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Qwant Maps: opensource and privacy-preserving map

#Map: Radiance light trends

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#GIS on Rails

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The National #Geographic Style Basemap

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What’s new in #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1

#Map: Top 10 of the most dangerous countries for women

#ArcGIS Pro 2.4 released

Use of #LiDAR in disaster response

Transit crowdedness trends from around the world, according to Google Maps

New gvSIG group in Telegram

The new transit updates on Google Maps

Maps Will Tear Us Apart (Again)

What’s new in #ArcGIS Scene Viewer (June 2019)

Video: “Chennai water crisis: Satellite imagery shows drying up lakes and water bodies”

#GIS training for disaster preparedness in Kazakhstan by MapAction

The #Geography of the European Elections

Video: “Geometries Lecture”

How to run JOSM on Chromebook

Video: “QGIS Tutorial: Network Analysis (Shortest Path/Route and Service Area)”

Land cover conflation. Practical issues

What’s New in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server at #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1

Stranger Maps

Proj: Select Datum Transformations in QGIS


#Map: The Pacific Ring of Fire

#Map: Deforestation in Mozambique

Video: “Creating custom parametric svg markers from image for QGIS (2/2)”

Video: “Creating custom parametric svg markers from image for QGIS (1/2)”

#Geospatial should be recognized as a sector says Surveyor General to Union Ministry of Skill and Development

The MapScaping #Podcast: Positioning as a service and the role of smartphones in the future of geolocation

#Map: How Big is Glastonbury?

The WebMaps-T working Group

Improved member management in #ArcGIS Online June Update

Jobs in Geo – Week 26

What is 3D #GIS and what are its uses?

A Mosquito Atlas

What’s New in Community Analyst (June 2019)

Video: “Change Detection Using Landsat Imagery”

#Map: The State of U.S. Housing 2019

Fixing a Slovenian projection shift

#SAGA 7.3.0 released

Video: “How to Reclassify Raster Image and Plot it in R?”

#Map: How Green is Your City

How to capture travel memories using Google location history and R.

The benefits of attending #geospatial conferences

What is #GIS, how can it affect the community

Why your community should host State of the Map

Raster to vector conversion for land cover

Build a Tailored Web Editing Experience with the #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Group on earth observations announce GEO individual excellence awards

#Map: Lighthouses of Europe

Revisiting the iconography of Apple Maps

Here’s New 3D Vector #Mapping Library

#ArcGIS License Manager for #ArcGIS Pro 2.4 and ArcMap 10.7.1 update

What’s New in Collector for #ArcGIS (June 2019)

Thalia Baldwin named as new director of #Geospatial Commission

How to combine #PostGIS and Tableau to unleash more spatial goodness in your analysis

Search the World

Translate Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs to Mapbox Vector Tiles

Not a #map

Orfeo ToolBox and GEOBIA classification of UAV imagery in forest ecosystems

#Map: Inequality in the UK

Photo expo: Space Girls, Space Women

StreetCred is rewarding community mapmakers in LA and NYC with Bitcoin

Rosemary Wardley: “Coding is foundational knowledge that can help you in any career”

The power of the crowd: citizen science in #geospatial research

Can You Name These Islands?

Fix for Shapely’s GEOS library loading bug in 1.7a2

Using GeoSeer to find #geospatial data

Openlayers v6.0.0-beta.11 released

Potlatch 2 relation shortcuts

#Mapping Infectious Disease with Esri Workflows

Open Place Reviews

A Literal #Map of Capital Cities

Can you help the OpenStreetMap Operations Working Group?

Pokemon GO Mappers – What They Do and Why They Do It

#Map: Is Texas in the South or West?

Many Moon Maps

QGIS 3 and performance analysis

Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake

How Google fights fake business profiles on Maps

#Mapping Ancient Rome

#Map: The World’s Worst Polluting Cities

PostgreSQL 11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, 9.4.23, and 12 Beta 2 Released

Wheelmap: find wheelchair friendly places

Video: “Creating a Composite Image for Landsat 8 Imagery”

Video: “How to use QGIS Processing Tools in a #Python Script”

U.S. House Appropriations Committee Approves Additional $10 Millioon for #Geospatial #Mapping

#Map: Millionaire migration

The Mappyist Hour (themappyisthour) #Podcast: Episode 27 – Spatial Ethics

#Mapping 15 years of land cover change in America

MarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Map

Video: “Chapter 4 Connecting to a Folder or Online #GIS Server in #ArcGIS Pro”

#Map: The Land of Single-Family Homes

#Map: The Global Human Footprint

Visualizing the Distortion of WebMercator Maps with an Orange Peel

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Why you should be using #GeoPandas to Visualize Data on Maps

#Map: Trajectories of Neighbourhood Change

#GIS and the US 2020 Census

6 Ways to Use Sidecar in the New #ArcGIS StoryMaps

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Jobs in Geo – Week 25

The Most Famous Czechs #Map

Using Mapbox in Angular application

The MapScaping #Podcast: A diary of your location – recording your travel journeys using #GPS tracks

Video: “Adding Shapefiles to a Projects Geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro”

#Map: Regional giraffe patterns

NGI Zero grant for StreetComplete development

Video: “Subsetting a Landsat 8 Composite Image”

#Map: The Legacy of Redlining

Ultra Mileage v1.4 Released

KML viewer and converter

The Importance of #Mapping in Earthquake Regions

A CesiumJS Starter Kit with #GeoServer

Video: “#Python GDAL – Open raster and get information”

Video: “Catchment Area Calculations by QGIS and HECRAS Programs”

A detailed #map of Easter Island, Chile

What’s New in #ArcGIS Hub for June 2019

#Map: America’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

Video: “How to create your custom GPX file QGIS”

Turn Raw Data into a Feature Layer

Video: “Advanced Labels in QGIS3”

Video: “Repairing a Broken Data Link in #ArcGIS Pro”

Umap GeoJson Export API Support

Assisted Mapping for Good

Can You Guess the Airport From its #Map?

European Union Drone Regulations Published

#Mapping North Korea

Video: “Portrait print layout in QGIS3”

Video: “QGIS Basic #85: Color Manipulation: Sectioning Shape File Color Spectrum.”

#Map: Earth during its most recent Ice Age

#Map: Internal Migration in the USA

#Mapping on Android

#Map: The Migratory Patterns of Birds

Video: “#Geospatial Analysis in #Python with GDAL and OGR – Introduction and Installation”

ppygis3: PPyGIS for Python>=3

Video: “Spectral Enhancement of Landsat Imagery”

Video: “Band Combinations for Landsat 8 Imagery”

Azure Maps Gets Mobility Service APIs

Video: “How to merge binary training data (0,1) and do rasterization in #ArcGIS?”

Throwing Shade in #ArcGIS Pro

Federal advisory panel tells United States Department of the Interior to keep Landsat data free and open

Comparing Apple Maps in iOS 13 to Google Maps

Video: “Radiometric Enhancement of Landsat 8 Imagery”

QGIS Ready Maki Icon Creator

#Map: The Most Popular French Names

OpenMapTiles 3.10 improving water layer

Video: “3D Terrain Model in ArcScene Tutorial”

LandMark #Map: Indigenous & community lands

Cleaning up road names in China for OpenStreetMap

#Boundless investors lose $24 million in satellite intelligence tie-up gone wrong