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GDAL SRS barn raising: 6th report

Video: “Ship and harbor monitoring using Sentinel-1”

#Map: L’Eau de Pesticide

An “almost” definitive guide for setting up #Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) on Ubuntu(16.06 and later) with Python bindings

Video: “Visualize a Moving Car using @QGIS”

#Mapping #UK Pub Closures

Video: “QGIS3 MapLink Plugin and Layout Loader Plugin”

Video: “Erdas Imagine NDWI using Model Maker for Sentinel 2A”

Video: “Category in #GIS tools”

Video: “Symbology in #GIS tools”

Using Ground-level Imagery to #Map Landscape Change

Video: “Import @Google Satellite Imagery to @QGIS version 3.x”

Video: “New Constellation, analytics and diversification of sensors are disrupting satellite market”

How much can you earn in the #Geospatial Industry?

CARTOframes, @CARTO’s #Python Interface, 1 year later

Drone Panoramas of Camp Fire

TimeManager 3.0.2 for @QGIS released

OpenWeather team announces Relief maps

New York’s Music #Map

Video: “How to export shapefile to Geodatabase #ArcGIS”

A Toponym #Map of Berwickshire

Mr. Carrington’s pocket maps

Video: “Collecting Data – Setting up a #map for the Collector App”

Video: “National #Mapping Webinar Series: Identifying Buildings Using Imagery Demo”

How to Use #ArcGIS REST API Service in @QGIS

How to Clean Topology Error in @QGIS

Adding Free Satellite Imagery Layer in @QGIS

This is How to Add @Google Maps Layers in @QGIS 3

Creating A Simple Live Flight Tracking in #Python

@OpenStreetMap Membership Working Group Updates

Video: “Download Free Tidal Data for Any Region”

Pin the town on the donkey  –  crowdmapping town boundaries

Video: “Add Online Basemap imagery data to #ArcGIS”

FAA Reauthorization Act – What is Impact on UAS Industry?

Wellington Elevations: Interpolating the Bathymetry

Building the Wellington Model with 1m DEM and DSM

Creating Custom Conda Environments in an #ArcGIS Pro Workflow

Video: “Erdas Imagine NDVI using Model Maker or Spatial Modeller for Sentinel 2A”

How is @Google Maps creating our subjective truths?

Video: “How To Get #GIS and Digital #Mapping Jobs”

#Map: Tree Canopy Cover of #London

Video: “Drawing Survey Data Using Bearings and Distances Part 3”

Video: “Drawing Survey Data Using Bearings and Distances Part 2”

Video: “Drawing Survey Data Using Bearings and Distances Part 1”

Walkability Data with PPGIS

Video: “National #Mapping Webinar Series: Automated Building Feature Extraction in #ArcGIS”

Video: “How To Combine Spectral Bands with #ArcGIS Composite Bands Tool”

Video: “Remembering the visionary ‘Father of #GIS’”

Strategic plan for Australian #geography launched

You’ll never be lost again with these fun @Google Maps tricks

Join the #ArcGIS Pro 2.3 Beta

An Introduction to #LIDAR Technology

4 solutions to common problems when making location data maps

Send Street View Christmas Cards

New Dashboard for your #ArcGIS Hub sites

#Map: Where on Mars

Washington Post’s Electoral Maps: How they built it

Instant Intelligence  –  turning raw data into actionable insights fast

#Mapping infrastructure worldwide with @OpenStreetMap

Typewriter Cartography

The #Map of Scientific Collaboration

#Map: The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

How to use the messaging features in @Google Maps

@Esri and Winning

Overlaying different boundaries over @OpenStreetMap’s standard map style

Instamaps: aplicación web para crear mapas online

Federal #Geographic Data as a Strategic Resource

A graphical aid in deciding whether #geospatial data meets your needs

Geocode Processing with GeoPandas  –  a city level reverse geocoding

Geo Week – 2019

Gmaps is now Maps

“Thoughts on “FOSS4G/SOTM Oceania 2018”, and the PyQGIS API improvements which it caused” by @nyalldawson

#PostGIS 2.3.8 & 2.4.6 released

@QGIS Expression to label direction towards #map center

Showing boundaries as a separate layer on

#Map: Building a Bike Friendly Berlin

Aussie and Kiwi craft beer map  –  version 1

Ellipsoid distance on Earth

@QGIS e il globo terrestre

2018 Holiday Gift Guide by @maproomblog

#Mapping the Rise of Populism

Video: “An Introduction to the @NASA AppEEARS Area Sampler”

But Where is the North?

Video: “@QGIS User 0011 – Shape Digitizing Tools”

Surviving the holidays with @Google Maps: A handy guide

Video: “Vector Extraction from a Raster Image in Global Mapper”

Video: “Using #ArcGIS to Improve Critical Fish and Wildlife Workflows”

@OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.17.0

Native Land Map

“It’s about time @OpenStreetmap showed native lands on the #Map”

Video: “The Importance of Integrating #GIS with Land Records”

#PostGIS 2.2.8 EOL

Fake Britain: A #Map of Fictional Locations

#Map: A Short History of Industry in #Latvia

Speak to JOSM – tags controlled by your voice

Video: “#ArcGIS 10.x – Multi line and Multi color labels”

Video: “Download and Install @QGIS 3.4 – what’s new?”

Video: “Tips & Tricks: How to Create a Fly-Through in Global Mapper”

Aurora Illumination in #ArcGIS

Visualization: Drowning Cities

Video: “#GIS for beginners #4: Geocoding using @QGIS 3”

User requirements survey on Big Earth data: help to improve future data services

NGA celebrates #Geography Awareness Week

Open #Geospatial Consortium announces HERE Technologies has joined OGC as a Principal Member

Putting Sikh Soldiers on the #Map

Video: “What’s Coming in #ArcGIS Online – December 2018”

Video: “#ArcGIS Earth 1.8 – What’s New”

Video: “How to Download Data Stored In #ArcGIS Online”

Video: “Creating property #map using @Google maps”

Video: “How to Perform Positional Accuracy Assessment of Satellite Imagery Aerial Photographs in #ArcGIS”

Video: “TomTom GPS Searching for Destination”

Video: “Use Node Tool @QGIS (Time Lapse)”

#GeoSever 2.14.1 released

#GeoTools 20.1 Released

Earth #Map of #Denmark

Shithole #Geography re-interpreted at KortDage

Video: “Export your #ArcGIS API for JavaScript features to CSV”

Geomni Makes Pre- and Post-California Wildfire Imagery Available

Places and their names  –  observations from 11 million place names

Take your #map to the next cartographic level, Part 2

#Mapping Sustainable Forestry Projects

How America Mapped Its Meals

Passage vers le Lambert 2008 :@Esri BeLux et Safe software valident et intègrent la grille de conversion NTv2

OSMF membership rates by country

Antarctica at Eight-Metre Resolution

#Map: How Green is Your City?

„Made with QGIS“-Logo

Acessando o pycsw com o @QGIS

Video: “Adding Data to the #ArcGIS Online #Map Viewer – Adding Spreadsheets Via Drag and Drop”

#Mapping Open Spaces and Extending Conservation’s Reach

Como selecionar e exportar Polígonos Sobrepostos no #ArcGIS e @QGIS (com e sem #Python)?

Data extraction using Overpass

Video: “How to create intersection point in #ArcGIS”

Where @Apple Maps and @Google Street View Will Be Driving (or Walking) Next

Earth Puzzle

#Mapping Poverty in Victoria, Australia

A Total Ellipse on the #Map

Results of the @QGIS #MacOS bug fixing initiative

MapRoulette 3.1.1 released

@QGIS Geometry Generator examples

Drone cinematography made easy with AR and 3D

#Mapping Every Homicide in #Toronto

3D Tron style in #QGIS

#Mapping census data with #ArcGIS Online

Cómo crear mapas web sincronizados

Early maps of New Zealand

#Map: Exploring Fictional #London

The @OpenStreetMap Ecosystem

Selective Availability in Global Positioning System (#GPS)

Location Aware Apps

#PostGIS 2.5.1 released

Comparing the same geolocation on different #map services

Osmoscope: An @OpenStreetMap Quality Assurance Tool

Video: “Editing from 360 images”

Video: “Adding Data to the #ArcGIS Online #Map Viewer – Searching in ArcGIS Online – Nov 2018”