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Mapray JS: An open-source library for interactive high quality 3D globes and maps

New Style for @OpenStreetMap: CyclOSM

@QGIS 3.6 Noosa is released

#Map Breakout

New style: OpenArdenneMap

Building a Pincode Mapper and Routing engine with #Postgis and pgrouting

Sentinel Hub Custom Scripts Contest

“Global positioning system is our best navigation network, but this may change in five years”

#Map: Global Flight Patterns

Visualiza edificios en 3D con @QGIS

Making a #Map of Panama

QGISify: Convert map documents from #ArcGIS to @QGIS

Visualize your attachments in #ArcGIS Online with Arcade

Open Data Response to the Indonesian Flooding

The Latitude & Longitude of Population

Meyers global atlas: shapefiles

#Lidar for Drone Conference – Products and Case Studies

#Map: Understanding China’s Belt & Road Project

Free Satellite Images for the Public Sector available from UK Space Agency

#Map: Britain’s Most Expensive Wrong Turn

#GeoServer 2.14.3 Released

#GPS2K? #GPS Week Rollover April 6th 2019

#GeoTools 20.3 released

Walls of mud: Tailings dam cartograms

What’s new in #ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

NGA Offers Geomagnetic Data Collection Contest

User Types: Flexible Licensing for #ArcGIS Enterprise beginning at 10.7

Geologic units of Ultima Thule mapped

Update to #ArcGIS Enterprise’s product lifecycle.

World #Map of World Religions

RGB-encoded elevation data in MapTiler Cloud

The EU Copyright Directive threatens @OpenStreetMap

#Map: Can We Save the World’s Forests?

#Mapping Urban Transit in Santiago, Chile

Here are some open access geoportals for free spatial data of Africa

GDAL/OGR 2.4.1 is released

Bing Maps Traffic Coloring

#ArcGIS Earth 1.9 Released

#Map: Revoke Article 50

Using Street View to Spot Gentrification

“#Geospatial Is Not #GIS”

Meetup for the @Geoawesomeness Community

The #Geography of European Drug Taking

New API docs

The first #map of asteroid Bennu published

#Mapping on Mars with LiDAR-equipped space drones

Explore all that is new in the latest release of #ArcGIS (Q1 2019)

#Mapping the World’s 7,111 Living Languages

Comments on fields in @PostGIS

How to download free maps to your Garmin Edge 520/705/800/810/820/1000 & Touring

Catching up on Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

A simplified way of creating maps for your Garmin Edge device

Lessons From a Viral #Map

Fiona discussion groups

What’s New with @OpenStreetMap Basemap for #ArcGIS (March 2019)

#Mapping the Midwest Floods

Why is the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Important?

Jobs in Geo – Week 12

#Map Your Customers with @QGIS

What’s new in #ArcGIS Online (March 2019)

#Geospatial a foundational technology for our data-driven future

The Mappyist Hour (@themappyisthour) #Podcast: What’s Going On

Data analytics to shape the future of earth observation

#Mapping the Ganges & Its Pollution

UAS #Lidar – Not a Simple Upgrade from Photogrammetry

Printing Web Maps

@Esri Releases Study Guide for the #ArcGIS Desktop Professional Exam

How to Access Custom Reports & Infographics in #ArcGIS Pro

Illuminated Labels Style in #ArcGIS Pro

OSMTracker v0.7

Generalisation from point data with @PostGIS

Mercury, not Venus, is closest planet to Earth

Juno opens its #GPS traces to aid in @OpenStreetMap #mapping New York City

FOSSGIS 2019: Die Videos

The Woman Who Transformed How We Teach #Geography

Open Data Response to Cyclone Idai

#Map: The Deathscapes of China

Contextual guidance in navigation

Current international borders overlaid on a #map of the world in 250 million years

Beginner’s guide to #Python in #ArcGIS Pro, Part 3: Tutorial

#Map: Who Owns NYC?

Exaggerate your Perspective View in #ArcGIS Pro

@Google Maps AR navigation review: Early users share their experience

The 2019 @Esri DevSummit Plenary Videos

#Map: The Rising Temperatures of Europe

Android Q provides users more control over location data

Kollektives kritisches Kartieren

Canadian Cartographic Association Student #Map Competition Awards

How to make a simple #map app using Ruby on Rails, React and #Leaflet, part 2: frontend

How to make a simple #map app using Ruby on Rails, React and #Leaflet, part 1: backend

OpenCage Geocoder

The New Osmdata Service

A detailed #map of world religions

John Ogilby’s Cartography

Karen Uhlenbeck, Uniter of Geometry and Analysis, Wins Abel Prize

Fiona 1.8.5 released | #Python

@OpenStreetMap shows native lands on the #map

3D Wooden #Maps

#Map: Europe’s Busiest Shipping Routes Revealed

@OpenStreetMap stylesheet statistics

Spatial Interpolation with Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) Method Explained

#Map: Where are the Best Neighborhoods?

A 3D wood carving #map of Kauai

#PostGIS tips: How to get insights from your data

#PostGIS tips: Working with geometry columns and projection systems

#PostGIS tips: Where to get started

GeoIgnite 2019 Issues Call for Speakers

4th @gvSIG festival: Free registration is now open

Surveying & Safety

#Map: Poland is Nowhere

Installing Fiona on Linux Mint

How Archaeologists are Using #GIS to Explore Sounds of the Past

Early access to @Mapbox Vision SDK

#Map: Watersheds of the Continental Divide in the contiguous US

#GeoSpatial Analysis with JavaScript (Turf.js)

#Mapping Global Life Expectancy

Overview: The hundred largest islands of the world

Loading GPX files on @gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Mobile

vscode-map-preview 0.4.6 announced

Making Maps for Yale Law Journal

#Mapping Housing Affordability in D.C.

#Geospatial animations with @QGIS #Atlas

The Second OpenStreetCam Australia and New Zealand Competition announced

#Mapping mountains

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: New geoprocess, Aoristic Clock by grid

Use Living #Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps

NASA budget cut for Earth Science missions, third year in a row

Towards @gvSIG 2.5: New geoprocess, Aoristic Clock

Microsoft Releases 12 million Canadian building footprints as Open Data

#Map: The Record Shops of the World

Discover a little Chicago history with 80 Acre maps

The History of Maps

Indigenous Place Names in Canada #Map

#Mapping Changes in Global Light Pollution

A New Wildlife Surveying Technique: Using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning to Detect and Monitor Elephants

Stop Child Abuse Before it Happens with New Open Source #Geospatial Machine Learning Tools

The Dot #Map of Britain

Researchers inch closer to a clock that could replace #GPS

#Geographic Characteristics of Loneliness in Primary Care

Video: “@QGIS Georeferencer plugin”

Video: “Convert Line feature to Polygon using #ArcGIS”

Video: “#ArcGIS Trick Delete Base#map #map Services Credit”

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Add layer to a #map layout”

Video: “Update @QGIS without uninstalling current version”

Video: “@QGIS Basic #78: Voronoi Polygons”

Video: “How to add topographics contours to Garmin #GPS free”

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Add legend and scalebar to #map layout”

Video: “#ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 for Administrators – Diagnosing System Health”

Video: “Better North arrows in QGIS3”

Video: “#ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 for Managers – System Availability, Usage and Performance”

Video: “@QGIS #Python (PyQGIS) – Export print composer as image and PDF”

#PostGIS 2.5.2, 2.4.7, 2.3.9 Released

#Mapping the Slave Trade

#Map: Most common road suffixes by county

#Mapping Iran-U.S. Tensions in the Middle East