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ArcGIS Mapping and Charting 10.2.1 Patch 7

Creating rainbow borders with Mapbox Studio

GeoServer XEE Vulnerability

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Mapping the Sale of Liquor

#OpenStreetMap changesets from the #Philippines

Map: 24 Hours of Train Traffic in 60 Seconds

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The National Geodetic Survey Data Explorer and Citizen Science

Rip Up Those Old Paper Maps

Map: The History of Segregation in DC

OpenStreetMap reaches fund-raising target of £56,000

Where Europe Shrinks, and Where it Grows

Introducing Precipice View

Code the Road Android App: Bike with a map on your wrist using the Google Maps APIs

Syncing HERE for Android routes with the Samsung Gear S

Copernicus Masters: CloudEO – The Going Live Challenge Test and realise your EO service

With GIS today we are all to some degree groping in the dark

Will your company fail without GIS?

Water Resources Layers on ArcGIS Online

Mapping the Robot Invasion

Socio-Economic Tectonics: A World with Wide Borders

New Features in Mapbox GL JS

Successfully launched Sentinel-2A will provide colour vision of Earth

Vertical Street View of the world’s most iconic rock wall: Yosemite’s El Capitan

Mapping Compensation for Slavery

Georeferencer Project: Crowdsourcing location data for historic maps

Geospatial Modeling and Analysis Course

Mapping smells of #London

Launch of Sentinel-2A

R is spatial too!

Catography – The Lost Art of Mapping Cats

An Independent Map for Independent People

Avoiding #copyright infringement in your Story Map

OpenRouteService plugin for Quantum GIS available now

Esri Maps for Office 3.1 Released

Mapping Million Dollar Houses

Starting with PyQGIS on Linux and Windows

Pros and Cons of using Smartphone as a GPS Tool

Updated User Manual of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 4.3.3

The Marauder`s Map – Adding Labels in Mapbox

#QGIS 2.10 symbology feature preview

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 4.3.3 released

Point Cloud Texture – Part 2 || #LiDAR

How far can you #travel? Answers in #QGIS with #OSM route.

GeoNB – the `All Things Geographic` place for #NewBrunswick data

Mapping Sherlock`s #London

Garmin launches new GPS smartwatch for pilots

Kuhn`s 10 Core Concepts of Spatial Information

Arkansas’ Open Data: An ROI Case for the Cloud

OGC seeks public comment on SensorThings API standard for Internet of Things

Map: As the Crow Flies

What we learned from a failed ArcGIS Implementation

UrtheCast Releases HD Videos of Earth from Space

OpenStreetMap vandalism for research

5as Jornadas Argentinas de #gvSIG. “Tecnología libre para las ciencias y la educación” | #A…

The Marauders Map | #Mapbox #Leaflet #HarryPotter #London

Mapping the Great Outdoors

Crayfish 2.1(time-varying flood model results in QGIS): New Features

Picturing the Sunset

Eric Gundersen & Alex Barth: “Working in the open lets us meet really cool people”

Ambient light sensors and Mapbox Mobile

Report from the first #OTB Users Days in #Toulouse | #OrfeoToolBox

Top 10 Accessible Cities in the U.S.

Talleres 7as Jornadas #gvSIG LAC: gvSIG aplicado a hidrología.

Gaining True ROI on Geospatial Technology Investments

PostgreSQL 9.4.4, 9.3.9, 9.2.13, 9.1.18 & 9.0.22 Released

Thematic Cartography Guide

Geography Summer Camp: Online 5-Week Geography Course

Code the Road Android App: Store your location data in the cloud with Firebase

War Photos Mapped

How to Resolve #GoogleEarth Installation Issues

Update to #ArcGIS Runtime SDK for #Android: 10.2.6-1

Mapbox Metadata vector tiles for imagery

@Google Maps added new transit mode in #UK „Travel by dragon”

#GeoawesomeQuiz 24 – Can you recognise a city based on its tweet map?

OAM-QGIS-plugin: Features and GUI design

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with FME Co-founders: Recap

USGS Webinar: Using The National Map Services to Enable Your Web and Mobile Mapping Efforts

Life, Liberty and Free Beer: the Short-lived Freistaat Schwenten

Talleres 7as Jornadas gvSIG LAC: Novedades gvSIG

Sunset in Paris Map

Ohio State Goes Live with Real-time GIS Maps Website

100,000 points to nowhere: Cluster points to streamline maps

Beautiful, Intriguing, and Illegal Ways to Map the Internet

Nueva convocatoria del curso para usuarios de #gvSIG 2.x

Saab and DigitalGlobe working on 3D globe

NDVI: Qué es y cómo calcularlo con #SAGA desde #QGIS

Case study: Using GIS Cloud for archaeological field data collection

#Canada Lands Digital Cadastral Data & Mapping Applications

The man with the golden gun ( and some examples of installing and using #QGIS on #Windows)

Shift2Rail makes it easier to travel by train across Europe

Panoramio Gets Reprieve from Google

New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

Edinburgh Blackspots

#gvSIG 2.2 available

Mapping Historical #Tornado Data

A researcher`s scrapbook: understanding contributor engagement in humanitarian mapping

OpenStreetMap Fundraising drive 2015

OpenLayers v3.6.0 released

Mapping European Birds

Understanding the brain’s GPS: how a Nobel Prize was just the beginning

View Your House on an 8-Bit Game Map

Direct editable tags in #OpenStreetMap

ArcGIS for Server on Microsoft Azure (beta) is now available

Mapquest + Mapbox: A Win-Win With A Huge Unanswered Question

How to deal with lines in #OpenStreetMap

National Day of Civic Hacking

Invitation to participate in an Esri software Usability Study at the User Conference

Offline navigation data really matters if 500MB of data costs a week in wages

CyPhy Works’ new drone takes off on Kickstarter

Elevation data: Where to go and what to know

Low resolution images over the ocean in Google Earth

Les rencontres Décryptagéo 2015

Police Killings Mapped

OGC Point Cloud ad hoc meeting outcomes|

Mind the (g)app for real-time transit information

Code the Road: Hitting the Road with the Google Maps Android API

After 10 years, @Slashgeo is ending its journey

Google maps will soon work offline as well

Watch Las Vegas Grow from Space

Esri Launches Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge

Interactive Geologic Map of #Texas Now Available Online

Police uses GPS to track credit card skimmers

#GeoawesomeQuiz 22 – Can you recognise a country by its shape?

Interactive map of rats in New York

Online course of IndoorGML – the standard for navigation inside buildings

Register for USGIF’s First GEOINT Hackathon June 12-14

Apple (@APPLEOFFIClAL) quietly launched mapping cars in the #US. Does it make any sense?

Mapgears Releases eVouala Enterprise Platform v2.0

Orfeo ToolBox 5.0 is out

3D Mapping London`s Hidden Subway

Coordinate System Definition in #GIS | #tutorial

A @VerySpatial #Podcast – Episode 515

#QGIS Server: GetFeatureInfo with STYLE

How to read a raster cell with #Python #QGIS and #GDAL

Start using Orfeo ToolBox | #OTB

#QGIS server #python plugins tutorial

ArcGIS Open Data June Update

Manage and Share your Data Quality Information

A Desktop Analyst’s Guide to QGIS – Part 1: The Basics

QGIS Quality and Testing

Mapping Everyday Moments on Twitter

Google Maps Gallery drops Google Maps Engine

How to Create Vintage Looking Google Maps

Let’s Talk Basemaps at the upcoming ESRI Community Maps Webinar

World`s Most Dangerous Roads on Street View

Lidar Quality Assurance – Open-source Software for Processing Lidar Point Clouds