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Store and visualize your raster in the Cloud with COG and QGIS

LU drones survey hurricane damage at beach

Using #GIS to Monitor the West Coast Wildfires

Developing the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7: Sentinel-1 download and preprocessing

#Map: Ranking the Countries of the World

Video: “Zip files and QGIS”

The Black Lives Matter #Map

New York Times Fire Tracking Maps

Registration opens for GEOBIM 2020 Virtual Conference

Typhoon season in Japan: Crisis Mapping and OpenStreetMap

#GeoServer 2.18-0 Released

Illustrating the scale of fires: Open data from the National Interagency Fire Center

How Can OpenStreetMap be Used to Track UN Sustainable Development Goals?

How to use in-tooltip-charts with

OSM Wikinames

Open data for mapping wildfires, smoke, and air quality

#Mapping COVID-19 Outbreaks in the U.S. Food System

Tips on using the new #ArcGIS StoryMaps theme builder

J.B. Harley Research Fellowships in the History of Cartography

Integrating the #ArcGIS API for #Python and Survey123 with Azure Functions

The World Hunger #Map

Google Maps app is back on the Apple Watch

ESA 100m Annual Land Cover Layers

Modeling in QGIS

#Mapbox With Mapillary Images

Strava announces Strava Metro, the largest active travel dataset on the planet, is now free and available to cities everywhere

#QGIS visualization workshop

Reconstruct maps from 360 video and other cameras

3D Animated Hurricane #Map from Radar Data

#Mapping the Fall Colors

mapillary-js v2.21.0 released

The weird, enchanting beauty of geology maps

Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award

Oregon Wildfires #Map

How to create shortcuts to the portable version of gvSIG

3D City Models: the fundamental building block for digital twins

#GeoServer 2.18-RC released

#GeoServer 2.18-RC released

Earthquake Detection Using Smartphones

CovidPulse: A Coronavirus Sparkline #Map

CovidPulse: A Coronavirus Sparkline #Map

#Mapping a World of Cities

3D Printing the World

Almost Realtime Live Data Visualization in QGIS (Air Traffic Use Case)

New proposal deadline for 16th International gvSIG Conference (online event)

Ground Truth – Satellite Calibration Targets

Red and Blue vs. Gray and Green

Spatial Source webinar looks at mobile #mapping for digital twins

GOES vs POES (Geostationary and Polar Operational Environmental Satellites)

The Hong Kong Protests on Street View

#Map: The Sounds of the Forest

The Definite Guide to Fastkml

#Map: Your House’s Solar Power Potential

Sea level rise web #map, poster and pirate #map

What is the difference between othophotos, orthophotomaps, orthomosaics and true orthophotos?

Google Maps: The Strategies to Rank in 2020

A Primer on GDAL

Developing the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 7

How does Google Maps predict traffic and select best routes?

Historical Maps in #GIS

Revolutionizing Location data through accessibility: The OGC (opengeospatial) APIs Maps Virtual Code Sprint

Virality and cartography: How to create a viral #map?

Third Update to Daylight #Map Distribution

#GeoTools 24-RC Release Candidate

New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States

#Map: Where Can I Travel?

The Ordnance Survey in 3D

#Leaflet 1.7 released

CityGML to I3S: Streaming fast 3D city data in #ArcGIS

A Mappy Weekend in Dodoma, Tanzania

The Political Color of America

#Google Maps 101: How AI helps predict traffic and determine routes

#Mapping UK Air Pollution

Topographic (with Contours) Multisource vector tile layers

#Mapping A World Of Cities

The History of City Maps

The Great Fire of London in maps

How to install Geolocation in react-native v0.63 the easy way

Improving Healthcare Access with BigQuery Tiler

The MapScaping #Podcast: The long tail of #geospatial

An Alternative to Choropleth: Contour Density Maps in D3.js

#Map: California Building Fire Risk

#GraphHopper’s new curbside feature: Never drive the right road the wrong way again

Ancient Earth Globe

#Map: Where Stores Are Recovering

Monitoring the Arctic Heat Wave

Sauce up #ArcGIS Pro layouts with a rapturous vignette and hand-crafted artisan text

OSM2World: Indoor Tagging Support

The Covid-19 #Map of Europe

Information boards on OpenStreetMap

Q&A on #Map Viewer Beta and Classic: Tips & Tricks for #ArcGIS Online

Geomob #Podcast – 34. Interview with Nan Deardorff-McClain

Using Open Source #Geospatial Tools to Find Missing Building Footprints

Remove Overlap in #ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

3D Animated Hurricane Map from Radar Data

The World Wine #Atlas

#Map: A Million Australian Rivers

#ArcGIS Runtime 100.9 announced

FME Community Migration

How to use Google Maps- A complete Guide

Cartograms: the power of passports

OGC (opengeospatial) seeks public comment on new OGC API for Environmental Data Retrieval

#Mapping Tropical Forest Quality from Satellite Data

3 easy ways to maximize the new Saved tab in Google Maps

The Van Eyck Street View Tour

#Map: The Magical Neolithical Mystery Tour

Smithsonian Magazine Explores the Pittsburgh Rare Book and #Map Thefts

The MapScaping #Podcast: COVID-19 Spatial Research

NSW bushfires: inquiry leans in hard on remote sensing

Scheduling Geoprocessing Tools in #ArcGIS Pro 2.6 – What’s New

Explore 19 Years of Global Air Quality in Living #Atlas

Find Open Sources of Elevation Data With OpenTopography

Topology: QGIS Geometry Checker and other tools

Urban Heat Islands & Redlining Maps

An easy way to make impressive topological maps with Rayshader

gdal v3.1.3 released

Is a #GIS Master’s Degree Worth It?

A review of the Arizona AZGeo Data Hub

#Map: COVID-19 risk areas

#Map: Global Forests & Tree Heights

Apple Maps Updates in Ireland, Japan and the U.K.

#Map: How Much of Your Town is Parking Lot?

Use maps from any provider using React

#Mapping Nitrogen Dioxide Across Europe

Video: “QGIS Road to Nerdvana Episode 5: Tweaking the first run dialog”

#Geospatial Data Visualization in R

#Map: California Wildfires & Air Pollution

“How I wanted to buy satellite imagery and how difficult it was”

Spatial Thoughts OpenCourseWare

#Maptastic: How #Map makers will win the 2020 US election

OGC (opengeospatial) considering Zarr as community standard; seeks public comment on new Work Item

#Mapping a Plague of Locusts

Extending Utility Network Services with the #ArcGIS Enterprise SDK 10.8.1

Automated Land Cover Change Detection

Getting Started: Building Location-Based REST APIs with #Python

#Google uses satellite data to add wildfire location-tracking to Maps, Search

High-resolution imagery (10 cm) in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany (Mapbox)

3D camera intro using the #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Ethiopian Students Just Started Making Maps

Active OpenStreetMap contributor? You can now easily join the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Human maps

#QGIS: Revisiting Topology

Interactive Geological Maps

Video: “Presentation FOSS4G 2021”

#Mapping wildfires with the power of satellite data

The MapScaping #Podcast: Open Source Spatial GPU Processing

Women in Copernicus

SMASH 1.4.0 is out: SLD and #GPS Log enhancements

NASA Sentinel-6 mission will launch in November

#Map: Racist Stop & Search Powers

Create a Classic Workforce project with #ArcGIS API for #Python

Build Your Own Flight Tracking Application with #Python and Open Air Traffic Data

Painting with Maps

The Hidden Gems in ArcGIS #Online Analysis

How to Save Google #Map Satellite Imagery in QGIS

How to get #GPS coordinates of your location using your Smartphone