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Cheers to Street View’s 10th birthday

Mount Everest 3D DEM – real time orbit view

New Release of MapStore with Cesium Integration

Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Imagery

Guido Stein: “Spatial is now a first-class citizen in most databases”

Video: “Extending Imagery to the Cloud for Infinitely Scalable Raster Analytics”

Video: “Calculating NDVI using Erdas Imagine”

Ongoing Sri Lanka flooding visible in Sentinel-2 imagery

Video: “ArcGIS Online: Managing Data”

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Field Calculator – Retrieve first 2 or 3 or last 2 or 3 characters of a string”

OSGeo Website and Branding Update

Melting ice and satellites: how to measure the Earth’s ‘wiggle’

Video: “ASTER L1T TIR Atmospheric Corrections Emissivity and Brightness Temperatures”

A legend in Leaflet

What’s in the OSGeo-Live 11.0 reboot?

Video: “Organizing & Sharing Geospatial Information”

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Field Calculator – Set string field values to UPPER, lower or CamelCase”

Map: World Population Trends

Map: How Students Travel

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Field Calculator – Split String – get First or Second value of splitted string”

Introduction to QGIS Time Manager

Video: “GIS Fundamentals and Mapping: Introduction to Scale”

The Canton, Texas Tornados with Sentinel-2 imagery

Processing geospatial data with QGIS

Painting a picture with pictorial mapping

Map: Europe’s Population Mountains

Video: “The Importance of Data: Fusing Augmented Reality with GIS”

Getting Ready for the Big One

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Field Calculator – Replace string in a column”

FAA Online Map system and UAS Facility Maps for Airports

A mapping toolbox for journalists: 10+ tools worth checking out

Galileo GNSS adoption is growing. When will you have it in your smartphone?

Video: “What is a Web GIS”

Video: “GPS Concepts, Mobile Mapping and Application in Urban Utility mapping”

Video: “QGIS: Connect to PostGIS database”

Video: “Practical Guide to Building 3D Web Apps with ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Video: “Calculating Stream Network Numbers using ArcGIS”

Towards gvSIG 2.4: Emoji symbol library

Polar Orbit vs Sun Synchronous Orbit

Video: “Remote Sensing in Geology and Geomorphology”

Vintage Maps of Toronto

Video: “How to delete NULL geometries from a shapefile to make the MMQGIS plugin work”

Sub-surface Mapping

2017 Terrorist Attacks interactive map

Don’t Think the U.S. is an Immigrant Nation? Look at These Maps

NOAA predicts above normal hurricane season

Video: “The importance of Geo-information for Natural Resources Management”

What’s New In ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365

Dutch Start-Up Launches Next Generation Mapping Drone

Live Satellite Images of the Earth

Kyiv — digital terrain model

Osservare il cambiamento di una città grazie alla cartografia: il caso di Palermo

Validation Scoop: Inconsistent edits observed in OpenStreetMap

“No one owns public space and no one should own how to navigate it”

An OpenStreetMap Planet file with preprocessed lines/polygons

Edits in OpenStreetMap from StreetComplete

OpenStreetMap Layers on HDX

5,600,000 map edits to Eliminate Malaria

Mapping skills for disabled communities: Paving the road to inclusive disaster management

Video: “Esri ArcGIS: WRF AirTemp (2 meter) NetCDF to raster”

A massive iceberg slowly forming – Larsen-C

Almost undangerous

Video: “Adobe Illustrator for Cartographers: Resizing the Artboard”

Video: “Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for ArcGIS”

Geobusiness 2017

Video: “QGIS – A Community-powered GIS Project (Anita Graser)”

Video: “Spatial Analyst in ArcGIS | Raster Data”

Where to Find GIS Data for Historical Country Boundaries

Video: “Mapping XY tabular data with ArcGIS”

Woodcut Bathymetry Map

Seasons change

Video: “AutoFields for QGIS, geometric properties”

Choosing which Story Mapping Platform to Use

Medieval Map Wizards

Historical Maps: Trolleybus and Tram Diagrams of Kaliningrad, USSR, 1990

Map: Executive Travel

Video: “Accessing Your Enterprise Geodatabase using SQL”

Placemark popups in the new Google Earth

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Dissolve polygon layer to identify slivers or gaps between polygons”

Add a video to your alpaca.travelmap

The Interactive Map of Unobtrusive Design

What’s Coming in the Esri Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps

Video: “Raster Calculator in ArcGIS 10.3”

Desativar a interface administrativa do GeoServer

How to Make an Interactive Story Map Using Leaflet and Non-Geographical Images

Video: “Add Image to Google Earth Placemark”

Carto-cam, the map designer’s quality-assurance tool

Silicon Valley Map (1982)

How to create pure react SVG maps with topojson and d3-geo

Exhibitions in the American Northeast

mapguide-react-layout 0.9 announced

Video: “Concept of Base Map and Cadastral Mapping”

Map: Tsunami Travel Times

Map: The Geography of Hip-Hop

Video: “How to animate geographic data through time using ArcGIS 10”

Library of Congress Maps

RQGIS release 1.0.0

Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park

How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything

Early prototype of the unified add layers button and dialog for QGIS

New decoration type for showing composer map extents by nyalldawson in QGIS

GeoDa-Web: A CyberGIS Platform

CARTO: Colegios incluidos dentro del tiempo de respuesta de bomberos

Global Barometric Variation – Annual Maps and Monthly Raw Data

Citylines: Interactive map of the #London underground and overground

Bill Loy Award for Excellence in Cartography

The importance of geographic name standardization

Map of Theaters Near You

Interactive Map of the Battle of Gettysburg

Video: “Intro orientation to ArcGIS”

The Kurbu-Tash and Ayu landslides in Kyrgyzstan in Google Earth

McFinney FARMapper 1.3 released

Video of the “Geostatistics: R integration in gvSIG” webinar

The Primer for Using Maps Effectively

Video: “The Underutilization Of GIS And How To Cure It”

Read this to know if you need to register your drone with FAA

A Taste of GIS

Video: “Digitizing a Feature in QGIS”

GSA report maps out trends in GNSS market

Creating artworks from marine surveys

These Amazing Maps Show How Kids See Their Place in the World

GIS-Pro 2017 Conference Details Announced

Using the Map Gallery to Encourage Cartography as Art

Get your users where they need to go on any platform with Google Maps URLs

Visual Crossing Unveils Maps for Microsoft Excel

Evolution of Mobile Mapping

Excusas para no incorporar el Software Libre en tu organización

Esri Vector Basemaps Available in GCS WGS84 (Beta)

Creating a predominance visualization with Arcade

Calibration Targets Around the World in Google Earth

Video: “Building Classes Using Accessor and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

The Future of Location Intelligence

Map: Who Owns England?

Upcoming QGIS3 features – exploring the current developer version

Google Maps can be your travel guide this summer

Papercraft Mountains

Maps and Mappers of the 2017 @GeoHipster Calendar – Johann Dugge and Juernjakob Dugge

Learning gvSIG in 30 minutes

Video: “ArcGIS: Creating Point Density”

Digitally Augmented Geographies

NASA released a ton of software for free and here’s some you should try

The new Oxford wall maps of Australia

QGIS Road Map

Video: “Yearly Arctic Sea Ice Age: 1984-2016”

Add a new stop between exisiting points in

Washington Metro: Map vs. Geographic Scale

Video: “QGIS Multi-action”

New Mapping Software from Pix4D

Video: “Assessing Boreal Forest Burn Severity using UAS-based Photogrammetric Mapping”

Detecting Spatial Patterns in Drug Abuse With GIS

Geo-referenced 3D model of Zurich city created by crowdsourced photogrammetry ‘lite’

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 570

NAIP 2016 Image Layer is Now Available in ArcGIS Online

Fires map: wildfire satellite operative monitoring

How to start with “VANE language” API – MODIS example