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Community Health #Mapping

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In Latin America, Using Crowd-Sourced Maps to Improve the Lives of Women

How the Geochicas are using crowdsourced maps to improve the lives of women in Latin America

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How Satellites Are Changing the Way We Track Pollution on the Ground

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PyQGIS 101: Writing a Processing script

GIS company Esri went offshore to avoid a pittance in African taxes

Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index

Galileo constellation outage

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You thought OpenStreetMap data uses the WGS84 datum? No it doesn’t

WorldPop: World population data to create maps

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A Series of Maps Reveals the Difference in How Cities are Perceived by Tourists and Locals

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Video: “Automatic Masking of Sentinel 2 Imagery Using ESA SNAP”

Video: “#Python #GIS – Copy a Raster (GDAL)”

Galileo sat-nav system experiences service outage

Esri and the Jane Goodall Institute partner to provide community #mapping tools to protect nature

Esri’s Community Maps Program Updates Content for 128 Communities

Ghanaian YouthMappers and the BRECcIA Experience

Using common #GIS data types in #ArcGIS Pro

Cesium launches with $5 million investment

#PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2019 – open for registration and training, cfp closes soon

Creating a choropleth #map using GeoPandas and financial data

Video: “Multiband vs. Single-band Rasters”

#Map: Extrajudicial Executions in the Punjab

Changes to the National Land Cover Database

#ArcGIS Pro keyboard shortcuts: the official list

The #Geography of American Art

#ArcGIS Earth Mobile Beta – A little bit more (July 2019)

Ordnance Survey Maps for iPhone Review

Dataset Smart Search: a new way to explore open data with #ArcGIS Hub

Reduced pricing for MPSuperShape and MPExporter

#Map: United States Climate Stripes

Code snippets for #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Video: “Field surveys with QGIS, Mergin and Input”

The Atlas of Moons

The ESRI UC then and now

The Half-Earth Map: Inspiring action with data and design

A review of the Humanitarian Data Exchange

California, an island? Meet cartography’s most persistent mistake

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Five QGIS network analysis toolboxes for routing and isochrones

ReactJs-Google maps with custom marker

The Film #Map of the World

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State of the #Map 2019 program and call for posters

Print reports from #ArcGIS Enterprise web apps

Gini Coefficient and #GIS: #Mapping Income Disparities

#ArcGIS Online Security Advancement

#Mapping Historical Sea Ice Extent

#Map: Antarctica without ice

#Mapping Diversity in the USA

NASA Maps Surface Changes from California Quakes

MapSCII: World map renderer for your console

Talking Maps

#Map: The Integrated European Energy Network

GDAL/OGR 3.0.1 Released

GDAL/OGR 2.4.2 Released

#Map: The Arctic ocean floor

Sydney on the #Map

Dynamic Aggregate Points within Polygon Features for Exploratory Analysis

Severe heat wave across Europe has set maps on fire

#Map: Where Overseas Students Study

3D Laser Scanning Can Create Value in Metrology

#Map: Who Owns London?

Esri rapid data collection mobile app, #ArcGIS QuickCapture, is now available.

The History of the Netherlands in 100 Old Maps

Which Esri Javascript API Version to Use – 3.x vs 4.x

#Map: Historic Sea Ice Extents

What’s new with Scene Layers (#ArcGIS Pro 2.4)

What’s New with Insights for #ArcGIS (June 2019)

WMS and WCS Support for GeoTrellis and Raster Foundry

Using zoom-driven styling to animate the Stranger Things inspired #map

A FOSS4G travel support crowdfunding for Laura Mugeha (laura_mugeha)

R Notebooks in #ArcGIS Pro for Spatial Data Science

#Map: Per capita alcohol consumption, 2008

Doing more with Euclidean Distance: Barriers and Paths in #ArcGIS

New #ArcGIS StoryMaps version released

xkcd: Coordinate Precision

#ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Security Update Patch is available

New Live Feeds Weather Data Goes Live

#Mapping Memory: An Exhibition of 16th-Century Indigenous Maps

Eye-Dome Lighting Enhanced Point Cloud Rendering in #ArcGIS Pro

New Exhibition of Wartime #Mapping Activities at Hughenden

#Map: Germany in Black and White

Jobs in Geo – Week 27

The MapScaping #Podcast: Creating Global Activity Specific Maps

Transform Dynamically Aggregated Time Series Results into Polygons in #ArcGIS

New Spatial Data Science Video Research Guides


Open Brewery #Map

GeoCalc SDK 7.5 Released

What’s New in #ArcGIS API for JavaScript (July, 2019)

#ArcGIS Business Analyst and SafeGraph POI Data

An OpenStreetmap Emergency #Map

Peer reviewed paper on gender differences in OpenStreetMap editing now available online

TravelTime platform releases isochrone QGIS plugin

#ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Security Update Patch is available

NGA Tabs 10 MagQuest Winners

New Radarsat Constellation imagery will be available to public at no cost

Announcement of YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors

Video: “Reasoning with Streaming #Geospatial Data”

Introduction to Dynamic Feature Binning in #ArcGIS Pro

How to Create a Hydrological #Map Portal

A new TomTom Maps SDK page

#Map of #London: South of the River

What is Metadata?

The QGIS 3.8 Visual Changelog

QGIS 3.8.0 and QGIS 3.4.9 Released

#Map: Germany’s Growing & Shrinking Cities

Dynamic Spatiotemporal Exploratory Analysis with Aggregated Results Using Time Series Data in #ArcGIS

#Map: Surface ocean salinity

QGIS Qkies

rLandsat: an R Package for Landsat 8 Data

WhirlyGlobe-Maply 3.0 will be released on January 1 2020

#Map: Comparing Los Angeles to Madrid

The Flashing Lighthouse #Map

Learn #ArcGIS July 2019 Release

#PostGIS 3.0.0alpha3 released

Google Earth Ported to Browsers with WebAssembly

#Map: Jewish London

Maps and Mappers of the 2019 GeoHipster Calendar: Aly Ollivierre

State of the Map 2020 bid extended

State of the #Map 2019 program

Calling for nominees for the OpenStreetMap Awards 2019

What’s New with OpenStreetMap Basemap (June 2019) OpenStreetMap Vector Basemap

Download OpenStreetMap data as #Geopackage