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Exploring the World`s Most Northern City

Creating basemap picker in ArcGIS AppStudio using QML and JavaScript

GEOCONCEPT launches Opti-Time Mobile 2.2

3d innovations released DCDM 3.0

Fly Around the World with Mapbox GL

Someone Discovered Google Map Search for ‘Death to the Jews’ Directs to Key Religious Site

MapAction responds to Mediterranean crisis

top 5 features of QGIS 2.12 (by Digital Geography)

Esri Business Analyst GP Tools for Server General Maintenance Patch

How to Build MapGuide Fusion

A @AVerySpatial #Podcast – Episode 530

Changes in ESRI`s business data source

Monitoring Australia’s cattle from space

Mapping the true extent of child slavery in Ghana

QGIS Server binding news

When a city falls – Christchurch in 3D from 2011

Google`s 3D is not just for cities

Vargic`s Miscellany of Curious Maps

Projections: Beyond Mercator

Quantifying OpenStreetMap HOT participation inequality: it`s complicated.

PyGRASS equivalent of piping results from one function to another

Rule-based Labelling in QGIS 2.12

QGIS 2.12 ‘Lyon’ released

New OpenStreetMap US board + Upcoming foundation elections

What happens when 2000 students meet the HERE APIs?

Lidar News User Forum

“Why would you use OpenStreetMap if there is Google Maps?”

Reading very big JSON files in stream mode with GSON

Viral Maps

Working with Landsat imagery in Google Earth

What’s Next? Matrix New World Engineering

Mapping Seattle Planning Applications

Marble ships the oldest existent historic Globe

ArcGIS 10.2.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Utilities and Telecom Update 4 Patch

Video: What is LiDAR?

Integration of Google Maps in OpenLayers 3

GRASS GIS 7.0.2 RC1 released

Mapping for hurricane response in Mexico

The Largest Ever Astronomical Map

The Hurricane Patricia Movie Map

Palestine Uses GIS to Centrally Manage Urban Development

PostGIS: Why can`t I do CREATE EXTENSION postgis_sfcgal

New CIESIN Data Layers on Hazardous Waste, Emissions, Population, Wild Areas, and More

Elicitation of Landsat Product Specifications

Changelog for QGIS 2.12

Drawing arcs in KML with JavaScript

What Your Phone Data Says About You

Editing Spreadsheets from gvSIG Scripting for reporting

GIS to CAD using ogr2ogr – Part 2 – GML to DXF with OS MasterMap

The #QGIS survey needs input!

OpenStreetMap Audio Mapping

OpenStreetMap Grass&Green: some results

Attention all GIS Online Universities and Course Providers!

About the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

Travel Back to the Future in 3D

What`s that Google Earth image, Voyager Edition 2

Using Google Earth

GeoNode 2.4 RC1 released

Announcing the Mapbox Android SDK

Ordnance Survey Data in Virtual Reality

Color Filters for Web Maps

ArcGIS Earth Beta is Now Available

Calculating Daytime Population at the Census Tract Level for the Entire US

First release candidate of the upcoming GRASS GIS 7.0.2 version

Powering maps and geo on Fabric: Twitter’s Mobile Development Platform

Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia get Street View

The Art and Science of Imagery Change Detection

Google Maps update brings quick stops along your route and gas prices

Map: Europe`s Top Digital Cities

#PostGIS Is So Successful That It Needs To Change Its Name

Results of Raster and LiDAR Data Challenges Discussed

Lifting the Veil on Cuban Trade

Animated Polylines in Leaflet

postgisQueryBuilder v1.7.0 for QGIS released

Sharing the 3D Drone Mapping Imagery With Clients: A Report from South Africa

OpenStreetMap Missing Maps: the first year in stats & charts

Lidar Bees

JAVAD GNSS TRE-3 Successfully Tracks First Live TMBOC Signal

3D Content in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta

QGIS en Android: descarga, instalación y geolocalización

Esri`s commitment to Open: Open Data, Interoperability, … Open Source?!

Tutorial: Batch Downloading Sentinel Images from ESA`s Scihub with Python

A New Blue Marble Every Day

Munich Start-up Building Radar Wins Copernicus Masters Competition

GeoServer REST API Remote Execution Vulnerability

2015 Canada Federal Election Results Story Map

GeoTools 13.3 released

Google Maps making stressful times easier

Next GPS Satellite Launch

FME 2016 Sneak Peek: SQL Editor Dialog Updates

GeoServer 2.7.3 released

Global Mapper LiDAR Module V17 Released

Innovative Wikipedia Maps of World Religion

Leaflet in the Amazon

Seeing imperfect orthorectifcation in Google Earth imagery

The new MapQuest

Map: United States Average Temperatures

OpenStreetMap MissingMaps Powwow


Spatial Agent: Highlighting Public Domain Datasets

Map: Demolishing Detroit to Make it Better

Big Data Hackathon San Diego

Google updates Waze and makes it a much better app

“Why I Like Property Tax”

Mapped Out in Wagga Wagga

Canadian Election Maps

NSW Regional Conference program released

#Brisbane GIS Day – submit for the Map Wall

Global archaeological study seeks geospatial help

“Map: Exploring the World”

Tableau – Mapbox integration

Tesla enters map making business. What does it mean for the industry?

Mapping English Deprivation – Part Two

Google Earth measurement and image alignment

GIS to CAD using ogr2ogr – Part 1 – Shp to DXF with Contour Data

deegree 3.3.17 released

Live Training Seminar: Get Started with ArcGIS Full Motion Video

Take the QGIS user survey – in Ukranian

Mapbox Code of Conduct for Open Source

An OpenStreetMap Missing Roads update Geospatial Career Portal

Bringing the best of National Geographic’s classic map design into the digital world

Geographic insight key to protecting vulnerable communities during disasters

Trimble to Provide Geospatial Software and Online Training for Distance Learning Programs with UN…

The Zurich Water Fountains Map

GeoTools 14.0 Released

A new map created using the Google Maps API that even looks quite good.

The QGIS GRASS plugin is back

Mapcraft Slice Maker: Turns SHP/GeoJSON files into something suitable for MapCraft slices

PostGIS 2.2.0 windows bundle is now on Application Stackbuilder includes pgRouting 2.1.0

GIS for oil spill modelling – Part II

OpenStreetMap Flash Map Mobs: some results

Take the QGIS User Survey – in Romanian

Townlands in #Ireland

Want to help translate into Irish (or any other language)?

Improve Information Products with the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

Technology Shrinks Geography

Take the QGIS user survey

Google Earth Voyager layer update: Go on safari

Esri Releases ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure

Imaging objects in 3D through walls

QGIS: visualiser les tuiles TMS (OpenStreetMap et autres) avec GDAL ou les extensions TileLayerPl…

OpenStreetMap Post Earthquake Mapping, Coquimbo, Chile

Mapping Europe`s Nitrogen Oxide Pollution

Why Chicago is the Alley Capital of the US

Nieuwe versie AGIV Geolocation service

Adding projection data to ENVI headers (GIMMS 3g example)

Cursos de gvSIG, PostGIS, i3Geo y geoprocesamiento avanzado, en español y portugués

Real time air pollution map of the world: The World Air Quality Index project

OpenStreetMap Multilingual Maps Test

Take the QGIS User Survey – in French

Map that shows debts of countries around the world

Digital Earth 2015 in Halifax

Dropchop: GIS in the Browser

Fast OpenStreetMap micro tasking with To-Fix and JOSM