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OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.7.1

Orfeo ToolBox 6.4 is out

Use of Strava Heatmaps in Search and Rescue

Video: “What would be the role of Geospatial Technology in 4th Industrial Revolution”

Video: “How to create a surface profile in ArcGIS Pro”

First high-resolution map of the Great Barrier Reef released

Using Geo-social data to predict economic volatility.

Video: “ArcGIS Model Builder Image Extract by Mask”

Pennsylvania to get new congressional map

What’s New in Esri’s Basemaps (January 2018)

An Informal Survey on Typefaces for Maps

Boundless Server Enterprise: Cloud-Native Geospatial Server

Video: “Getting Started with the ArcGIS Extension for WebEOC”

Upgrade ArcGIS Enterprise using ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

How To Make This Physical Map of Wyoming

Video: “Leaflet.js Download and Set Up”

Map: The LGBTQ+ Traveler

Which Charlotte neighborhood spends the most on booze? Check out this map and see.

Map: Income Inequality in Your Town

2018 Miami International Map Fair

How to Join Data with FME and (Maybe) Land Your Dream Job

Mapkick – Create beautiful, interactive maps with one line of JavaScript

Map: Cape Town’s Disappearing Water Reservoirs

Non-Anonymized Strava User Data Is Accessible

Map: From Coastal Trade to Global Shipping

GeoUsage: Log Analyzer for OGC Web Services

A world tour of ArcGIS Hub sites

Improved User Experience with the Updated ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Website

Cartogram: herramienta para crear estilos de mapa

Cartographica Call For Papers

Strava heat map exposes secret military locations, sparks security fears

GIS Tips – Never be youre own QA but if you do…..

Video: “How to Fill NoData (NA) with Advanced Imputation Techniques in R”

Video: “Landsat in Action – Free & Open Landsat Archive with Barbara Ryan”

Video: “Converting Geocoded CSV Data Straight to GeoJSON”

Getting the OpenStreetMap Carto style you need

CNG Part 7: A Vision for the Cloud Native Geospatial Ecosystem

An Algorithm to More Accurately Classify Land Cover Using Landsat Imagery

Apply for an Open Data Day mini-grant

Migrating standalone ArcGIS Server to ArcGIS Enterprise

Introducing ArcGIS Utility Network Configurations

Video: “How to Create and Compare 2D and 3D Scenes in ArcGIS Pro”

Bing Maps Fleet Tracker Solution

Geographical Fun: The Teenager Who Drew Serio-Comic Maps

The Culture of Street Names

Remote Sensing Now Used for Landslide Mapping

The Ultimate Tourist Souvenir: John Rocque’s 1750 Map of Rome

Le FOSS4G-fr aura lieu en mai 2018, serez-vous sponsor, conférencier ou les deux ?

Achieving Immediate Feedback in Map-based Web Applications

Map: Super Moons & Glitter Balls

GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 8.1 ‘Creation of point layers from tables (Geocoding: Points from a table with addresses)’

Mapzen Post Mortem by Randy Meech (Mapzen CEO 2013-2018)

Multivariate Dot Density

QField 0.10.8_2 released

War Games Disrupting GPS in the Western U.S.

Strava Heat Map Reveals Soldiers’ Locations

Anna Riddell on monitoring relative sea level change, accounting for the wiggle of the centre of the Earth

Video: “QGIS 2 18 Basics”

Planet Labs Imagery Now Viewable by the Public

Video: “How to Geocode and Convert a CSV File to GeoJSON (in Minutes!)”

Hackerspaces in OpenStreetMap

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 588

Video: “Extending the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS”

Porting Processing scripts to QGIS3

Holographic GIS

Organization Benefits to Creating Online GIS Sub-Groups + Remote Sensing = New conterminous land use data set for Germany released – filling gaps in OpenStreetMap through machine learning

Pistenplan-Maler: Der Mann, der Berge versetzt

Maps and POI search on WhatIsWhere

iD editor v.2.6.0 released

New Real-time service provides custom up-to-date Extracts of OpenStreetMap Data

New OpenRouteService Matrix API to speed up batch routing calculations

Tutoriel QGIS

Create a Radius Map

TravelTime Maps

OpenStreetMap US Board Elections

Mapping currency strength changes with D3

Mapio Cymru: OpenStreetMap in Welsh

Map: The Most Popular Street Names in America

What the Heck is GIS?

Video: “Using Collector for ArcGIS for Disaster Response”

Real-time maps for live events

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.7.0

“That graphic didn’t need to be a map”

Family’s Maps Exhibited in Fort Lauderdale

Minimum and Maximum Z Values in ArcGIS Pro

Video: “Georeferencing on Esri ArcGIS using Google Earth Ground Control Point (GCPs)”

What’s New in ArcGIS 10.6 – The Utility Network

Map: How Much is Your Vote Worth?

The Foundation for Great Maps? Great Data.

Rise and Lè Shine

Using Arcade to rotate symbols in ArcGIS web maps

ArcGIS Enterprise functionality at a glance

Image Space Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

Video: “What is Remote Sensing? (1/9) – Remote Sensing Defined”

Video: “Create Military Style Maps in QGIS”

Video: “Importing CSV File to QGIS”

Download Sentinel-2 images with QGIS using SentinelHub Plugin for QGIS

School District Maps and Segregation

Map: How Popular is Your Street Name?

Wemap et les layers interactifs

Video: “A to Z Prediction Mapping Using Logistic Regression In GIS”

Free Lidar Terrain Datafor the state of Massachusetts.

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for free: The Developer Way

Back to the future – an interview with Kevin Sheehan who makes hand drawn maps

3rd gvSIG Festival: A new edition of the virtual conference about gvSIG

Video: “Preparing for Winter Weather with GIS”

DfT traffic count data in R

Jornada gvSIG en la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (España)

Ver servicios WMS en Leaflet y acceso a sus datos

Video: “Getting Started with GIS”

A Little Background on Map Elements

Video: “Image Analyst – How to Invoke Analytics”

Indoor navigation in AR with Unity

The President’s Globe | Worlds Revealed

Avoiding a repeat of the CAD/GIS quaqmire of the past quarter century

Using GIS to Analyze the Geography of Cemeteries

Map of Business Structure and Activity in Zagreb

Map: Educating Boston

How to use the new QGIS 3D tool

Topcon announces new online courses for myTopcon support site

A Beginner’s Guide to Map Collecting

GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 7.2 ‘Editing (Derivative geometries)’

GIS has become ubiquitous; innovations and disruptions are emerging everywhere

Video: “Python script to separate shapefile based on type (Point, Line and Polygon)”

High-Resolution Sea Floor Maps of the Great Barrier Reef

Video: “Convert shapefile to Geodatabase in ArcGIS”

GeoServer 2.12.2 Released

1890’s Seattle in 3D

Video: “Download Digital Elevation Model DEM 12.5 meters”

Open imagery is essential

Custom Map Marker

Map: How to Evict a City

Google Earth Engine workshops

Syncing Freshbooks and Quickbooks SaaS with FME

Pocket Map of Melbourne’s Tramways, 1934–1935

Dan Bell’s ‘Tolkien-Style’ Maps of the Lake District

Europe’s Population in 3D

Shifting Ground: GNSS for Earthquakes

A silk escape map

Maptek launches new Master program in geostatistical modelling

Esri publishes workbook that teaches the op 20 GIS skills

Think your country is crowded? These maps reveal the truth about population density across Europe

Updating A Plugin From QGIS 2 to QGIS 3

GeoTools 18.2 Released

PerfQAnalyzer (PQA) for ArcGIS Desktop 10.6/10.6.x Available for Download

What are Sprites in the cartography world?

GeoCalc SDK 7.4 Update Includes Support for New Projections and JSON Wrapper Classes for Calling to GeoCalc Cloud

The Power of the ArcGIS Pro Pop-up

The Power of the ArcGIS Pro Pop-up

PerfTools (Build 92) for ArcGIS Pro 2.x is now available

Software patches released for ArcGIS Server geoprocessing service issue

What’s new with distributed collaboration in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6

Map: Dot Density Super Splash Zone

Video: “Post/View QGIS projects online! (3/3)”