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What’s new in #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7: Server administration

23rd @QGIS Developer Meeting in Bucharest

Urbano Monte’s Planisphere of 1587 is a Source of Big and Open #Map Databases

#Mapping School Performance and Inequality With #GIS

GRASS GIS website migration crowd funding campaign

GRASS GIS 7.6.1 released

#Map: Washington’s Earthquake Prone Buildings

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Quick access to Snapping tools

@TomTom Launches Satnav with @IFTTT integration

Creating and Using Elevation Layers in #ArcGIS Online & #ArcGIS Pro

What’s New in #ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.11 (March 2019)

#Map: Renamed countries

Tickets Available for State of the #Map US 2019 | #SOTMUS #SOTMUS19

#globe: Europe’s Measles Outbreak

Latest #Podcast Episode by @jamesmfee and @billdollins: #PostGIS

QField 1.0 is here

Add @Mapbox SDK to ExpoKit Project

@Esri Launches R&D Center in New Delhi, India

Blue Marble Hosting its First Free Online Geo-Conference GeoTalks on March 21

Redesigning the London Underground #Map

What developers must know before creating #map products for Japan

Trove of New South Wales historical land records published online

This Tools Helps You Figure Out Which Satellite Bands to Use for Remote Sensing

GeoJSON Features from #PostGIS

A 3D #map of Arizona

Winners of Galileo Hackathon by announced

#ArcGIS Pro to Illustrator Tip

#GIS helps in effective analysis of crime patterns

@OpenStreetMap wins Free Software Foundation award for projects of social benefit

Shared instances in #ArcGIS Server 10.7

How to Make a #Map with #Leaflet

MapAction supports Cyclone Idai response

Jobs in Geo – Week 13

Designed and Drawn With Infinite Care: the Pictorial Maps of Ernest Dudley Chase

Pushing the boundaries with the UK Open #Geography Portal API

MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2 announced

Celebrating the Grand Canyon with Story Maps

Looking under the hood of the Global Wind #Atlas: No typical GIS map server, but GDAL services, COG-files and 3d plotted color scales

Make a transit #map in #ArcGIS Pro

Input: a mobile app for surveying built on top of @QGIS

@Google Maps apologizes for going rogue in Japan

Azure Maps adds data-driven styling powered by @Mapbox GL

The SB-50 Impact #Map

@CARTO VL 1.2 released

Beginner’s guide to #Python in #ArcGIS Pro, Part 4: Tutorial cont.

Hillshade #Mapping in Real Time

Modelling Noise Pollution

#GIS in Archaeology: #Mapping Roman and Byzantine Ruins (Case Study)

Animating Commuter Journeys

SPAR 3D 2019 and HxGN LIVE 2019

GraphHopper Routing Engine 0.12 Released

PostgreSQL’s Linux moment

The Story of The U.S. in 141 Maps

Using GeoAnalytics Server to detect delays in public transit

Using Wayback Imagery in #ArcGIS Pro

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.9

#Map: Where is Your Surname From?

Mapray JS: An open-source library for interactive high quality 3D globes and maps

New Style for @OpenStreetMap: CyclOSM

@QGIS 3.6 Noosa is released

#Map Breakout

New style: OpenArdenneMap

Building a Pincode Mapper and Routing engine with #Postgis and pgrouting

Sentinel Hub Custom Scripts Contest

“Global positioning system is our best navigation network, but this may change in five years”

#Map: Global Flight Patterns

Visualiza edificios en 3D con @QGIS

Making a #Map of Panama

QGISify: Convert map documents from #ArcGIS to @QGIS

Visualize your attachments in #ArcGIS Online with Arcade

Open Data Response to the Indonesian Flooding

The Latitude & Longitude of Population

Meyers global atlas: shapefiles

#Lidar for Drone Conference – Products and Case Studies

#Map: Understanding China’s Belt & Road Project

Free Satellite Images for the Public Sector available from UK Space Agency

#Map: Britain’s Most Expensive Wrong Turn

#GeoServer 2.14.3 Released

#GPS2K? #GPS Week Rollover April 6th 2019

#GeoTools 20.3 released

Walls of mud: Tailings dam cartograms

What’s new in #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

NGA Offers Geomagnetic Data Collection Contest

User Types: Flexible Licensing for #ArcGIS Enterprise beginning at 10.7

Geologic units of Ultima Thule mapped

Update to #ArcGIS Enterprise’s product lifecycle.

World #Map of World Religions

RGB-encoded elevation data in MapTiler Cloud

The EU Copyright Directive threatens @OpenStreetMap

#Map: Can We Save the World’s Forests?

#Mapping Urban Transit in Santiago, Chile

Here are some open access geoportals for free spatial data of Africa

GDAL/OGR 2.4.1 is released

Bing Maps Traffic Coloring

#ArcGIS Earth 1.9 Released

#Map: Revoke Article 50

Using Street View to Spot Gentrification

“#Geospatial Is Not #GIS”

Meetup for the @Geoawesomeness Community

The #Geography of European Drug Taking

New API docs

The first #map of asteroid Bennu published

#Mapping on Mars with LiDAR-equipped space drones

Explore all that is new in the latest release of #ArcGIS (Q1 2019)

#Mapping the World’s 7,111 Living Languages

Comments on fields in @PostGIS

How to download free maps to your Garmin Edge 520/705/800/810/820/1000 & Touring

Catching up on Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

A simplified way of creating maps for your Garmin Edge device

Lessons From a Viral #Map

Fiona discussion groups

What’s New with @OpenStreetMap Basemap for #ArcGIS (March 2019)

#Mapping the Midwest Floods

Why is the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Important?

Jobs in Geo – Week 12

#Map Your Customers with @QGIS

What’s new in #ArcGIS Online (March 2019)

#Geospatial a foundational technology for our data-driven future

The Mappyist Hour (@themappyisthour) #Podcast: What’s Going On

Data analytics to shape the future of earth observation

#Mapping the Ganges & Its Pollution

UAS #Lidar – Not a Simple Upgrade from Photogrammetry

Printing Web Maps

@Esri Releases Study Guide for the #ArcGIS Desktop Professional Exam

How to Access Custom Reports & Infographics in #ArcGIS Pro

Illuminated Labels Style in #ArcGIS Pro

OSMTracker v0.7

Generalisation from point data with @PostGIS

Mercury, not Venus, is closest planet to Earth

Juno opens its #GPS traces to aid in @OpenStreetMap #mapping New York City

FOSSGIS 2019: Die Videos

The Woman Who Transformed How We Teach #Geography

Open Data Response to Cyclone Idai

#Map: The Deathscapes of China

Contextual guidance in navigation

Current international borders overlaid on a #map of the world in 250 million years

Beginner’s guide to #Python in #ArcGIS Pro, Part 3: Tutorial

#Map: Who Owns NYC?

Exaggerate your Perspective View in #ArcGIS Pro

@Google Maps AR navigation review: Early users share their experience

The 2019 @Esri DevSummit Plenary Videos

#Map: The Rising Temperatures of Europe

Android Q provides users more control over location data

Kollektives kritisches Kartieren

Canadian Cartographic Association Student #Map Competition Awards

How to make a simple #map app using Ruby on Rails, React and #Leaflet, part 2: frontend

How to make a simple #map app using Ruby on Rails, React and #Leaflet, part 1: backend

OpenCage Geocoder

The New Osmdata Service

A detailed #map of world religions

John Ogilby’s Cartography

Karen Uhlenbeck, Uniter of Geometry and Analysis, Wins Abel Prize

Fiona 1.8.5 released | #Python

@OpenStreetMap shows native lands on the #map

3D Wooden #Maps