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A introductory workshop on Spatial SQL using PostGIS

DataPlotly 3.0 for QGIS is here

QGIS2web: The Story So Far

#Geospatial Devroom at #FOSDEM 2020: Call for Participation

GeoTrellis 3.0 released

Summary Aggregate and Spatial Filters in QGIS

OSMF Board elections

Map: Compare Flanders now and in 1971

“Esri and Me – Part 4 – Education” by geomenke

#ArcGIS API for #Python Core Concepts: #Python, APIs, and REST

Video: “Introduction to #GIS”

Video: “QGIS – Broken UTM Grid”

The Washington Post Maps Fall Foliage

Video: “QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Show Error, Warning, and Success Messages”

#Map: Modeling Smoke Pollution

Prerelease for #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Available

Ancient City Revealed by #Lidar in Cambodian Jungle

Making the Move to #PostGIS

Making it easier to join the OpenStreetMap Foundation

PostgreSQL 12 64-bit for Windows FDWs

#Map: Uninsurable Australia

Fiona 1.8.9 and GDAL 3

The Fool’s Cap #Map of the World

#Mapping Loss: The Faces of Landscape Change in Las Vegas

Optimising Spatial Join Queries in #PostGIS

10 Really Amazing Maps

The MapScaping #Podcast: Building footprints at scale

PyQGIS Tutorial: Geometry Conversion

There is no plan by Esri to move #ArcGIS to Python 3.x

How to Create State and County Maps Easily in R

Reading KML files from Google maps

OGC (opengeospatial) announces new JSON Encoding Extension to its Moving Features Standard; seeks public comment before approval

How to Geocode Addresses in Spreadsheets using #Python

Video: “Up and Running with Martin”

Video: “PyQGIS the comfortable way – tricks to efficiently work with #Python and QGIS”

Video: “QGIS 3D: current state and future plans”

Video: “Fast insight about the severity of hurricane impact with spatial analysis of Twitter posts”

Video: “An open drought monitoring system for the Deduru Oya basin in Sri Lanka”

Video: “Open Green #Map – a #geospatial tool for sustainable living”

Video: “Global land cover monitoring and updating: big data challenges”

Video: “Open source contributors do more than they should. QGIS as a reference project to find sustainable ways to rock”

Video: “Big Data above and beyond, openlayers and Power BI working together”

Video: “Building a national vector tile set for the Netherlands”

2019 Canadian Election Maps

Getting to Know the Data Loading Tools in #ArcGIS Pro

Misusing the Georeference Tool for Historic Image Alignment

The pleasures of 3D storytelling with #ArcGIS StoryMaps

How to generate lat and long coordinates from an address column using Pandas and Googlemaps API

#PostGIS 3.0.0 Released

#Map: The Modern Plague of New York

MapStore 2019.02.01 released

Creating a choropleth #map using GeoPandas and financial data

The 2019 Swiss Election Maps

geofdw: a collection of PostGIS-related foreign data wrappers for PostgreSQL

Revisiting the Colors of Mars

European GNSS Agency (GSA) and World #Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) sign a strategic collaboration memorandum

Video: “New features in QGIS 3.10”

How to create Lego #Map Style in QGIS

Video: “Spatial Support in MySQL”

Video: “Building an open source #mapping system for support of regulatory activities in the field of e”

Video: “Human #Geography with Open #GIS as a Transformative Introductory Higher Education Course”

Video: “How to host and access STAC Imagery using Google’s gRPC Remote Procedure Call framework and P”

Video: “A geo-spatial big data infrastructure for Asset Management”

Video: “Block grid system usage at the example of Estonian Postal Services”

Video: “Improvements of the Public Safety #Map service Using a Chatbot”

Video: “The new Forest Inventory Estimation and Analysis system”

Video: “Building FOSS4G friendly ecosystem in Central Europe”

Video: “Exploring large amounts of weather forecast data through Open Source software”

Video: “Remote Sensing Deltas”

Video: “Building an OSGeo Community – Experiences from Ireland”

Video: “Using a QGIS for small scale agriculture #mapping”

Video: “Stac-chat: spatiotemporal assets in your chat”

Video: “Deforestation Monitoring using Change Detection”

Video: “Reconsidering Default. Why default parameters matter and how to make them meaningful”

Video: “Fun with Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) and PostgreSQL”

Video: “Cooking with #PostGIS”

Portable #GIS version 6 released

Why do shipwrecks appear on in-flight maps?

Pillion: motorcycle parking #map

Free course: #Geospatial Analysis

#PostGIS 3.0.0 released

#Globe: Weather Forecast – 120,000,000 BC

Lake Michigan Shoreline Rapidly Changing

#Map: The Roman Empire

#Map: The Modern Plague of London

How to Export SHP to CAD without Losing Elevation Value Using QGIS 3

PyGEOS: a library that exposes geospatial operations from GEOS into Python with almost zero Python interpreter overhead

Greater Adria, a lost continent hiding in plain sight

Action Required to Continue using SAML with #ArcGIS Online

Operations Dashboard in ArcGIS Online: Upcoming Change to Operation Views in December 2019 Release

Expanded coverage now live in Mapbox Boundaries and offline in Atlas

New ways to report driving incidents on Google Maps

Mapillary launches a #mapping dashcam solution to help logistics companies cut delivery delays

Mapguide-react-layout 0.12.4 announced

Video: Debugging multipolygons in JOSM

Video: #Mapping OpenStreetMap landcover multipolygons with JOSM

Modeling the Flow of Dangerous Goods by Rail

GeoJSONLint: Validate and view your GeoJSON

#Map: The Polish Imperial Election

MapRoulette Quick Fixes introduced

GI_Forum Symposium 2020 invites Call for Papers

Free Administrative Areas Geometry Data of World (#Python)

Making Finding #Geographic Information Easier: SpatioTemporal Assets Catalogs

#Mapping California’s Poisoned Wells

Yahoo! JAPAN new maps live on iOS and Android

Diese Karte zeigt die witzigsten Ortsnamen in Deutschland

Do More with #ArcGIS Runtime SDKs 100.5

Video: “#Python #GIS – Clip Raster to a Polygon Extent using gdal.Warp”

#Mapping the Natural World

#Mapping our Planet’s Protected Areas

Using open source tools to create interactive maps of political surveys

Actions to improve diversity in OpenStreetMap conferences: what can you do?

Namibia Open GIS Data Portal

Carto’s Data Observatory 2.0, now powered by Google BigQuery

ESA Phi Week 2019

#Mapping Cuts in School Funding

The MapScaping #Podcast: Remote sensing and future of earth observation

Turn Raw Data into a Feature Layer

#Geography, #GIS, and Gerrymandering

Bridging the #Map: A tale of Diversity

CnG #Podcast Episode 6

How to retrieve data from a #GeoServer?

#PostGIS 3.0.0 coming soon – Try 3.0.0rc2 at a package repo near you

pydeck: Unlocking for use in #Python

Flights Into the Past: Archaeological Prospection Using #Lidar

Virtualizing #ArcGIS Pro

#Map: 2018 Global Terrorist Attacks

Emergency response training in Indonesia by MapAction

Why Apple Maps Sucked

Easier administration with #ArcGIS Hub Settings

HERE #Mapathon: Map your world to tell an interesting story using data and visualization

7 Free World Climate Data Sources

Ecometrica wins Pan-American prize for #Geospatial Innovation

Getting to know the Pixel Editor in #ArcGIS Pro

Program of the 15th International gvSIG Conference is now available

#Map: Birds & Animals at Risk of Extinction

What’s New in Navigator for #ArcGIS (October 2019)

The Fantastic Fall Colors #Map

Securing API keys when using Google Static Maps and Street View APIs

The FOSS4G – Europe 2020 conference will be in Valmiera (#Latvia)

Automatically generating a legend for a choropleth layer in #Leaflet

#Map Game

One Minute #Map Hacks: 6-10

Video: “Shape Digitizing Toolbar in QGIS: example usage”

Rechercher une adresse avec QGIS

What It Takes to Be a #GIS Leader

AI-equipped drones to spot crocs in real time

Using OpenStreetMap data to generate scenes for #LiDAR simulations in HELIOS

The UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs uses satellite data to monitor diseased trees

The Guide to Map Design

List of OpenStreetMap centric Telegram accounts

Hosting for GeoPackage in any coordinate system

Use OpenStreetMap tiles in local coordinate systems

A eulogy for Mapquest

Minecraft Earth is coming

The ‘Wikipedia Of Maps’ Came To The Rescue After Hurricane Dorian