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GOES-16 weather satellite

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Terrain attribute selection in environmental studies

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Curso de GeoServer

Fun with Japanese Maps

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Aprendiendo SIG con Juego de Tronos (III): Herramientas de navegación

PostGIS 2.2.5 Released

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 563

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A Top 10 List of Useful Geospatial Data Portals

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Helping Chimpanzee Conservation Efforts with Satellite Imagery

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Top 13 maps and charts that explain immigration to the US

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OpenStreetMap Carto v3.1.0 released

Open-source Geoportal Server Security Patch

Pokemon Go trash on OpenStreetMap

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Stroll Through the Story of GIS

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Join the MapAction team in 2017

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Geospatial Analytics When, Where, and How You Need Them

Mapping the Way to Literacy for the Blind

GeoPython 2017

Image Service Widgets for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Deploying Collector for ArcGIS without the Windows Store

Maintenance Patch 1 for Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 released

Understanding Smart Cities: A Geo Perspective

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10 Must Consider Solutions for Working With LiDAR in GIS or UAV Mapping Projects

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Interactive globe: The Global Urban Footprint

Introduction to Raster Foundry

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Maputnik: free visual style editor for maps

PTMap: public transport routes

geOrchestra Spatial Data Infrastructure

Vector tiles from OpenStreetMap and OpenData

SCP Questions of This Month: January

“The Floating Piers” in Google Earth

La nouvelle version de·fr

Mapmaker AND sees requests for geocoding rising after Google changes pricing policy

Amazing GPS doodles that turned workouts into art

OpenStreetMap Buildings

Mapping Tall Buildings in 3D

Esri Basemaps – New and updated content for 17 communities

Parking difficulty on Google Maps

Esri World Imagery Updated with more DigitalGlobe and Community Imagery

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Illinois-centric conformal transverse Mercator projections

Splitting Google Earth Polygons and Paths

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MapGuide Maestro is moving to GitHub

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Creating storm cells out of weather data feeds

Three Examples of Geospatial Innovation in Emergencies

Using GIS to Study Plant Behavior

ArcGIS for Environment and Natural Resources

Abstact Submissions Invited for GIS-Pro 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida

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Using Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery to Estimate Corn Crop Production

Map: The Shortest Route to Fine Dining

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Ride services mode gets an update in Google Maps

Curso de GIS para Android

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Radar layer dropped from Google Earth

Satellite Imagery Aids in Prediction and Prevention of Food Crises

Indian OGC Interoperability Plugfest open to participants

Aprendiendo SIG con Juego de Tronos (II): Tablas de atributos

Video: “QGIS – Join attributes by field”

KML Tutorial

How to use Namara and Mapbox GL

Embedding web maps with ArcGIS Online

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How to use Namara and the Mapbox Dataset editor

VANE Query Language: Intuitive Access to Satellite Imagery

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3DEP Program Benefits

MapboxNavigation.swift open-sourced

GIS Innovation Hub launched in Hyderabad

How “Rewind the Red Planet” was made | #projections

One ArcGIS app to rule them all

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Markets for Geospatial 2017: Part 2, Infrastructure

Map: Find Your Political Antipode

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Alphabet Said in Talks to Sell Skybox Satellite Business

Otimização de desempenho no GeoServer

Radio Garden is map-based website with radio stations across the world

Let Google Earth notify you of KML errors

Latitude and Longitude Finder on Map Get Coordinates

video: “How to create profiles using a DEM with ArcGIS 10.4”

Command-Line Cartography, Part 4

iOS Samples for ArcGIS Runtime now available on the App Store

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What the Maps Miss

Some pictures for your maps with Pic4Carto.js

GeoServer Code Sprint 2017

Blue Marble adds the ability to write Petrel CTL to the Geographic Calculator along with a new GeoCalc Geode…

Video: “Geography & GIS in Disaster Management”

Estonia 2017 shapefile data

WhirlyGlobe-Maply for Windows

Map: Inching Out of Drought

Over 8.5M Square Kilometers of Imagery for Brazil Released on Bing Maps

Bigly Hands Make False Maps

Google Maps will be soon showing parking availability data

World Song Map, A Detailed Poster That Imagines the World Map Made Up of Song Titles

Optimizing GeoServer for performance

Map: From Constantinople to Istanbul

Google Earth Easter Egg

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Direct Editing of a Raster Using The Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin

Don Meltz: “I was a geodesigner before it became a thing”

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Map Distortion with Tissot’s Indicatrix

Start 3D GIS iOS App Development in Objective C Udemy Free Course

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Top 14 maps and charts that explain NATO

ArcGIS Pro Tips: Scale-Based Symbol Sizing

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Android: Offline Map using osmdroid

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Uber hires former Google’s head of search to lead its maps division