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Proj6 in #PostGIS

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: New geoprocess, Ring #map

Making the NY Manhattan Buildings 3D #Map

Exploring @Google Polylines algorithm in Ruby

#Map: Exploring Britain’s History from Above

A tale of two #maps

Free Training Event on GNSS Systems and Technology for UK industry and SMEs

#Geospatial information exerts a growing global influence

Inspiring techies to become great writers

Video: “Spatial Interpolation IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) using #ArcGIS”

Migrating from @Google’s Maps SDK to the #ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

PostgreSQL Hack

Advanced Aerial Imagery Analysis with Deep Neural Networks Explained in 5 Minutes

@Openlayers v5.3.1 released

Better/Faster Interior Point for Polygons – now in GEOS

Video: “Data Inputting and Editing in #GIS”

#Satellite Remote Sensing Analytics

Mauritius: Government to Develop National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Tattered #Map Sandwich

#Map: Mean annual temperature deviation from the 1961-1990 average in Switzerland since 1964

The World #Map of Shipping Traffic

#Mapping Africa: Crowdsourced Machine Learning

#Map: The History of Settlements in Hungary

Jobs in Geo Newsletter

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Improvements at geoprocessing framework

Simple #GIS Client Version 11 released

Video: “#ArcGIS Data Interoperability In Action”

QGIS-Tipp: Dynamische Word-Texte im Layout

Video: “@QGIS Plugin – Road Inspection Viewer”

#ArcGIS Pro Streamed from the Cloud? Yes

#Map: Rivers of Great Britain and Ireland

Ordnance Survey Chief Data Officer Caroline Bellamy reveals data strategy

#Map: Navigating the Green Book

#Map: Land cover of the lower Mekong River basin

2019 GeoData Summit Announced

Using Machine Learning and Surface Deformation Data to Predict Earthquakes

Learning @QGIS 3

#Mapping the Approaching Apocalypse

@Esri Publishes Switching to #ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap

@QGIS for macOS – update

Ordnance Survey releases Zoomstack after successful trial

Flight Emission #Map

Video: “Creating Seafloor 2D/3D Image Maps Using ROV Video”

#Map: Five years of California fires

Video: “Contours to raster TIN interpolation (elevations) @QGIS”

Publish Location Using PubNub and Swift

#Map: Exploring the Moon

#Map: U.S Population changes.

What’s new with Scene Layers in #ArcGIS Pro 2.3

Creando marcadores animados con #Leaflet (SVG, GIFs y Font Awesome)

Using Drones to #Map a Crime Scene

#ArcGIS Pro SDK at Developer Summit 2019

Turn an Esri Story #Map Journal into a blog

Turn a Story #Map Series into a countdown

The 2019 Submarine Cable #Map

@gvSIG 2.5 RC1 available, first release candidate to final version

Video: “@QGIS Basic #63: Using Raster Calculator Classes with Opacity Slider”

“Location Data is Today a Pure Necessity”

Using robots and #GIS for spatial data collection

Globe without Europe

Protect your #ArcGIS Online items

How to prevent accidental deletion in #ArcGIS Online

Video: “@QGIS Add @Google Satellite, Hybrid, Maps, Terrain and other custom basemaps (Version 3.x )”

Geo-Privacy and Personal Location Information

Video: “Download Online Maps and Imagery using @QGIS”

Should Your Maps Talk?

#Map: How long ago was the hottest and coldest year on record

#Map: Earth’s Light Mountains

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Query raster value at point”

The UK Child Poverty #Map

How to use Barikoi location API with @Google Maps in Android

Towards the new @gvSIG 2.5 version: Calling for translators

The Top 10 Most Useful #Geospatial Data Portals, Revisited

More than a crowdsourced #map: How @OpenStreetmap is becoming a #mapping standard, and why you should care

Video: “Building an Evaluation Model with #GIS for Colombia’s Marine Protected Areas”

Behind the new Hivemapper Dashboard

The future of OpenMapSurfers tiles

New overlay for @OpenStreetmap: Resiliency #Map

#geomob BCN is born

#Map: Land Cover of Africa

Video: “#Python Data Types – Part 2”

Video: “#Python Data Types – Part 1”

A Free Online Course: Introduction to #GIS in R

Missing Maps February Mapathon in #Berlin

Geodesign: Rethinking Design for Resilient Communities

Video: “#ArcGIS Tutorial – Create DEM and Contours using @Google Earth”

Flightradar24 – how it works?

#Map: @Instagram use in #Europe

Video: “Introduction to 3D Visualisation and 3D #GIS”

Video: “Converting graphics into features in #ArcGIS”

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings #Map

#Lidar for Drone Conference

“Impact of #Geospatial Data Act of 2018 in U.S. – Time Will Tell”

Video: “Wateshed Using #Python in #ArcGIS”

@QGIS data visualisation

Video: “Spinning PostgresSQL and PGAdmin with Docker on Mac”

@Mapillary’s Capture Projects built to give cities and #Mapmakers control over #Map data collection

Video: “Add Data to a Project in #ArcGIS Pro”

#Map: The 25 States of America

Video: “How to convert KMZ @Google earth To GeoTIFF image format”

#Map: The Bay Area

#GPS Week Rollover – Don’t Panic

Dynamic #Map Platform to Acquire EnerTech Portfolio Company Ushr

#Map: Do You Speak the Queen’s English?

MileCharter for Mobile enters Beta Testing

#Map: America’s 2018 Oil Spills

More on the Pros and Cons of Paper Maps

Vintage Shaded Relief Basemap

Vintage Shaded Relief Basemap

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Load raster and vector layers without adding to QGIS interface”

NGS 2019 #Geospatial Summit – Registration is Required

#SAGA 7.2.0 released

Esri’s Open Strategy on 3D, OSM, and #GIS

@OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.20.0

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: Report by point

#Mapping Asia’s Most Powerful Countries

video: “Create point from coordinate in @QGIS”

Hillshade, slope, aspect & Co in @QGIS 3

Video: “@QGIS: Union Function”

GIS Addressed podcast episode 8: State #GIS leaders look for collaboration with tribal governments

@Mapillary Capture Projects

Embed a Story #Map within a @Esri Story Map

A #Map of #Rome

#Map: Population strips of Europe

#Mapillary announces new tool for cities and mapmakers to take control of #map data collection

GeoDATA Forum co-locates at GEO Business 2019

#Map: The Best Brewery Road Trip Ever

Add PowerPoint slides to your @Esri story #map

How to Save and Organise Your Favourite Spots All Over the World Using @Google Maps

Where Brazilians Live in High-Risk Areas Downhill From Mining Dams

A Strip #Map of Mars

About Layer tree embedded widgets and have your WM(T)S always crispy sharp

Land Ownership Records: So useful, but challenging to find

Video: “@QGIS: Create Grid”

Video: “@QGIS Terrain Analysis: hillshade, slope, aspect (Version 3.x)”

Video: “Calculate percentage of land use per subcatchment in @QGIS 3”

How to find distance between two Points based on Latitude and Longitude using #Python and #SQL

How to create a VM in GCP for #geospatial processing in #python

Spatial data API with GraphQL, PHP and MySQL

#Map: The United Citystates of America

ISPRS #Geospatial Week 2019

#Map: The UK’s Most Romantic Streets

Free course about #Geographic Information Systems applied to archaeology

PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 11.2, 10.7, 9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21 Released

USGIF Publishes Version 2.0 of its #Geospatial Intelligence Essential Body of Knowledge

Demystifying Japan Official Topographical #Map Shapefiles

Andorra ski maps and slopes

Video: “Spatial Reference Systems Transformations with Boost.Geometry”

Video: “Using #GIS to Incorporate Transit Surveys into NOAA #Mapping Operations”

SLYR: the @Esri LYR and MXD to @QGIS converter

Video: “@QGIS – Advanced Geometry Generator Styles And Orienteering”

Video: “@QGIS Quick Tip – Projections”

Recyclemap: redesigning a #map for @Greenpeace #Russia

USGIF Publishes Version 2.0 of its #Geospatial Intelligence Essential Body of Knowledge

Using Arcade to rotate symbols in #ArcGIS Online