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A fast workflow for taking and processing personal survey notes while surveying with OsmAnd and processing them with JOSM

MovingPandas: a Trajectory class and corresponding methods based on GeoPandas.

OpenDroneMap + blender = Fun

#GPS is going places

Homemade #GPS Receiver

220+ #Python examples for using Google Earth Engine in QGIS

Fundraiser: Mapping to improve lives in Iraq

Cartographer Ranks Among Best Jobs of 2019

#GPS Is Easy to Disrupt, and the Consequences of Disruption Are Serious

#GeoTools 21.4 Released

Peak #map

Tools for building #Geospatial Web Applications

#GeoServer 2.15.4 Released

#Map: 100 Years of Motorways

#SAGA 7.5.0 released

Video: “RS & #GIS Applications to Water Resources Management”

Video: “QGIS Basic #97: Revisiting Symbology Rule-Based Function pt. 1”

Best Christmas gifts you can present to #geography geeks in 2019

Video: “Gram-Schmidt Pan Sharpening in #ArcGIS”

Building reactive web #map interfaces with Vue, Cesium, Node and MySQL

The Fourth Day of XYMas….SQL

#ArcGIS Runtime 100.7 announced

What’s New in #ArcGIS API for JavaScript (December 2019)

What’s new in #ArcGIS Urban 1.1 (December 2019)

The Fabulous Joy Plot #Map Maker

Sandbox satellite to test operations innovations in space

Geospatial resources for schools

CartoLab Elements: a set of reusable and themeable React components for building user interfaces for map-based web applications.

R Package postGIStools: Tools for Interacting with ‘PostgreSQL’ / ‘PostGIS’ Databases

This #Map Writes Poetry

Video: “Adding cities and towns from OpenStreetMap to QGIS”

OGC (opengeospatial) Tech Trends Update, 2019 Q4

Survey123 3.7 now available across all supported platforms.

The Third Day of XYMas – GRASS

Surveying: The Art of Measuring Land, Part Two

Video: “Interpolation temperatures #QWeather”

Clustering is now available in #Map Viewer Beta in #ArcGIS Online

#Map: Constellations of Hope

The MapScaping #Podcast: Travel Time – A better way of doing location based search

Video: “Remote sensing with #Python in Jupyter”

Cyclist draws festive reindeer on map of London

#Map: How to Be Big in Switzerland

Video: “Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Geological Applications”

LAANC Goes Live at EWR, BWI, IAD, and HOU

#SLYR ArcGIS to QGIS symbology conversion functionality will be open source in June 2020

Video: “#ArcGIS Pro – All About Shapefiles”

#OpenStreetMap Shapefile QGIS stylesheets

#QGIS stylesheets for OpenStreetMap

Presentation Proposals Invited for GIS-Pro 2020 in Baltimore

Video: “QGIS: Design a Tetris-style Thematic #Map”

TIGER and OSM, 12 years later

Reflections on Projections (and vice-versa)

New look for #ArcGIS Insights

Location is Personal: Issue 11, December 2019

Video: “QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Calculate Field Values (Field Calculator)”

#Map: Who Lives Longest?

Diversity and MapAction

Yer aff tae lik’ this #map

Toulouse or not Toulouse? An insight for those who missed the November 2019 OGC (opengeospatial) TC meeting

#GIS and #Geospatial Events in 2020

#ArcGIS with ReactJS -2/5

mapguide-react-layout dev diary part 22: It’s story time

MapServer 7.4 released

#GeoServer 2.16.1 released

The Google Geo Data Upload

Maproulette v3.5.1 released

#Geospatial jobs of the week: Austin, Minneapolis, Johnson City are hiring

Video: “QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Raster Calculator in a #Python Script”

Video: “QGIS User 0021 – Dynamic Layout Calculations”

The Long Range Missile #Map

The Second Day of XYMas….GDAL

UK Small Warming Maps

Use Openlayers in Offline mode for land-survey applications

Wikidata+OSM at State of the #Map 2019 and WikidataCon 2019

How to create a custom Web AppBuilder Widget for your #ArcGIS Portal with ORS

Geodorable (mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 65

Rational decision-making requires credible data

Belle Tissott to GeoHipster: Data Science and Teenage Bird Angst

Video: “OpenStreetMapping: A big Relevant Change in the World”

Amazon wildfires: #Mapping for early recovery and prevention in Bolivia Crowdfunding

#OpenStreetMap Calendar

Helping marginalized populations to defend their rights through participatory #mapping workshops in French Guiana

2019 OSMF board election and proposed Membership Fee waiver change

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Hightailing It Toward Siberia

Geopaparazzi 6.0.1 released – geopackage support and labels

Querying #geographic raster data in BigQuery the brute force way

GRASS #GIS 7.8.2 released

mapguide-react-layout dev diary part 21: Some long overdue updates and elbow grease

The UK Election Interactive Maps

What is New in #ArcGIS QuickCapture (December 2019)

New QGIS 3D capabilities and future plans presented by Martin Dobias

#QGIS Geology Symbology

How imagery powers Google #Maps

How to Make a Grid #Map with Histograms in R, with ggplot

NASA’s Treasure #Map for Water Ice on Mars

Google Street View image of a house predicts car accident risk of its resident

A classical visualization of earthquakes using #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Internationalization in OpenStreetMap

Q&A: How #Geospatial Data Assists Disaster Relief

Puppies & BigQuery: Analyzing #Geospatial Data

#Map: How Big Are the Bushfires? Part Two

Explore nearly 150 years of Kingston History using Maps and Aerial Images

#Map: The utopian 1920s scheme for five global superstates

Firefighter Safety Improved with 3-D #Mapping

#Mapping the History of Luxembourg

#ArcGIS with ReactJS -1/5

What’s New in the Spatial Analyst Distance Toolset in #ArcGIS Pro 2.5

#Map: A Pipeline to Global Warming

ArcGIS Pro #Map Text IV: Layout Text

FME Resources: 5 Places to Look to get Started or Unstuck

Style Components in Mapbox Studio

#Mapping the Suffragist Years

Climate Stripe Maps

2020 GeoIgnite – #Geospatial and Location Technology Event

International #Lidar #Mapping Forum Announces 2020 Conference Program

Gift ideas powered by location

The World’s Diplomatic Network #Map

Automated Remote Sensing of Underground Features

Ethical Machine Learning for Disaster Relief: Rage for Machine Learning

Online #geospatial tool launched to provide data-rich coastline maps

VerySpatialTV Season 5, Episode 07

The MapScaping #Podcast: Remote sensing – building the globe in 3D

Improving project documentation with a codesprint

Towards gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1

Total Open Station 0.5 released

Routing made easier with traffic camera images and more in Bing Maps

New features for contextualized gameplay and new games built with Google Maps

Updates to Incognito mode and your Timeline in Google Maps

The 12 days of XYMas

Road Orientations and Street Directions

Free Online Geocoder

Open Repository for #Geospatial Training Data Released

The Noongar Place-Name #Map

Check latest changes in OpenStreetMap in certain area

Oracle Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph – No License Required

47th Annual CaGIS #Map Design Competition

Sorting bookmarks in MAPS.ME

#Map: America is Moving Up

These are the 5 key challenges of doing a #geospatial business in India

“Your #GPS Secretly Wants You to Get Lost”

Curved Lines on Google Maps

Dashboards in #ArcGIS

The Future of #GIS

The UK Election #Map

Call for State of the Map 2020 presentations is now open

#Map: How Big Are the Australian Bushfires?

OsmAnd – a worked example of a simple rendering style change

MapRoulette 3.5: Task Search Re-imagined

What is 3D #Mapping

a performance test: OpenLayers vs Mapbox GL JS

Open Source Stack for Raster Tiling in Custom Projections

Why is the QGIS docs team struggling?

PerfTools (Build 122) for #ArcGIS Pro 2.x is now available for download

Three ways to extend location capabilities in Tableau

Types and Application of Remote Sensing

Getting started with PySpark & GeoPandas on Databricks