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Boundless Exchange 1.3

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Earth Engine Workshop in London

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Ingo Günther’s World Processor Project

Geocoordinated BIM modeling benefits build and operate projects

Mapping America’s Huge Prison Population

Crowdsourced Satellite Image Analysis

Mapping Ashgabat: Before an Earthquake, and in Time for the Games

Material de los Talleres de Introducción a Scripting con gvSIG realizados en Valencia y Culiacan

Video: “Splitting Features in QGIS”

GfK releases updated maps for all of Europe

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SIG aplicado a Gestión Municipal: Módulo 7.1 ‘Edición (Creación de nuevas capas, edición gráfica, ed…

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Which type of geospatial developer type are you?

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Tracing Hurricane Maria’s wake

Map: World Population Density 1970-2000

Manhattan live traffic in Unity

Carlson Survey 2018 OEM Released

Mapping Glacial Retreat

The Problem with GIS and Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality

Map: The Small Buildings of San Francisco

Hundreds of thousands of polygons rendered on the fly

The Illustrative Purposes of Old Maps

This map will take you to 31 creepiest, terrifying destinations in the US

The Vaccine Map

Wobbly Fiona and Shapely Wheels

A plan of Haslemere, 1735

More New Map Books for October 2017

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Map Exhibitions in Boston

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2017 Esri User Conference Videos

Video: “ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Sneak Peak: Dynamic Tables”

Map Provides High-Resolution Look at Nearly Entire Arctic Region

New Tool Allows Users to Explore Mountains Worldwide

OGC announces a new standard that improves the way information is referenced to the earth

Native American Tribes Share Their Perspectives on GIS in New Esri Book

Tackling road deaths with crowdsourced data

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Impact of Lidar Pulse Density on Estimating Biomass

4 Tips for Making Maps in Adobe Creative Cloud Easy

Real-time location tracking on the cheap: $1,000 is all it takes

Mapillary coverage between Brussels and Antwerp (#Belgium)

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 581

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Expressions in Mapbox GL JS

Mapping Global Pollution

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Movement data in GIS #10: open tools for AIS tracks from for QGIS

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Geodesign: Using Social Engagement in Community Planning

Michelin Acquires Streetwise

Beyond the Rainbow – Colors for Maps

Unofficial Future Map: Amsterdam Metro “Time” Diagram

The Making of the “Top Destination Cities” Story Map

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You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City

Create an interactive map in Google Docs

Why you need to claim your company on Google Maps

10 cosas que quizá no sabías de Leaflet

Material de los Talleres de Geoestadística realizados con R y gvSIG en Valencia y Culiacán

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Crowdfunding: Crayfish 3D for QGIS 3.2

Crayfish New Release and Future Plan

USGS State Geologic Map Compilation Added to the Esri Living Atlas

GeoTools 17.3 released

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The New York Times Maps the Tubbs Fire

Paper style maps in Unity

Spectacular Map Games

GeoServer 2.11.3 released

SciPy 1.0 released

A Fantasy Map of Dayton, Ohio

Earth is the artist

Mapping the Great Outdoors


Oral History Mapping with ArcGIS Online

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Mapping the 2016 Irish Census

Map making

Fair Warning: Elitism, the US Census crisis, and map pedantry

Vector tiles, PostGIS and OpenLayers.

What Makes This 90-year-old Berlin Metro Map So Appealing?

The Czech Election Map

Create a US Coastline (Middle Atlantic Division) shapefile from Census AREAWATER file, using…

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Sentinel-5P launched to monitor atmospheric pollution

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The case for having Three Time Zones in India

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A One Stop Shop? A Map and List of all open data portals around the world

The USGS Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Program

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Natural Earth Data as GeoJSON

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GRASS GIS Jupyter notebooks

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Video: “Basic Remote Sensing Part 1”

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Making Heightmaps

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Preserving a Landscape Through Maps and Photography

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Globes: 3.8 Billion Years on Mars

Portland’s Popular Bike Map Goes Digital

A brief geography of time

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Do Skewed Maps Skew People’s Minds?

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How far can we get within 5 mins? | #python

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Drone Imagery of the Tubbs Fire

The Crowdsourced Maps Guiding Puerto Rico’s Recovery

Successful Launch, H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 36 Encapsulating MICHIBIKI No. 4

Google Maps now officially goes to end of the Earth in new Street View of Ellesmere Island

Landkarte Online selber erstellen auf

Video: “QGIS: Advanced Geoprocessing”

Free Living Atlas Webinar! Make Meaningful Policy Maps For Your Community Using the Living Atlas

Ecological Atlas of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas

New Mapbox GeoJSON plugin for Android

Indoor mapping in Unity

Making the most of maps

Atlas for the End of the World

Video: “Citizen Science and GIS: Reasons Why, and Key Tools”

The Great Map of Movieland

Map: The Poor in Spain Live Mainly on the Plain

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.4.0

Adding a .prj file to existing data files

The Avignon Chart

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More Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF

Understanding Maps in Products

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2 cm drone imagery of damage to Coffey Park and Journey’s End in Santa Rosa