, time animation,spatial autocorrelation”

Video: “Da un file CAD al GIS: separare i testi”

Marble Maps 1.0 has been released

What is a Geodatabase? Personal vs File Geodatabase

Video: “Forest Cover Change Analysis – Landsat + SAGA GIS”

QGIS 3.0 + Qt5: Major Improvements in Text Shaping for Complex Languages

The Little Things That Matter: Localizing Numerals in Upcoming QGIS 3.0

Style Management Improvements in Upcoming QGIS 3.0

Elevation Maps: Many Applications for a Variety of Information

Transit Visualization using ES6, React and Google Maps API

How to Map Your Videos

Video: “ArcGIS 10.2 – Reroject problem – Alternative method for reprojecting Shapefile”

Video: “ArcGIS Pro Animation”

Video: “GIS Programming”

GRASS GIS 7.2.0RC2 released

PostGIS 2.2.4 Released

OSM go on – Colours, Models and Shadow

Video: “POSTGRESQL Creare un vettore puntuale Postgis dal DBmanager”

GDAL 2.1 packaged for Fedora 23 and 24

QGIS 2.18 packaged for Fedora 23 and 24

Vertical Transformations and GIS

The Occult Map of London

Video: “GeoServer – QGIS – Connect to PostGIS Database using QGIS and Visualize layers”

Video: “Quick Tip – Accessor in ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Geomatics Faculty Positions Announced

Video: “Combinaciones en línea de bandas satelitales Sentinel 2”

GeoInspirations: People Making a Positive Difference in Geography and Geotechnologies

Tron 2.0 – Creating a Visual Language of Scale by Mapzen

Mapping the Universe

OSM Software Watchlist

Analyzing OpenStreetMap for the fight against malaria

4ème rencontre francophone des utilisateurs de QGIS

Fixing the invalid areas of OpenStreetMap

Scaling multilingual name tags with Wikidata in OpenStreetMap

ImproveOSM now based on iD editor

Video: “GIS Tutorial for Beginners”

mapguide-react-layout 0.6.2 announced

These amazing river maps show a hidden beauty of nature

PostGIS: Select features that do NOT intersect

Video: “Download Satellite imagery data of LANDSAT Earthexplorer”

GeoServer 2.9.3 Released

Video: “GeoServer – Create shapefile store and publish resource from layers menu”

Video: “Geodatabase Fundamentals”

Open data and the importance of the geographic data

Map: The Homeless of LA

Video: “QGIS maschera inserimento dati”

The map is not the territory

Mapping Car Accidents in Birmingham

Shipping maps win at the Information Is Beautiful Awards

O novo editor de estilos do GeoServer

Cartogram: “Sports report”

Cómo calcular la dirección y acumulación de flujo con Arc Hydro Tools en ArcGIS

Mapping Drone near misses in Google Earth

Hot Spot Analysis with ArcGIS

Building an College Map Application with Electron & Mapbox

2017 GeoHipster Calendar

Great Circles in Cardboard

USA Post Election Violence Map

HERE launches Forward Geocoder for AWS and challenges AWS developers

Mapping Montreal’s Hot Spot of Crime

NGA Podcast: “Mapmaking behind the Iron Curtain by Geointeresting”

Mapmaking behind the Iron Curtain

Video: “Da un file CAD al GIS: trasformare gli hatch”

OpenStreetMap airport style

Google Maps’ New Location Feature Lets You Check How Crowded a Store is in Real Time

QGIS API Backwards Incompatible Changes

Video: “GIS: How to interpolate spatial data and create contour lines”

The story of Saroo Brierley now featured in Google Earth

Video: “ArcGIS Components”

ODBC FDW now supports PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6

Victoria LocationTech Tour 2016

Using metropolitan scale Digital Surface Models for wireless network coverage analysis

Video: “Working with a Multi-User Geodatabase”

Esri, Waze Partnership: A Growing Trend in Sharing Data for the Benefit of All?

Remote sensing data to reshape Australia

Trimble unveils plug-and-play mobile GNSS

Address Geocoding in the Google Maps APIs

Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 now supports MicroStrategy 10.5

Observing deforestation with Sentinel-1

Map: Michelin star restaurants in #Belgium and #Luxemburg

Webinar Announcement: Using GIS in the Railroads Industry

Video: “Python GIS Tutorial”

Mastering layers in CARTO Builder

Video: “Integrate Google Maps – Geocasts”

Video: “Da un file CAD al GIS: trasformare le spline”

3D Buildings in Flight Simulator in Google Earth Pro

Map: Scotland’s Mountain Bike Trails

Loading Spatial Data into PostGIS with QGIS

Video: “Designing Related Records in ArcGIS Pro for use in ArcGIS Online”

Video: “gvSIG 2.x: Ráster, MDT y 3D”

Building large-scale crowdsourcing communities with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Downloading, evaluating, cleaning large datasets, introduction to QGIS

Freedom Without Freedom: Writing with Odyssey.js

NSGIC Launches New Award Program

ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.0 has arrived

What’s the Point of ArcGIS Desktop Maintenance?

Video: “Aplicaciones GIS en el mundo de la educación”

Esri World Imagery Updated with more DigitalGlobe and Contributor Imagery

Map: Repair Cafés in Frankfurt RheinMain

Cartography: Mapping the World We Live in, and Ourselves

Comprehensive Guide to Integrating GIS Into Local Government Released

gvSIG Desktop and Geopaparazzi are awarded at the Free software awards (“Premios al Software Libre”) in …

Hiking with Street View

Developer’s Corner: OAuth2 for GeoServer

gvSIG Desktop y Geopaparazzi entre los ganadores de los “Premios al Software Libre” en 2016

GIS Day 2016: Beyond the map

OGC Testbed 12

The Return of Mapbox Streets to WhirlyGlobe-Maply

Where The Animals Go: Tracking Wildlife with Technology in 50 Maps and Graphics

ArcGIS Online competition

The Kaikoura Earthquake Landslides in Google Earth