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Trimble launches Access 2020

Introduction to AEC Project Delivery

Defining the Role of #GIS and Needed Skills

These volunteers are filling in missing pieces of the world #map, and helping humanity at the same time

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London is a forest, and this #map explores its trees

How Galileo is enabling the efficient transit of critical goods in EU

iD for OpenStreetMap v2.17.3 released

Upgrading Mapillary for JOSM: Focused Editing with Filters

Mapillary tools

Geodorable (mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 69

Geomob #Podcast – 18. Interview with Giuseppe Sollazzo

GRASS GIS 7.8.3 released

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Foursquare location data reveals foot traffic is increasing across US

LandScan USA ambient population data is free for public use

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Customize your Mapbox style by adding or removing style components

Helping WHO with #mapping in Libya and Chad

Race for the Gold: #Map Games of the Klondike Gold Rush

InfoGation Corporation Sues Google Alleging Patent Infringement over its Maps API

Geometry Drawing with Angular Cesium

#Map: Take a Tree Walk

Synchronized trajectory animations with QGIS temporal controller

#SAGA 7.6.3 released

Low tech / high tech #map updates, Part II

Low tech / high tech #map updates

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#Map: Global Population Mountains

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Mapbox GL JS v1.10.0 released

Vespucci 14.1 and 15.0 outlook

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Antarctica: A brief history in maps, part 2

Antarctica: A brief history in maps, part 1

Check if lat/long is inside a rectangle in MySql

Mapbender Starter v3.0.8.5 released

US County-level unemployment layer updated monthly now in #ArcGIS Living #Atlas

#OpenStreetMap in Practical Use – By UK Government

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Pyrrhotite #map shows US locations where home foundations may crumble

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Ortelius: A Legendary Mapmaker

Count Polygon Overlap in QGIS

FME and the Democratization of Science: Unleashing the Power of Volunteer-Generated Data

Build Interactive #GPS activity maps from GPX files using Folium

First release candidate to final gvSIG 2.5.1 version is now available to be tested

Using QGIS profiles

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Satellite #Mapping of Oceans and Coral Reefs

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Slope Stability Assessment Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

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Resources for COVID-19 from OGC (opengeospatial)

Geomob #Podcast – 15. Interview with Raf Roset

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Rapid Response Microgrants: COVID-19

State Outlines: Blank Maps of the 50 United States

Geomob #Podcast – 14. Interview with Jan-Piet Mens of OwnTracks

Game: Guess the Location

Breaking Down Geocoding in R: A Complete Guide

Lubridate/ggplot date helpers

5 Ways to Use Location Technology in Logistics

Each #map is worth a thousand pictures

‘Beyond SDI’ Round Table

gdal v3.1.0 released

#ArcGIS Pro SDK Sessions Available from Dev Summit 2020

New OpenStreetMap User Accounts

QGIS 3 server via Docker

UCSF Health #Atlas: COVID-19 health data viewed through a local lens

19th-century atlas offers glimpse of North Sea’s fish-rich past

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Maps for frontline health workers

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Submissions Now Open: Women in Geospatial+ Speakers Database

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Creating Landsat timelapse animations with animated text using Earth Engine

OGC (opengeospatial) and W3C invite web developers to a joint workshop series on Maps for the Web

The Facebook Covid-19 Symptoms #Map

GDAL 3.1.0 RC3 available

Maps from Isolation

#Map Talks Online, Past and Future

Creating NetCDF files for Analysis and Visualization in #ArcGIS

New open source #GIS projects for Kubernetes applications

OGC (opengeospatial) and W3C invite web developers to a joint workshop series on Maps for the Web

#GeoTools 23.0 released

#QGIS development on macOS