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Early access to Touch #GIS for iPhone & iPad

Industry calls for clarity on #geospatial data

#Map: GeoGov Explorer

Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of @OpenStreetMap

WhiteboxTools v0.16.0 released

“Spatial modeling will become fundamental to business decisions”

OSMF Board face to face meeting 2019

A lot more Apple Maps cars to be seen on Canada roads

GeoConnect Asia 2020

Upload maps to Cloud with MapTiler Desktop 10.1

Improving Healthcare Access with Spatial Data Models

#Map: SOS Air Pollution

Which Types of Surveys Make Best Use of #LiDAR?

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Project backup

Jobs in Geo – Week 22

Draw a #map of the districts of Budapest using the Overpass API of @OpenStreetmap and #Python

@Apple Maps begin surveying in #Canada

The Mappyist Hour (@themappyisthour) #Podcast: Episode 25 – What is #GIS Leadership

Configure pop-ups in #ArcGIS Online: the essentials

Smart GEO Expo 2019

Parallel #PostGIS and PgSQL 12

#Map: Hotter or Not?

PyQGIS 101: Creating & editing a new vector layer

The problem of not having an address, and ways to solve it

2019 European Election Maps

Openlayers v5.3.3 released

#PostGIS 3.0 deployment changes

#Map: A Border of Trees

#PostGIS 3.0.0alpha1 released

Video: “Creating Dynamic, Real-Time Maps with Operations Dashboard for #ArcGIS”

Video: “How to Create Toolbox In ArcMap”

@OpenLayers 3+: Adding a layer switcher

Video: “Atmospheric correction of Landsat 8 by ENVI Software”

OSGeoLive 13.0 status: alpha2

New @OpenStreetMap vector map of #Switzerland

Peermaps: a distributed, offline-friendly alternative to commercial map providers

Exploring @OpenStreetMap history: the example of health related amenities

Video: “Conditional Format Rules attribute table @QGIS”

Indian Election Maps

Video: “ArcMap to #ArcGIS Pro – aprx to mxd”

2019 Update1 #ArcGIS Enterprise Security Patches Released

Video: “Georeference a topographic #map in @QGIS (Version 3.x)”

Video: “How to georeference a #map in @QGIS”

Discover patterns in your data with #ArcGIS Arcade

Video: “Multi Spectral Imagery using @QGIS without plugins”

Video: “Clipping Raster dataset in ENVI”

Winner Announced in Younger #Geospatial Professional of the Year Award

#Map: How Europe Votes

Adding Wikidata to Nominatim

Places of Interest in @QGIS: HQGIS

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Buffer”

Video: “How to Connect any API to #ArcGIS with Koop”

SotM 2019 Ticket Sales Opened

GIS data sets: geometry checking and repair

The Geographical Imaginations #Podcast: Episode Fifty Three Arctic Fever

Video: “Thinking Spatially and Statistically”

Spatial Modelling Tidbits: Honeycomb or Fishnets?

Former NGA Director Cardillo joins SLU in push to build geospatial program

#Map: The Air Space Mafias

What are Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons?

#Map: How Your Neighbors Voted

ArcGoogle: @Google imagery in #ArcGIS

A new Hortonmachine tool: the las info viewer

The Horton Machine: Spatial tools for environmental Modelling

Video: “All about Georeferencing”

OSM Live Conflation: an easy way to bring third-party data into @OpenStreetMap

Video: “@QGIS and Autocad – adding an urban lot on Satellite map.”

Lunar Cartography During the Age of Apollo

#Map: Where the Richest Australians Live

Maps show how CNN lost America to Fox News

Movement data in #GIS #23: trajectories in context

WombatGIS: a php / javascript application to draw / display graphical information on maps

@Mapillary launches a demand-driven marketplace for street-level images and #Map data

Tableau 2019.2 Introduces New #Mapping Capabilities

Ghana gears up for African #Geospatial Data and Internet Conference

The Global Internet #Map

New pricing for @Mapbox

#Map: Rivers Should Flow Free map design for print and web

What’s Next For @Google Maps?

Create categorical choropleth with #Python

Master #Geographic Data Science with Real World projects & Exercises

The @MapScaping #Podcast: Geocoding – Translating between machines and humans

Jobs in Geo – Week 21

Send Your Name to Mars: Mars 2020

@FOSS4G EO Data Challenge info

Building knowledge based on satellite images

Video: “How to Calculate NDVI Index from Sentinel 2 Level 2A Imagery in @QGIS”

#Map: Storm Chasers Live

#Quebec Flood #Maps

#Mapping Europe’s Wolf Populations

#Mapping with Open-Source Software

PyQGIS 101: Using expressions to compute new field values

What Makes a #Map Good

Spatial Pattern Analysis

#Map: Hate Crimes in #India

Video: “@QGIS Basic #82: The If Statement/ Function”

Plot Polygons with ggplot2

#Podcast: Cageyjames and Geobabbler Episode 3

Verifying location data with blockchain cryptography

From points to polygons. How to calculate population by block

Using digital maps to collect high-quality data in rural Zambia

#ArcGIS Excalibur

The Problem with Australia’s Election Maps

Map Layering using @Mapbox GL JS + + React

Video: “What is #GIS series: #Map Overlay”

Video: “Searching for polygon features and changing their symbology in @QGIS”

Geodorable (@mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 58

The problem with scratch #maps

Video: “Creating Details from a whole #map of historical places in @QGIS (real time, full)”

Indonesia Using #Lidar UAV to Respond to Earthquake

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Video: “#ArcGIS API for #Python: #Mapping, Visualization, and Analysis”

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Video: “Essential #ArcGIS Developer Tools, Tips and Tricks”

Video: “Paul Ramsey Keynote @ @FOSS4G NA 2019”

pycsw 2.4.0 released

GRASS #GIS SVN to GitHub migration started

Garmin Announces the Overlander, An Offroading #GPS Receiver

Video: “The State of #GIS”

Roman Empire Vector #Map Tiles

Judgmental #Map of #Mississippi

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – New shapefile from selected features”

Video: “What are the major #geospatial technology trends for 2019”

Bringing #GIS to the General Public

High resolution maps of the human population density in Africa

Video: “Create Points on a #Map in #ArcGIS Pro”


Building with isochrones

Linux Foundation creates open #geospatial forum to develop smart city tools

#Map: Sea Monsters & Fantastical Beasts of America

Rasterio 1.0.23 released

Why the south of Westeros is the north of Ireland

Humanitarian #mapping training in Central Asia

QMapShack: Open source software to plan your next outdoor trip or to visualize and archive all the GPS recordings of your past exciting adventures.

Deploying drones as #geospatial data gathering tool for rural and urban development

Video: “Understanding Access to Care Calculations and Methods”

Updated flood plain maps will send the housing market underwater

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Measure distance between features”

How #GIS Data is Used in the Business World

Start with Text, Finish with Maps

Geocoding with Microsoft’s Azure Maps

Introduction to geo-AR + measuring position and orientation in the browser

Video: “Submarine Cable #Map @QGIS”

#Map: Global Runway Orientation

Geovation Scotland to open in Edinburgh

The Uber Driving Times #Map

Video: “How to type in an XY Location to find it in #ArcGIS”

Ordnance Survey #Map Commemorates 1969 Moon Landing

The @MapScaping #Podcast: #Mapping Personalised Workplace Risk

@Google unveils AR feature for maps and search options

Openlayers v6.0.0-beta.8 released

How To Use Apple Indoor Maps For Malls And Airports

Campaign puts #geospatial science on the #map

Video: “@QGIS Basic #81: Coalesce”