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Video: “Calculate NDVI from Landsat Imagery in ArcMap”

New Geocoding Locators for StreetMap Premium

When AI Goes Wrong in Spatial Reasoning

4 Tips for Making Recreation Maps with #ArcGIS Maps for @Adobe Creative Cloud

#ArcGIS Online Implementation Guide

Zürich 3D-Dachmodell (LOD2)

LiveJOSM: a Debian operating system with preinstalled JOSM

GDAL 2.4.0 released

Explore Maps and Scenes with the Compare Configurable App

The Times Comprehensive #Atlas of the World, 15th Edition

#Map: Where Sharks Attack

Understand the Refugee Crisis using Link Analysis

What’s new in @Esri Vector Basemaps (December 2018)

Mark Reichardt receives special edition of OGC Gardels Award

#Map: Exploring the Life of Maimonides

The Racial Dot #Map of #Australia

Portal for #ArcGIS Critical Security Patch – Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

The Survival of The Ordnance Survey

What’s New in #ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.10

U.S. 2013, 2014 Demographic Maps to be Retired

Know what businesses are nearby – Bing Maps Local Search API

#Map: US Average Life Expectancy

The 2019 YouthMappers Leadership Fellows

GDAL/OGR 2.3.3 released

Video: “Customize @Google Maps Symbolization and Download it As Single Mosaicked Georeferenced PNG Raster”

Video: “Creating Curvature by #ArcGIS”

Video: “Create TIN, DEM and Slope from Contour Line by #ArcGIS”

Video: “PyQGIS – Loop through fields in a vector layer”

Video: “How to Clip DEM by #ArcGIS”

Video: “#ArcGIS Online: Administration Basics”

Video: “Rename field in attribute table #ArcGIS”

Video: “Print Layout in @QGIS 3”

Video: “PyQGIS – Add and remove fields from a vector layer”

Video: “PyQGIS – Loading and symbolizing vector layers”

Video: “How to extract @Google Maps Annotation to #ArcGIS”

Mercator Extreme

@Google Earth Studio: an animation tool for Google Earth’s satellite and 3D imagery

Mark Reichardt Receives Special Edition of OGC Gardels Award

ImproveOSM plugin for JOSM – new features

FME 2019 Sneak Peek: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

#PostGIS normalize_geometry

Video: “Hamish Campbell: Who actually uses #geospatial data?”

Video: “Anne Harper: The future of open data”

Video: “Alyssa Wright: What are your open geo salary requirements?”

Video: “Mats Henrikson: TerriaJS: An open-source framework for 3D #geospatial data”

Video: “Angus MacAulay: When data can’t be open”

Video: “Alex Leith: The Open Data Cube in a Box”

Video: “Brad Hards: GeoPackage and the Related Tables Extension”

Video: “Mila Frerichs: How to create a fast and cost effective serverless #geospatial analysis pipeline with AWS Lambda”

Video: “David Cooley: State of the a-R-t – Advances in #mapping in R”

Video: “Luca Morandini: pgFaaS: Geo-Processing made simple with Serverless technology”

Video: “Anton van Wyk: UAV Change detection using FME and @QGIS”

Video: “Daniel Kastl: Dotloom – Next Generation Point-cloud Platform”

Video: “Tom Lynch: Dr. Strangedata or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the_geom”

Video: “Daniel Silk: 10 Things I’ve Learnt About #PostGIS”

Video: “Rowan Winsemius: Is the turf(js) greener on the other side?”

Video: “Michael Sumner: Meshes are needed for #geospatial work”

Video: “Emma Hain: Our journey adopting @QGIS in a corporate environment”

Video: “Ed Haverkamp: The Road Less Travelled: A corporation’s journey to an open source geospatial platform”

Video: “Rohan Fisher: Free satellite imagery and DEM analyses enabling NRM in the developing world”

Video: “Nathan Woodrow: The evolution of a homegrown @QGIS developer”

Video: “Cameron Poole: #Geospatial on a shoestring – my experiences in Native Title”

Video: “Megan Davidson: Laying the Foundations for a National Building Outlines Dataset”

Video: “Keith Moss: #Mapping the Census with #PostGIS, #Python, and a whole lot of stubbornness”

Video: “Peggy Newman: Open Source Spatial Tools for Biodiversity and Environmental Data”

Video: “Michael Nunan: Tupaia – Health resource #mapping in Asia-Pacific”

Video: “Neal Johnston: GeoBI: A data visualisation platform using D3, #leaflet, #Geoserver, PostGres and php”

Video: “Nyall Dawson: @QGIS for Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualisation”

Video: “Angus Scown: Choosing Tegola to create vector tiles”

Video: “FOSS4G Oceania Panel Session: Human Evolution, Ethics and Open Source #Mapping”

Video: “Hannah Dormido: @QGIS Sorceress in Training: A QGIS User’s Story”

Video: “Hirini Tane: Māori Maps: layering of people and place”

Video: “Tim-Hinnerk Heuer: WMS-V – Video #Map Tiles for the 3rd or 4th Dimension”

Video: “Paul Ramsey: Why we code”

Video: “Nimalika Fernando: Using open source #mapping tools to understand indoor navigation routes suitable for vision impaired users”

Video: “Edoardo Neerhut: Australia to Vanuatu: A visual exploration of the #mapping challenges in Asia…”

Video: “Jane Elith: Using spatial data to model biodiversity”

Video: “Callum Lynch: Establishing a Serverless Dynamic Tile Generation Workflow”

Video: “Andrew Harvey: BeyondTracks: an @OpenStreetMap case study”

Video: “Kate Crawford: Moving Through Country: A Community Based Project to Map and Share Indigenous Cultural “

Video: “Steve Bennett: Raster tiles to vector tiles: how to cross the gulf”

A #map with impact.

The British Cartographic Society #Map Awards

Video: “How to visualize @Google Sheets data in @Google Maps”

Video: “Adding @Google Maps places to Garmin GPS”

Video: “Remove the Black Border background of Landsat Image in #ArcGIS”

Video: “Learn #ArcGIS and @QGIS Simultaneously – Part 5”

Video: “Learn #ArcGIS and @QGIS Simultaneously – Part 4”

Video: “Automatic #Map Digitization (Vectorization) using #ArcGIS (Arc#Map) || Raster to Vector”

Video: “@QGIS Plugin – QVisualize”

Video: “New Tools for Automating Crime & Calls for Service―Geocoding & Layer Publishing in #ArcGIS”

Download Open Census Data

NACIS 2018 Presentations

Even these Terrible Maps can teach us something

#Map: The Place-Names of America

Video: “@Qgis – Use “IF” Statement In @QGIS To Replace Add Values In Field Of Attribute Table”

Video: “How Can #GIS Turn Data Into Meaningful Insights”

#Map: Where’s the Plaque?

@QGIS package for macOS Crowdfunding Campaign

Video: “Modify @Google Maps Vector Tiles and Open it in @QGIS”

Interactive #map with Svg.js and Vue

Video: “Release a @QGIS Plugin”

Video: “An Introduction to #3D on the Web with the #ArcGIS API for #JavaScript”

Video: “Creating a TIN from Raster data #ArcGIS”

Video: “Use of satellite data in integrated agrometadvisory and hazard related services”

Become a Presenter at Blue Marble’s 2019 Virtual User Conference

Share a #map for data collection in Collector

Manage project sites in 3D with Site Scan

First Lockheed Martin-Built GPS III Satellite Encapsulated for Dec. 18 Launch

Make your Dashboard for #ArcGIS more Dynamic using URL Parameters

A tale of two site planning strategies: Dunkin’ Donuts versus Starbucks

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

Navigating Web #Mapping with #Leaflet

The Euler Spiral #Map Projection

How to share Social Media on your ArcGIS Hub Sites

@Google Fusion Tables to Shut Down Next Year

#Map: Where You Should Worry About Earthquakes

#Mapping American Community Survey (ACS) Data Just Got Easier

#PostGIS Tutorial Data

Help #Mapthedifference and pay it forward: Fundraising for HOTOSM

Blending Hillshade & Imagery in the Browser

GRASS GIS 7.4.3 released

#Map: Where is the News?

#Map: The World’s Population Pyramids

Michael Gurley: “When I ‘discovered’ the geopackage, I was an immediate convert”

Finding Data on #ArcGIS Hub Open Data Portal

Blue Marble Releases #Geographic Calculator 2019 with Updated Geodetic Datasource and Numerous Workflow Improvements

The #map search experience: Pins vs Clusters

PostGIS 2.5.1 Bundle for Windows released

The Queensland Bushfires from Space

Vespucci 12.0 BETA Highlights

@OpenStreetMap for Interior #Mapping

Speech2JOSM: Control the Java OpenStreetMap editor by your voice

New OpenRouteService API playground

Humanitarian @OpenStreetMap Team Microgrants Progress

@OpenStreetMap Welcome Mat

“Learn #ArcGIS” December Release

Perfect #mapping books for geographers

Fact-Check Climate Change Where You Live with #ArcGIS Pro

#Map shows homicide hotspots in medieval London

Map: United States of Wonder

#Mapping the Restrictions of African American Lives

#Map: The Most Sung About Locations

What’s New in Esri Scene Viewer (December 2018)

Getting Started with OpenStreetCam

Great Gifts for #Geospatial Pros

Career Opportunities at @Esri

Video: “Sharing #Geospatial Information for Humanitarian Response”

Video: “Point clouds and Erdas Imagine 2018: Point cloud merging and volumetric calculations”

Video: “Viewshed Analysis #ArcGIS Tutorial”

Top 100 #Geospatial companies from 2016 – where are they now? Part 1/3

What’s New in Web AppBuilder for #ArcGIS (December 2018)

What’s New in @Esri Demographics (December 2018)