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Waiting for #PostGIS 3: ST_AsGeoJSON(record)

#Map: Forests of Europe

#Mapping Japanese Land Values

Utility Network is now on #ArcGIS Runtime 100.6

Finding Pleasant Routes Using #GIS

MonoCarto 2019 Winners

NASA Earth Observation in 3D

#Geospatial Data Verification

Inside Carto Engineering: Configuration Management Makeover

#Map: One Hour on the Irish Border

Using GeoJSON vector tiles in openlayers – Part 2: Tiling

Using GeoJSON vector tiles in openlayers – Part 1: Raster Images vs Vector Images

The Industrial Internet Consortium and the Open #Geospatial Consortium Announce Liaison

Airbus completes ocean satellite Sentinel-6A

Vote for the OpenStreetMap Awards

MapGuide 4.0 showcase: Supercharged tile sets

PT_Assistant’s new features after GSoC 2019

gvSIG Projects: Creation of a #geographic database of improvised explosive devices

MapGuide Open Source 4.0 Preview 1.1 announced

Call to host State of the #Map Oceania in 2020

Preparing Aerial Imagery for Crop Classification

3D Terrain Modelling in #Python

#GeoPDF in QGIS 3.10

Pride Colours

Generating Graphics with Data Plotly in QGIS 3

2019 Gender Balance in the #GIS Workforce

#Map: Slopeless in Seattle

Bing Maps APIs Developer Webinar

#Map: Europe’s Renewable Energy Potential

15th International gvSIG Conference: New proposal deadline

Upgrades to Australian #Geospatial Reference System Webinar Series

German State Election Maps

Yes, Maps Can Lie. But Not Like This.

Aqueduct Water Risk #Atlas

3D #map of the Milky Way

#Map: Land cover of #Germany

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin Tip: Report an error

iD editor for OpenStreetMap updated to v2.15.5

#JOSM version 15322 released

How Steep Is That Sidewalk? A Digital #Map for People With Disabilities

Open Data Camp: London, 2-3 November 2019

Input for QGIS on iOS

A Conversation between Valerie Anderson (valerietheblond) and OpenStreetMapUS

Using machine learning to identify the effort and complexity of #mapping areas

#Map: Average annual snowfall by US county

#Map: California’s Rental Calculator

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin Tip: Band Set Order

Android OpenStreetmap Offline #Map Setup

Women in Geospatial+ Mentorship Programme

OGC (opengeospatial) seeks to modernize its Observations & Measurements standards

Landsat Update for Esri Living #Atlas

Kickstarter for the Book Version of Barely Maps

What Happened to the Society of Cartographers?

The latest high-res imagery at your fingertips

Nearest neighbor in BigQuery #GIS

GeoPy: a Python 2 and 3 client for several popular geocoding web services.

Generating tile geometry files

#GeoServer 2.16-RC released

Visualization and Analysis of Criminality Data with QGIS

Esri Launches a $5,000 StoryMapper Contest

OpenStreetMap Carto v4.22.0 released

OGC (opengeospatial) seeks to modernize its Observations & Measurements standards: public comment is sought on new scope of work

#Mapping the Risk of Flooding

#Map: One Season in One Year

The Annual Fall Foliage #Map

Histograms with #ArcGIS JS API for javascript

QField enhancements crowdfunding

Multidimensional analysis in #ArcGIS Pro

Pitney Bowes announces sale of its software solutions business to Syncsort for $700 million

How to install QGIS on Chromebooks

#Map: How Healthy are the Dutch?

Visualizing #Geospatial Pixel Data with #Leaflet and WebGL

Urban Street Network Orientation Analysis

Libre Geo: a collection of geographic information science and technology (GIS&T) course materials

Video: “OSGeo UN Committee Educational Challenges: A use case of sharing software and experience from all over the world”

Video: “State of #GeoServer 2019”

Video: “Visual Hierarchies in 3D Cartography with vts-geospatial”

Video: “geOrchestra – INSPIDE SDI”

Video: “Current Status of mago3D, an Open Source Based Digital Twin Platform”

Video: “Calculating CO2 emissions for Urban Land Use Planning with FOSS4G tools”

Video: “A framework for collaborative, open-access, and interactive #GIS educational resources”

Video: “Inter-comparison of the Global Land Cover Maps in Africa Suplemented by Spatial Association of Errors”

Insights for #ArcGIS – Top 10 – ways admins can help new analysts

Designing the Pencil #map style

Editing and Administration with Branch Versioning for #ArcGIS Enterprise portal

The First San Francisco Building Age #Map

Complement for fields monitoring with Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 images

Biographical #Mapping

How to Monitor the Fires in the Amazon Rainforest on a Daily Basis

Using #Geospatial Analysis to #Map the Optimal Places for Tropical Rainforest Restoration

How Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is Making it Easier for Humanitarians to Use OpenStreetMap Data

Video: “Increase solar energy use with #mapping”

OpenStreetMap UK 2019 Q3 Project: Solar Power

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 6.4.0 released

Select by location in QGIS: what about those geometric predicates?

Russia Today puts Japan on the #map, where New Zealand should be

Why are mappers using landuse=village_green in the wrong way in OpenStreetMap?

Shades of Green – OpenStreetMap Overlays on Satellite images

Geodorable (mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 61

Extracting raster values into polygon attributes using R

#Map: Between a Wall & the Syrian Army

600,000 #GPS trackers left exposed online with a default password of ‘123456’

Collector for #ArcGIS (Android) beta update

#Map: Building America’s Transcontinental Railway

#Map: Western Suburbs of #London

#Map: Who is Still Smoking?

Coastal Edge Hack

#Map: Iran and the Strait of Hormuz

Video: “QGIS Documentation made easy – part 2 – Add changes to the pull request”

#Map: How Far is a Mile?

How to secure API keys for Google Maps Platform

Satellite images show devastating Amazon rainforest fire

Video: “Calculating NDWI unsing ENVI Sotware”

#Mapping the Moon in Black and White

Video: “Raster Data Processing in #Phython”

Nalu Scientific receives NASA grant to develop remote sensing tool for space exploration

10th Annual Space Foundation International Student Art Contest invites entries

Video: “how to setnull 0 values from Ratser Dataset in #ArcGIS”

Video: “QGIS Basic #89: CRS and Layer CRS Manipulation”

New version of ORS Tools QGIS Plugin released

#Mapping America’s Area Deprivation Index

#ArcGIS Pro with Amazon EC2 and Elastic Graphics

How the NYT mapped every dollar

How to create a #map chart in ReactJS using Highcharts

#Map: Europe Stinks

Misaligned maps? High-accuracy data must become time-dependent

The MapScaping #Podcast: Crowd source clean the planet – a #geospatial approach


Video: “How to create 3D DEM”

Video: “#Python #GIS – Raster Calculator / #Map Algebra (GDAL)”

The Dot #Map of American Education

#Map: Burning the Amazonian Rainforest A new US Census Bureau resource for data

Using machine learning and cheap satellite data to design rooftop solar power

#GIS Jokes

How to: Installing Free Maps on your Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Forerunner 945, or MARQ Series watch

7 Top Free Satellite Imagery Sources in 2019

List of OpenStreetMap CartoCSS projects

Farm Shops are ohsome

StreetComplete v13.0 released

Open data production session for resilience against severe Malaria of children 0-5 years organized by MSF

Going back in time with OpenStreetMap France

Planet Launches AI-based platform, Automating Satellite Imagery Analytics

Video: “Resilience Academy as a sustainability solution for urban resilience skills development in Tanzania”

Video: “Open source tool set for geology”

Video: “A digital 3D maquette on country scale with pointclouds, #postgis, 3D tiles and Cesium”

Video: “How open-source software made possible”

2019 U.S. Data Update Now Available for #ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop and Enterprise

The 3D Building Age #Map

Topography of Mars

A list of OSGeo Docker Images

Workshop: Handling rasters in #PostGIS

Workshop #PostgreSQL/#PostGIS for beginners

New cache management controls for Mapbox SDKs

#Map: The major countries of origin of immigrants to Spain