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Hatuko: a simple and convenient IP Geolocation API

Video: “Adobe Illustrator for Cartographers: Creating Arrows with Pattern Brushes”

Video: “How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once?”

Making a map of Scotland — Lord of the Rings Style

Learn GIS for free. Extra Module : GPS and Mobile GIS

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Geocodificar direcciones con Google My Maps

The Lighter Side

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Who is in your space at State of the Map?

Using Lidar to Understand Rockfalls

London Underground: The five most useful alternative Tube maps

The Musical Map of New Orleans

Pollen & Pollution Mapping

Making Connections Between the World’s Newest and Oldest Maps

Startling space image of California wildfire smoke plume

Mapping Marine Metals

4 map facts from the 28th International Cartographic Conference

Could these location-based bus improvements fix NYC transit woes?

Mapping the Australian outback with HERE and Hema Maps

Planet Launches 48 More Satellites

Contributors can check/correct their own work in OpenStreetMap

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A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 574

Video: “Adding Data to the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer”

Video: “ArcGIS python: select by attributes”

Why Python is the Future of Web GIS?

Botox for Street View

BGT import plugin for QGIS

Video: “Arcgis Interpolation”

Video: “Surface temperature analysis using Landsat 8 TIR”

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Video: “Merge Shapefiles in ArcMap”

20 Ways to Map an Election

Video: “ArcGIS Interface Part 3”

Video: “ArcGIS Interface Part 2”

Video: “ArcGIS Interface Part 1”

Video: “What is GIS Part 3”

Video: “What is GIS Part 2”

Video: “What is GIS Part 1”

Video: “Building ArcGIS Cross-Platform Applications with JS : Your First Custom Application”

OpenLayers v4.3.0-beta.2 released

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Introducing QGIS”

Wildfire data seek to reduce drone disruptions

Video: “Installation of QGIS and lastools”

Video: “Las Data In ArcGIS”

Video: “LAS Data in ArcGIS Pro: Intro”

3D Dublin, Ireland

Measuring Vegetation from Satellite Imagery with NDVI

Video: “ArcGIS Python: Select By Location”

Updating 8.2 million km² of high-resolution satellite imagery

Video: “How to calculate NDWI in R”

EDX SignalPro now supports Vricon geodata at full resolution

Map: The Age of Agglomerations

ArcGIS Online Styler template – Design and Share 2D and 3D Maps with a URL

Map: London House Prices Per Square Metre

HERE WeGo Getting around gets real-time information

geteach: Google Earth Tour Maker

The Future of Google Earth Voyager

Coming up: Special Coverage on Online GIS Courses

Learn GIS for free. Module 10: Digital Elevation Model analysis

Video: “Feature extraction from high spatial resolution remotely sensed images”

Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer – when Open Data and ArcGIS API for JavaScript meet

Using Trigonometry To Place And Orientate Labels in QGIS


Die Erde als Künstler

BigMap 2

MAPCAT: Driving directions

P4CaaS: API for retrieving all open-licensed geolocated pictures

Video: “Erdas Imagine EasyTrace”

Video: “ArcGIS Geoprocessing tools”

Video: “Overview of UAV remote Sensing”

GIS and Stratified Heterogeneity

Mapbox Alexa Skill, now with traffic maps

Video: “Mapping the Invisible: Introduction to Spectral Remote Sensing”

Video: “ArcGIS Pro Tutorial”

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Spatial Analysis”

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Data Creation and Editing”

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Extending QGIS with Python”

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Creating Great Maps”

Explorer for ArcGIS Update Available on iOS

Map Your Trips Around the World

MDA and DigitalGlobe Provide Update on Merger

Styling Maps the Easy Way

Video: “Landsat 8 True Color Image”

El fin de ArcMap… ¿?

Geodetic Control over Time and Space in California

6 Design Principles for Making Maps on the Web

Amy Sorensen: “Keep pushing the arbitrary boundaries between geospatial and IT”

Usando GeoServer com Docker

GeoPackage in MapTiler 8.0

Video: “Landsat 8 DN to Refelectance”

Video: “Conversion of Multiple Latitude & Longitude from kml to Shapefile”

Video: “How to Create an NDVI Image with Erdas Imagine”

Digital Map Products Acquires DMTI Spatial

British Columbia Wildfires Map

Microsoft launches AI for Earth to give $2M in services to environmental projects

Interactive Map: California wildfires 2017

How To Get Started with Drones

Boundless and Mapbox announce strategic partnership

Video: “Getting started with QGIS : Viewing Spatial Data”

Roger Tomlinson’s PhD: The first in GIS

Mapping Climate Science

“Learning GIS with Game of Thrones” free book

OpenStreetMap Around the World

Boundless Desktop 1.1 announced

Visualizing Geographic Data in R

Video: “How to Import Sentinel 2A data in Erdas Imagine v16.01”

Open Source GIS Tools Helping Save Mangrove Forests

A História do Open Source GIS

New Google Earth Desktop Version 7.3

Video: “GIS Fundamentals and Mapping: Wrap Up”

Goolzoom: visualizador de información geográfica fácil de usar

Learn GIS for free. Module 9: Raster reclassification and raster calculator

Video: “ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: An Introduction”

How accurate is the altimeter in a GPS watch for hiking or climbing?

Video: “ArcMap Tutorial: Projection, Selection, and Spatial Join”

Australian Census data tool a ‘tragedy’ and yet ‘another terrible product’

Geo Street Talk

Video: “ArcGIS Online: Administration Basics”

Apps to use for navigation in Russia

Map: Pride Comes Before a Ball

Video: “Part 2: Create map layout QGIS | Printing and Exporting | Map layout QGIS”

Video: “Part 1 : How to create map basic in QGIS | Map creation with QGIS”

Map: A Lifetime of Solar Eclipses

Your Town’s Pride Route Map

Esri Expands Its World Geocoding Service Capability

Video: “Using TypeScript with ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

What These Bloggers Learned from 6 Years of Running Geoawesomeness

Video: “Working in 3D with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Using Computer Vision and Street View to Map Urban Change

Crear gráficas en gvSIG Desktop. Vídeo-tutorial disponible

Teaching students across disciplines to detect, map and characterize changes to the Earth

Video: “ArcGIS Server 10.x – Return all features and all fields from query window of ArcGIS Rest Services”

Video: “Tutorial: Metadata on ArcCatalog”

Docker basics with Geodocker GeoServer

FOSS4G Europe 2017 Code Sprint

‘Maps are alive’: Highlights from the Esri UC plenary

Esri and HERE sign multi-year map data licensing agreement

The ArcGIS API for Python Explorers’ Corner

Mapping Black California with Esri

Printmaps: a web service that allows the creation of large-format, OpenStreetMap-based maps in printing qual…

Esri Adds Airbus Global Elevation Data to Online Maps

Planet, People and Pixels: A Data Pipeline to link Planet API to Google Earth Engine

Paid FAA to register your hobby drone? Here’s how to claim a refund

Introducing ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

Best Practices: How to Query Standard Geographies Branches

Map: Has Your House Price Recovered?

Video: “WebLayouts: Web GIS, MVC and Wireframing”

ArcGIS Hub for community engagement

Satellite Imagery Resolution Compare