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What is Indoor #Mapping?


The Mappyist Hour (@themappyisthour) #Podcast: Episode 24 – The Key to Geolife is Keep Showing up

#UK #Geospatial Commission to create digital #map of underground utility assets

Tracker for #ArcGIS update

Free Ways to Learn @QGIS

#Mapping White Return in the USA

OGC (@opengeospatial) invites developers to participate in the CityGML Hackathon

Maps and Mappers of the 2019 @GeoHipster calendar: Team Bright Rain, April

These maps could point the way to stopping malaria

The 2019 Spanish Election #Map

Mergin @QGIS plugin

List of Open #Geospatial Data Portals from Recent #GIS MOOC Discussions

Coordinates #Maps and Art Exhibit Opens at Stanford’s David Rumsey #Map Center

Five US Departments of Transportation Upload 270,000 Miles of Road Data to Mapillary to Understand Road Safety

#Mapping the globe in 3D with AR

@OpenStreetMap 15th Anniversary Birthday party

@OpenStreetMap Awards 2019 Call for Nominees is open

#Map: No Planes Over #Pakistan

45 Amazing World Maps

@Esri Announces Student Rate for Annual International User Conference

#Map: Wicked Weather & Deadly Disasters

#Map: Brussels – City of the World

153 submissions for SotM 2019

The Geographical Imaginations #Podcast: Episode Fifty Two Amateur/Donkey/Expedition

#Map: Germany’s Red Belt Area

The @MapScaping #Podcast: Augmented reality will change the way you think about #geospatial

Designing the Toronto Subway Scheme

Relief #Map Viewer

Exaggerated Relief Maps

Visualizing change with dot density in ArcGIS API for JavaScript

@Google Earth’s impressive Timelapse feature now available on mobile devices

Monitor Coral Bleaching Around the World in Real-Time

Playing with maps

Movement data in #GIS #21: new interactive notebook to get started with MovingPandas

Jobs in Geo – Week 17

#Map: Where the Subway Limits New Yorkers With Disabilities

Using MapTiler maps inside Qt

Free interactive viewable data layers now available on Promap v2

Bring Colors From Your #Map Into Your Pop-up Using Arcade in #ArcGIS Online

#Map: How Global Warming Has Warmed Your Home

A new @gvSIG Mobile version is now available

Mapmaking in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

#Map: The 2019 Spanish Election

New layer types and capability in I3S in #ArcGIS

The Russians Are Spoofing GPS and other GNSS signals

#Map: Inequality in Australia

Discovery 2019: The Location Intelligence Summit announced

#Map: Death on the Roads

Create Watersheds and Trace Downstream at No Charge in #ArcGIS Online

Using Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs) for More Efficient Web App Architecture

#Mapping China Tech Giants

Past to Present: The evolution of #GIS + Dropbox = #Map Save & Share

Routes: Bike (a New Way) to Work

New features in Framer X #mapping package

Download 2018 NAIP Imagery

#Map: World Press Freedom 2019

This Penn professor’s #geospatial tool predicts where child maltreatment will happen

GeoPandas 0.5.0 released

#Map: Afghanistan is the most depressed country on Earth

See the Road Ahead with Traffic Camera Images on Bing Maps

New open location data services for Europe

Smart Choices for Basemaps and Color Ramps When #Mapping Demographic Data

Making 3 Easy Maps With #Python

Surface buffer

China adds new BeiDou satellite to its network to rival #GPS

What happens when a big business tries to take over and rename a neighborhood

The Ukraine Presidential Election #Map

Towards accelerating disaster response with automated analysis of overhead imagery

@OpenStreetMap MapXtract

Extracting geodata from @OpenStreetMap with Osmfilter

Create figure-ground posters online

What’s new in #ArcMap 10.7?

@OpenStreetMap History Database version 0.5 released

Multispectral #Lidar Used to Automatically Classify Land/Water

The Language of Story Maps

@OpenStreetMap Notes #Map

Better city bike maps are made by volunteers

Dutch Election #Map

Geodorable (@mygeodorable) #Podcast Episode 57

Download 30-Meter SRTM Data Easily

Understanding @OpenStreetMap data and querying to get information about a place

Planet @OpenStreetMap Tiles, GeoData and OpenData Maps

#Map: Where Germans Drive Fastest

Interactive #Map: European Gerrymandering

British Empire maps of Africa added online

Mapping the French cultural asset

#Paris: Satellite Images of Notre Dame Cathedral

Scripting in Insights for #ArcGIS

MapRoulette 3.3 is out

#Mapping Urban Heat Islands

Humanitarian #mapping training in the Caribbean

Visualising Streaming #Geospatial Data

@QGIS on the road in #Switzerland

Openlayers v6.0.0-beta.6 released

#Map: All the Lands & Kingdoms in the Whole World

@Esri Environment Maps to be Retired

How Leonardo da Vinci made a detailed #map in 1502

ICESat-2 Laser Scanning Satellite Needs Your Data

Demystifying how editing works in #ArcGIS Pro

Migrate to a new machine in #ArcGIS Enterprise using the WebGIS DR tool

Building a recommendation system for Site Planning

Survey of #India GeoHub

Selective Hillshading

GeoJSON in Power BI

Manage multiple #ArcGIS accounts via linking

Jobs in Geo – Week 16

The @MapScaping #Podcast: Data discovery – the way it should be

Academic parochialism in schematic #mapping

Notre Dame Cathedral was 3D Laser Scanned in 2005

Retiring Esri’s Original Landsat GLS Services

@Microsoft Garage Project Maps SDK Brings 3D Maps to Mixed Reality

#Map: Plastic Polluted River & Oceans

Visualizing growth with dot density

CWU Sustainability #Map

Google’s Sensorvault Can Tell Police Where You’ve Been

Explore 400 Years of Maps in @Google Earth

The New World #Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness

MapScaping: New #Geospatial #Podcast

#ArcGIS Online TLS 1.2 Only Enforcement In-Place Now

Collector for #ArcGIS beta updates

Tilt Shift Maps

How to Make this Migration Map…and Why

Raster Vision 0.9 Release

The @MapScaping #Podcast: Powering location intelligence with geo social data

The @MapScaping #Podcast: How freelance mappers create maps for machines

#Map: Why Are We Dying Younger?

#Geospatial World Forum 2019

@myGeodorable Podcast Episode 56

Howto: Install #Python for #geospatial applications

Design your own Game of Thrones-inspired #map

Denise McKenzie: “I love the challenge of making open geo standards hip”

#Geospatial podcasts you should be listening to

Compare @Google Maps, @OpenStreetMap, @Bing Maps, @Here Maps

Preview of new Openrouteservice Client for Web and Mobile

Your first steps with JOSM – the Java @OpenStreetMap editor

An approach to field data collection in Kathmandu

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Summit 2019 Call for Proposals

Where is the Central Meridian?

#GPS Declassified – From Smart Bombs to Smart Phones

@OpenStreetMap US Board Election Results

Leonardo da Vinci’s #Map of Imola

Building the @FOSS4G 2019 Program

WhirlyGlobe-Maply 3.0 Status Report #3

Eight New Communities Selected for 2019 Humanitarian @OpenStreetMap Team Microgrants

The Complete Guide to European Rail #Maps & #Atlasses

Maps as Truths: How the Next Generation of Internet Users Navigates the Unknown

Point Clouds for Water Conservation

OGC (@opengeospatial) Requests Information on Earth Observation Big Data Architecture

Video: “Value of #GIS Before, During, and After Hurricane Florence”

Video: “Redistricting software a new generation of #geospatial tools”

Video: “Navigating the #Geospatial Open Source Software Landscape”

Video: “Metadata cookbook”

Video: “Site Rejection and Selection Using #GIS to Support Land Development Decisions”

Video: “Use of #Python Scripts to Compare and Contrast Photo Images”