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Video: “Generate contour lines from raster DEM terrain grid in Global Mapper”

Exploring privacy in location-based services

The Rise of African Mapping Technologies

A Refugee Camp Mapped by Refugees

WorldDEM4Ortho: Now available in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World webinar recording now available

PyWPS finished the OSGeo incubation process

Map: These 104 countries restrict women’s right to work

Creating a GeoSpatial web app using Docker, Django, and PostGIS

Mapbox ❤️ Foursquare: Over 100 million places on the map

Mapbox +

Geospatial Reference Videos

Map: Swiss Hiking Trails in 3D is available now – free and open

History of OpenStreetMap in Ireland

Video: “DEM to Contour using Erdas Imagine”

The Interactive Mao Kun Map

How to Special Color Palettes in GIS.XL

Esri is introducing ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta with improved BIM and Revit features

Achievement Unlocked – Nearly 200 million images into a national land cover map in about 10 minutes

Trajectory of Geospatial Open Source Innovation Discussed at FOSS4G NA

Tempus: a C++ framework which offers generic graph manipulation abilities in order to develop multimodal path planning requests.

The OSMF Face-to-Face Board Meeting 2018

Hex Pop Maps

RADARSAT Data and Mosaics

Map: The UK Population Born Overseas

Map: Animating 40 years of California Earthquakes

PostGIS 2.5.0alpha released

Mapbox upgrades its SDK for Unity to rival Google’s location-based gamification

Video: “App Design and CSS Styling with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4”

Map: Where Disasters Happen

Lightning map || Afraid of lightning? Go to Antarctica – or Egypt

Video: “Global mapper exporting data to Excel”

The Berlin Building Age Map

Video: “Real-time GIS: Mapping and Analytics”

Vintage Maps of Mount Everest From National Geographic Archives

Video: “Customizing the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Widgets”

An update on the World Bank’s Spatial Agent

The State of the Map 2018 program is out

Video: “Landsat in Action – Infrastructure of Landsat Data with Matt Hansen”

Video: “Create LAS dataset easily using ArcGIS Clear Explanations”

OpenStreetMap US new camera lending program

Making lots of new data for the community: Mapillary

Video: “Esri ArcGIS : Zonal Statistics || How to Extract Elevation using DEM and Boundary Shp File”

Repeal the 8th Referendum Results Maps

Video: “Building Geoprocessing Tools with Python: Beyond the Basics”

Video: “Writing Image Processing Algorithms Using the Python Raster Function”

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 595

Fun facts about creating an interactive 3D hiking map

OSMF Data Working Group blocking statistics

Rasterio 1.0b1 released

HD vector maps open standard

Mapping Global Fresh Water Availability

FOSS4G-FR 2018: the cheese edition

From Doodle to Digital: Extracting Features from Hand Drawn Maps

The Virtual Globes Museum

Plastic Brick Oceans

The Red Atlas

QGIS Tips & Tricks: Vector Tiles Reader plugin for QGIS 3

How to filter features in QGIS using the graphical processing modeler

ProjFinder: Find my projection


GPX Remove Nearby Points

An Eruption through Several Spectrums

The power of OpenStreetMap

Enhanced Security for Bing Maps API Keys

Spy Satellites Spy Shrinking Rain Forest

Map: China’s Great Sea Grab

Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects

A review of FOSS4GNA 2018

This map shows which countries censor the Internet today

Esri Adds Vector Tile Style Editor to ArcGIS

Esri Publishes Crime Analysis Tutorial

Video: “Sketching with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Video: “Building Apps with Leaflet and the Esri Leaflet Project”

Video: “Advanced 3D Features in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Map: Travel Time Quantiles

Map: Breweries of the World

High Precision GNSS App

Mapas colaborativos en tiempo real con RTCMapping de GeoWE

This interactive tube map shows which bits are actually underground

Explore GeoTIFFs like Landsat 8 scenes with COG-Explorer in the browser

Sentinel-2 Product Density Maps

Video: “ArcGIS Online: Managing Data”

Real-Time Arrival Predictions Now in Swiftly Live Map

What’s New in CityEngine 2018.0

CARTO VL – Vector Technology for Location Intelligence

Mapping the History of the World

Watercolor Style for ArcGIS Pro

The New York Subway Rental Map

Boundless Offline Tile Server

Inaccurate Maps of the Ebola Virus Outbreak

SHP files

Video: “Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Advanced Development Tools and Techniques”

Spatial-Subset-Query-Tool: Python plugin for QGIS, Make a spatial query that selects a subset from a dataset based on the intersection with a polygon from an other dataset.

ArcGIS2qgs: Translate an Arcgis .mxd projectfile to a QGIS .qgs project file.

QGIS Tutorial

Publishing Point Cloud Scene Layers in ArcGIS Pro 2.1

Sharing and Collaboration across ArcGIS Online Organizations

Accessible Maps on the Web

Video: “ArcGIS API 4.x for JavaScript: Programming Patterns and API Fundamentals”

Boats and Maps

New QGIS and 3D visualisation

Video: “ArcGIS Online: Core Concepts for Developers”

Video: “Integrating ArcGIS with 3rd Party Services”

Video: “Administering Your Enterprise Geodatabase Using Python”

Gather – the social startup that is using geospatial data and data science to get toilets to people who need them

Video: “Vector and Raster Multiprocessing with ArcPy”

Abraham Ortelius as Google Doodle

JOSM available in Korean

openstreetmap-tile-server: Docker file for a minimal effort OpenStreetMap tile server

United Kingdom Relative Deformation Map

MapOSMatic: a free software web service that allows you to generate maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data.

Download OpenStreetMap extracts

FOSS4G-Europe 2018

Routing for Accessibility – new Project with City of Heidelberg

Working with OpenLayers 4 | Part 3— Setting customised markers and images on the map

New High Resolution DEM of Antarctica Available for Downloading

Video: “Creating Geoprocessing Services with Python Script Tools”

Map: 101 Mass Shootings in 2018

Satellite Line-of-Sight Intersection with Earth

Video: “3D GIS for Improved Event Response”

A map painter’s guide to label placement

Video: “Using the File Geodatabase API”

Rendering non-default language in OSM-Carto standard map

Video: “ArcGIS Runtime: Everything You Wanted to Know About the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs but Were Afraid to Ask”

Mobile Applications Take GIS to the Field

Teaching refugees to map their world

Esri CityEngine 2018 Available

Scalable spatial vector data processing

Mapbox Satellite for Machine Learning

Video: “ArcGIS Points Grid”

Revisiting the 1968 D.C. Riots with maps

Map: The Plastic Polluted Pacific Ocean

Mapbox turn-by-turn voice guidance upgraded to Amazon Polly

New PyQGIS documentation

R Notebooks: A New Paradigm for Geospatial Data Science

Flynex maps real-time drone flight data

Growing the OpenAerialMap community

Can You Guess the City?

MAPPS is Transforming

A Gang of Hungarian Map Thieves on Trial in France

Video: “Accessing Your Enterprise Geodatabase Using SQL”


Video: “Style Maps in Illustrator Using ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud”

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF Birds of a Feather

Design custom basemaps with the new ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

Seeking a high-speed, low-drag Global GIS dataset…


Video: “ArcGIS Runtime: Building 3D Applications”

Data visualization techniques to tighten up your supply chain

Designing maps for navigation

National Geographic Teases Its Map Archive on Social Media

Coding a QgsLocator (Plugin) for QGIS

Demo: Real Time Public Transit Routing in Portland

3D Laser printing maps in Glowforge