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Towards @gvSIG 2.5: New @OpenStreetmap #Map servers

#Mapping the World’s Power Plants

Rasterio 1.0.20 released

Open Source and @OpenStreetMap

Using #GIS to Assess Crime Risk

Canadian Geodetic Survey releases new version of NAD83

Cartographic features for Japanese maps in @Mapbox

What’s new in Survey123 for #ArcGIS version 3.3

#Map: Living and Dying in Texas

#Map: Fruit-growing regions of France

TCarta to #map seafloor around remote Pacific island nation

#Map: Permafrost is Becoming Permanently Lost

Observing Global NO2 Emissions from Space

OGC (@opengeospatial) invites you to participate in its Open Routing API Pilot 2019

Osher #Map Library TV Segment

A list of alternatives for @Google Maps

A Simple #GIS Server

Video: “@QGIS Basic #72: Join by Location”

GeoSpock Launches Pioneering New Spatial Big Data Platform

BigQuery #GIS performance tips

#GIS Summer 2019 Internship Opportunities

Video: “How to Calculate Rainfall Anomaly Index (RAI) using Precintcon Package in RStudio”

@Mapbox supports @Google

Landviewer tool for satellite remote sensing analysis gets updates

Apply for scholarship for State of the Map (#SotM) 2019 in Heidelberg

Evaluate Mountain Lion Habitat Suitability with a Raster Function Template

Festival of Personal Geographies

#Mapping Countries by Similarity

#Map: Death in Grand Canyon Updated

Detroit Foreclosures on Street View

Beginner’s guide to #Python in #ArcGIS Pro, Part 1: Why?

Video: “@QGIS 3D #Map using 3D View (Version 3.x)”

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Create a new raster with GDAL”

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Get raster band data with GDAL”

Video: “@QGIS Create a shapefile and add points (Version 3.x)”

What’s New in @Esri Vector Basemaps (February 2019)

#Map Pandas, Story telling with #Maps

Geospatial industry lacks skilled workforce to make a difference

Video: “Configuring #ArcGIS for Bus Stop ADA Compliance Surveying and Monitoring”

Video: “@QGIS 3D #Map Animation (Version 3.x)”

Better/Faster ST_PointOnSurface for #PostGIS

Get More Out of ArcGIS Pro (ICAP) with Timelines and Text to Features

Word-Based Color Palettes for Your Vector Basemap

#Map: Luxembourg, illustrated

#Map: The Rise in American Hate Groups

Kim Jong-un takes the train to meet Trump

Bing Maps Autosuggest API Now Supports Business Suggestions in 8 New Countries

#Map: Wheelchair Accessible New York

17 Years of @QGIS

Video: “GNSS Signal Structure and data format”

Making #Map Quiz Infographics

The new @Carto dashboard

HERE to offer #mapping and location services for China

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Fields importer

10 Times @Google Maps Inflamed Border Disputes

Spatial queries in AWS Athena

Video: “Introduction to #GPS and GNSS Satellite Navigation”

Learn spatial SQL and master GeoPackage with @QGIS 3


ohsome: @OpenStreetMap History Explorer

Animal Use #Map

From Sideline to Center: The Potential for @OpenStreetMap to Seize the Curb

Linux Foundation Revives Mapzen

The #MapLesotho Exhibition

Australia’s First Language Maps

Offline #map apps

The 12 Most Fascinating Anecdotes Maps Have to Offer.

New ways to add and format text on your #ArcGIS Hub sites

Video: “Converting a point cloud that is in LAS format to a GeoTIFF in Global Mapper”

Video: “Applying #ArcGIS Online Tools to Coastal Management Applications”

Can you help make @OpenStreetMap faster in Brazil, or Australia/New Zealand?

#Mapping Real-Time Road Traffic

Introduction to the @TomTom #Mapping API

#Geographic Data Visualization with #Python

Dissecting Planet Earth

Plotting the herd: cattle and sheep cartograms

Videomapia – video search engine to find geotagged videos on a map

Video: “Use of #ArcGIS Products for Pollution Monitoring”

#Map: Population change, 2010-2019

#Mapping forced labor camps in China on @OpenStreetMap

#Map: Searching for Slums with Machine Learning

#Map: Land cover in South Africa

Making an Auto-Focusing Real-Time Dashboard with Operations Dashboard for #ArcGIS

Video: “Introduction to #GIS”

Proj6 in #PostGIS

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: New geoprocess, Ring #map

Making the NY Manhattan Buildings 3D #Map

Exploring @Google Polylines algorithm in Ruby

#Map: Exploring Britain’s History from Above

A tale of two #maps

Free Training Event on GNSS Systems and Technology for UK industry and SMEs

#Geospatial information exerts a growing global influence

Inspiring techies to become great writers

Video: “Spatial Interpolation IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) using #ArcGIS”

Migrating from @Google’s Maps SDK to the #ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

PostgreSQL Hack

Advanced Aerial Imagery Analysis with Deep Neural Networks Explained in 5 Minutes

@Openlayers v5.3.1 released

Better/Faster Interior Point for Polygons – now in GEOS

Video: “Data Inputting and Editing in #GIS”

#Satellite Remote Sensing Analytics

Mauritius: Government to Develop National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Tattered #Map Sandwich

#Map: Mean annual temperature deviation from the 1961-1990 average in Switzerland since 1964

The World #Map of Shipping Traffic

#Mapping Africa: Crowdsourced Machine Learning

#Map: The History of Settlements in Hungary

Jobs in Geo Newsletter

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Improvements at geoprocessing framework

Simple #GIS Client Version 11 released

Video: “#ArcGIS Data Interoperability In Action”

QGIS-Tipp: Dynamische Word-Texte im Layout

Video: “@QGIS Plugin – Road Inspection Viewer”

#ArcGIS Pro Streamed from the Cloud? Yes

#Map: Rivers of Great Britain and Ireland

Ordnance Survey Chief Data Officer Caroline Bellamy reveals data strategy

#Map: Navigating the Green Book

#Map: Land cover of the lower Mekong River basin

2019 GeoData Summit Announced

Using Machine Learning and Surface Deformation Data to Predict Earthquakes

Learning @QGIS 3

#Mapping the Approaching Apocalypse

@Esri Publishes Switching to #ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap

@QGIS for macOS – update

Ordnance Survey releases Zoomstack after successful trial

Flight Emission #Map

Video: “Creating Seafloor 2D/3D Image Maps Using ROV Video”

#Map: Five years of California fires

Video: “Contours to raster TIN interpolation (elevations) @QGIS”

Publish Location Using PubNub and Swift

#Map: Exploring the Moon

#Map: U.S Population changes.

What’s new with Scene Layers in #ArcGIS Pro 2.3

Creando marcadores animados con #Leaflet (SVG, GIFs y Font Awesome)

Using Drones to #Map a Crime Scene

#ArcGIS Pro SDK at Developer Summit 2019

Turn an Esri Story #Map Journal into a blog

Turn a Story #Map Series into a countdown

The 2019 Submarine Cable #Map

@gvSIG 2.5 RC1 available, first release candidate to final version

Video: “@QGIS Basic #63: Using Raster Calculator Classes with Opacity Slider”

“Location Data is Today a Pure Necessity”

Using robots and #GIS for spatial data collection

Globe without Europe

Protect your #ArcGIS Online items

How to prevent accidental deletion in #ArcGIS Online

Video: “@QGIS Add @Google Satellite, Hybrid, Maps, Terrain and other custom basemaps (Version 3.x )”

Geo-Privacy and Personal Location Information

Video: “Download Online Maps and Imagery using @QGIS”

Should Your Maps Talk?

#Map: How long ago was the hottest and coldest year on record

#Map: Earth’s Light Mountains

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Query raster value at point”

The UK Child Poverty #Map

How to use Barikoi location API with @Google Maps in Android