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Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

Video: “Using QGIS (Bonn) to translate data”

Microsoft Releases 125 million Building Footprints in the US as Open Data

Map: Creating Moscow’s Super-Park

Old map, new use

Google Earth’s new Measure Tool will bring out your inner nerd

What is a Relationship Map?

Better Breaks Define Your Map’s Purpose

Updates to Esri World Elevation Services and Tools (June 2018)

How to Make a Relationship Map in ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Companion – New Mobile App

What’s New in ArcGIS Online (June 2018)

Chart Combinations: Tile Grid Maps

A new approach to classify urban coastal areas

Video: “How to make PDF Map which still has the georeference information and use them in android smartphone”

New tools for GTFS public transit data in ArcGIS Pro 2.2

Map: Where are the children?

ArcGIS Pro Resource for Hand Drawn Maps

Map: Ignoring the World’s Refugees

What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2

New fire incident and facility symbols in ArcGIS Pro

Girls in Mapping

Use OpenStreetMap tiles as WMTS

How Google Maps helps amateur and professional archaeologists ponder the mysteries of Stonehenge’s burial mounds

The Tube map on an aerial photo of London

The new Google Earth’s update will allow you to measure area and distance

OGC seeks public comment on Tile Matrix Set Candidate Standard

Mapping the Historical Layers of London

Orfeo ToolBox 6.6 is out

Video: “How to Count Points In Polygon In QGIS”

New Teaching Resources Now Available at Learn ArcGIS

Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views

Free, Open-Source 3D Maps

Administrative Borders for Download | #shapefiles

Map: Make the World Smaller & Venice Bigger

Map: France has just one Riviera, but 36 coasts

Now Showing: “OSM Notes in iD”

osm-c-tools v.0.9 released

OpenGlobus – a JavaScript library for interactive 3D maps and planets

Loc2Vec: Learning location embeddings with triplet-loss networks

RoboSat: End-to-end feature extraction from aerial and satellite imagery

BBBike extracts from OpenStreetMap service

Wir lassen uns das freie Netz nicht nehmen

Turkey Election Maps

Making a map using Geopandas, Pandas and Matplotlib to make a Chloropleth map

New in QGIS 3.2 Save Project to PostgreSQL

Georeferencing in Global Mapper

Rasterio 1.0b4 released

Three Random Map Generators

QGIS 3.2 Bonn is released

QGIS 3.2.0 changelog

State of the Map Latam 2018

OpenStreetMapのデータに独自に地物を追加してnginxでタイルサーバー構築して大学のアクセスマップを作った – 国際信州学院大学コンピューター同好会

Deprecating OpenStreetMap Navigation Data Mapby Mapbox

OpenStreetMap US Camera lending program update

Maps reveal hidden truths of our cities

Nominatim: a search engine for #OpenStreetMap data

Swarm Satellites Bring New Findings About Ocean Magnetism

The Rorschach Map Tests

GPS Area Calculator and Measure

Seismic spaces

Drone2Map 1.3.1 is Released

Creating point clouds with Google Street View

Map: Is Your Country Ready for an Epidemic?

The Slang Map of America

PostGIS Polygon Splitting

Map: Trump’s Migrant Camps for Children

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.12.0

Using Threads in PyQGIS3

Google Street View cars to fuel real-time pollution map in London

t-rex: a vector tile server specialized on publishing MVT tiles from your own data

Video: “Clean Topology in QGIS 3.0.3”

Map: Refugee Journeys

Map: The Flow of Human Trafficking

A cli for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Video: “How to create layout, add legend, label features, add grid and export a map in ArcGIS (Ep-3)”

Crafting bespoke maps of bike-share service areas

New Multi-Select tool in MapHub

What does Gulliver’s Travels have to do with how we write our dates and addresses?

Google adds great new feature to Google Earth Pro 7.3.2

Video: “Google Earth Engine – Time-Lapse Series”

When normals aren’t normal

Video: “How to convert QGIS Map to Android Smartphones to be used in the Field”

Dynamic route optimisation for large autonomous vehicle fleets meetup on July 11th

Map: World Refugee Day

INTERGEO 2018: Digitalisation and the Question of “Where?”

Discovering Imaginary Islands

Boundless to Host Upcoming Roundtable Webinar on Migrating Location Services to the Cloud

The Future of Map-Making is Open and Powered by Sensors and AI

New EOS Platform lets you run image processing tasks in browser

Map: Refugee Routes to Italy

Resources for Finding and Using Satellite Images

Is GIS.XL Add-in an Alternative to ArcGIS Maps for Office?

Location data reveals troubling reality of distracted driving in United States

Estadísticas zonales para diagnósticos ambientales en QGIS 3

Grados/Minutos/Segundos (DMS) vs Grados Decimales (DD)

Preparar un mapa para imprimir o exportar en QGIS 3

Trimble Catalyst Now Supports GLONASS

How Much Do GIS Jobs Pay?

Google Earth Engine User Summit 2018 Presentations

Ordnance Survey GB to provide OS MasterMap data for free.

Census Oddities

OGC Calls for Participation in its Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot

Download #ArcGIS Desktop for free legally for one year

Map: The American Income Gap

Bing Maps Location Recognition API Now Generally Available

Apple Maps in LeafletJS

GDAL/OGR 2.3.1 released

Building the world

How Will Open Data Affect the Geospatial Business?

New mailing list for gvSIG Developers

Esri’s Living Atlas: Where the Data Comes From

GeoTools 18.4 released.

Coming PostGIS 2.5 ST_OrientedEnvelope

GIScience 2018 Accepted Papers

QGIS-flatpak: PoC of a flatpak package for #QGIS

Map: Death from Alcoholism

ZoomToBelgium v1.1 for #QGIS released

Video: “2D Visualization with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Map: Antipodean Weather

OGC Calls for Participation in its Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot

Custom Icons on MapHub

JavaScript version of H3 (a hexagon-based geospatial indexing system) version 3.0.1 released.

Video: “Creating A New Shapefile With A Different Projection in QGIS”

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 597

Meet Awesome Maps – the startup that is bringing the awesome back to maps

NASA Earth Observatory: Global Environment and Climate Data

Video: “Working with Dynamic Map Services in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript”

Video: “How to modify the projection and datum in Global Mapper”

Video: “Mosaic Multiple Raster Layers together Using QGIS”

Satellite Images Can Harm the Poorest Citizens

Map: Under the sun

Cosmogony: A tool to quickly use and update worldwide geographical regions

Creating OpenStreetMap History Visualisations

Geoserver: from geospatial datasets to Web Services

Video: “simple classification in QGIS”

Map: Who Moves Where in Europe?

Video: “Let’s Create DSM Digital Surface Model Using LiDAR Point Cloud Data ArcGIS”

Firefly Basemap Imagery Launched

Video: “QGIS Changing Projections”

GRASS GIS 7.4.1 released

Map Pride 2018 with Mapbox new design tools

One angry Paris resident is mapping rat sightings to shame the city into action

Portrait of Earth

LEGO globe

Video: “Use ArcGIS Pro offline”

Exploring Our Living Sea and Sky

Tips/Tricks for using WeatherOps data services in ArcGIS Online

DroneDeploy lets you generate live thermal drone maps without Internet

Video: “Splitting Layer by Feature in QGIS”

Run Image Processing Tasks in Your Browser with the EOS Platform

The Modifiable Areal Unit Problem and GIS

Dear Game Developers: It’s time to clean up your map vomit

Video: “Accessing ORBIS from MapInfo Pro”

3 Methods for generating maps with volunteers