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Video: “ArcGIS Pro SDK – Your First Configuration”

Migrating your iOS apps to ArcGIS Runtime v100.0

Google Maps now lets you create and share lists of places

Shared Theme: a new app styling capability in ArcGIS Online

Video: “Manual classification of Landsat 8 data in QGIS – creating shapefiles”

The real size of the world

Explorer for ArcGIS Beta announced

Mapbox Unity SDK launched

Video: “How to do manual classification of Landsat 8 data in QGIS – digitization”

Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State — Amerique Septentrionale (1650)

Map: Harriet Tubman – An American Hero

Video: “QGIS curve editor with histogram”

Map: Where’s Everyone Moving?

Hashtag maps show the hidden spirit of the city

Azimap web GIS launch raster support and enhanced functionality

Disponibles los 5 libros de TOPCART 2016: XI Congreso Internacional de Geomática y Ciencias de la Tierra

Mapping Safe Washrooms

Animating Open Pit Mines with Google Earth

Routing — Making Travel Time and Edge Weights Independent in OpenStreetMap

Never Trace a Map in Illustrator

Video: “Introduction to Geographic Data Models”

Digital Globe’s Open Data Program

Video: “Topology and ArcGIS”

The Maps Cartographers Made as Kids

More Detailed Maps of Greenland Coming Soon

NPMap Builder

Udemy — Publicación y Análisis de Mapas en la Web con ArcGIS Online Free

Udemy — Administración de Geodatabase con ArcGIS y SQL Server Free

Video: “Geodatabase Introduction”

Video: “How to build the virtual raster for a Landsat 8 image in QGIS”

Video: “Converting categories to shapefiles in ArcGIS”

How to Learn GIS

Video: “QGIS 2.15 – thematic mapping and cartography”

Video: “Curve editing for QGIS properties”

Connecting Curiosio with Google Maps

Video: “QGIS Basics”

Expedition GIS and OpenStreetMap in Oman

A report on QGIS Income 2016

Mapbox Static API with overlays

Video: “How to clip Landsat 8 image – Remote sensing”

Video: “ArcGIS Demo: Geographic Data Formats”

Spatial Analyst in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5

Video: “How to do automated unsupervised classification of Landsat 8 data in QGIS”

Sentinel-2B satellite ready for launch from Kourou – Copernicus´ ‘Colour Vision’ gets its second eye

Summer School in Geocomputation – Italy – June 2017

New Version Of OpenStreetCam Introduces Points

OpenStreetCam JOSM plugin

ISRO launches 104 satellites in one go, creates history

Overpass-Turbo changelog

MapContrib 1.4 released

Geofabrik download server now has full history files for all regions served

Open Digital Elevation Model (OpenDEM)

Bundling up descendants into GeoJSON

OpenStreetMap Stats

JOSM Translations

On OpenStreetMap

Getting Started Fixing Polygons in OpenStreetMap

Adding unknown roads to OpenStreetMap using ImproveOSM

3.1-trillion pixel Landsat 8 Mosaic of the Word

15 of the CIA’s most intriguing declassified maps

February 2017 Esri Living Atlas Community Webinar Recording

15 of the CIA’s most intriguing declassified maps + Mapbox Unity SDK

Post-Brexit EU Map Shows Independent Scotland

Video: “Set up a Postgres Instance to work with ArcGIS”

Pretty Maps Without the Price Tag: Cartography with Just QGIS

Google Sues Uber Over Lidar IP

Video: “How to import and export GPS data in ArcGIS”

Drone Revolution eBook

Map: Sounds of the City – Mixing Desk

DigitalGlobe is helping to combat slavery at sea

Video: “Creating a Surface, Topo Profile and Profile Design from Imported points in AutoCAD Civil 3d”

Copy Lines Between Maps in Remix

Video: “GRASS 7.2 — Vector overlay operations”

Boundless Desktop – OpenGIS Desktop Software vs Proprietary Solutions

Impervious Surface Mapping using ArcGIS Pro 1.4 – Part 1: Georeferencing

Video: “Using CAD Data in ArcGIS”

Future Directions of the Space Industry

Mechanical spinning globe that shows the night/day terminator

Cartographic art by Matthew Rangel

The literary maps of our childhoods

Auto-generated maps of fantasy worlds

Exploring Spatiotemporal Trends in Commercial Fishing Effort of an Abalone Fishing Zone: A GIS-Based Hotspot…

Spatial Access to Emergency Services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A GIS-Based Analysis

Applying GIS and Machine Learning Methods to Twitter Data for Multiscale Surveillance of Influenza

Video: “LAT, LON, AZ extraction from ArcGIS for Geodesic Curve Calculations”

Step by step guide to complete your first drone mapping project

Lego maps

LizardTech Releases MrSID Generation 4 Decode SDK Version 9.5.4

Map: How Immigrants Boost the Economy

Video: “How to get elevation of a set of points from Google Earth”

Map: The Broken Bridges of Madison County

official Argentina census boundary shapefile

Content for the Planet Comes to Life with Redesigned Living Atlas Website

Exploring the Chile wildfires with Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery

Video: “GRASS 7.2 — import and reproject vectors”

How Google Maps APIs are fighting HIV in Kenya

Telling the Map

Webinar de Presentación de gvSIG Online 2.0

Map: TomTom Traffic Index

Describing Wikidata items with OpenStreetMap tags

Video: “Data visualisation and map composer in QGIS”

GeoServer 2.11-beta released

Making Mapping More Human

AddressBase Toolkit for MapInfo Released by Aligned Assets

The ENVI Analytics Symposium

GeoServer 2.10.2 released

Apply for a scholarship to State of the Map 2017

Thahara Launch a New Map of Yangon

California Coast: New ways to tell spatial stories

An Interview with the hand-drawn map creator, Kevin Sheehan

Mapping the Internment of Japanese Americans

IUCN Red List maps

Map: The United States of Innovation

Weave: interactive visualization and analysis platform

Manuscript Maps

Melown: The 3D map developer’s library

Cartographie des affaires de corruption en France

Map: The places in America most vulnerable to a trade war

Google’s Geospatial Evolution is Open

Google Earth imagery update, earthquake and fire

Cylindrical Projection: Mercator, Transverse Mercator and Miller

El servicio WPS: qué es y cómo recortar un raster en GeoServer

New map coloring algorithms in QGIS 3.0

The Mapbox Studio Manual

6 location trends to watch out for in 2017

Global Mapper 18.1 Released

Video: “How to add GPX file to ArcGIS /GPS data into ArcGIS”

Using GEOMETRY Fields in Calculations in Tableau

Geographical distributions of African malaria vector sibling species and evidence for insecticide resistance

WhirlyGlobe-Maply 2.5 adds support for Styled Layer Descriptor and Metro Extracts provided by Mapzen

OpenStreetMap Boundaries Map

Using QGIS to Create a Hexbin Map of GISP Registrations

Video: “Making Shaded Relief or Hillshade Maps in ENVI”

3 Million Square Kilometers of New Imagery in Bing Maps in Eastern Canada

Start building your Android Wear 2.0 apps with Mapbox

Map: Travel Time Location Search

3 Data Viz Hacks While Mapping Drought Data

Video: “New Adding Landsat 8 to ArcGIS using services online”

Fun with Google Earth’s terrain exaggeration

Maps: How Californians really voted for 2016 Presidential Election

Map: The Aged in Spain Live Mainly on the Plain

Video: “How rotate image in ArcGIS”

Video: “Making Slope Maps from a DEM in ENVI”

Using Torque in CARTO with runBENrun

GeoTools 16.2 Released

Map: Powered by Wind

Video: “Raster Color Slicing a Slope Map in ENVI”

Preferred Units in QGIS

Add maps with scale bars to Esri Story Maps

Map: The History of American Cities

Do you like the new look of the Google Maps APIs tutorials?

Business Geografic – new mapping software innovation program

GEO Key Innovation Project

K2 Geospatial launches the latest version of its map-based integration platform JMap