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2019 Interview with Jack Dangermond

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Learning #GIS with free online courses and open source

OsmAnd 3.0 (iOS) released

6th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management – GISTAM 2020

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Debugging Rasterio temporary files using pytest autouse fixtures

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New Maptitude Add-ins for Territories and Vehicle Routing

gvSIG projects: REMER, coverage analysis for emergency situations

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High-performance data visualizations with Google Maps Platform and

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True north

Putting Native American Voters on the #Map: Using Cadastral data to Geocode Non-Traditional Addresses

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Call for maps for contributions for the 2020 GeoHipster calendar

Visualizing XYZ data with Alan McConchie, Stephanie May, and Sarah Fortune

MapGuide 4.0 Showcase: Transform all the things

PyWPS 4.2.2 Released

GeoTIFF v1.1 adopted as an OGC (opengeospatial) Standard

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Why Germany is a blank spot on Street View

Esri Publishes Mark Monmonier Book on Exploring Maps as Networks

Tracker for #ArcGIS (iOS) Location Privacy Update

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Cartography with R and QGIS, which to choose?

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The Genius of Mercator

Ultra Mileage v1.6 Released

gvSIG Projects: gvSIG Suite in the Observatory of Studies on Coexistence and Citizen Security SDI

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OGC (opengeospatial) Invites Participants to Help Advance Vector Tiles Interoperability

Microsoft releases 18M building footprints in Uganda and Tanzania to enable AI Assisted #Mapping

etlhelper: a Python library to simplify data transfer between (#geospatial) databases

A Quick Guide to Integrating Leaflet.js and React

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Vespucci 14 preview

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Solving Global Litter with Machine Learning & Spatial Data

Dynamic elevation profile lines as QGIS geometry generator

QGIS Server 3.x Vagrant testing VMs with Apache and Nginx

mapguide-react-layout 0.12.0 announced

Datums, feet and GNSS vectors: The 2022 NGS upgrade

gvSIG Online in emergency prevention and management

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MapAction supports Hurricane Dorian response

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