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Unofficial Map: Radial São Paulo Metro Map

Viewing OpenStreetMap tiles in GL

Failed satellite programmed with ‘wrong co-ordinates’

Docker for the Geo People

ZoomToBelgium for QGIS: A button to zoom to any of the Belgian Municipalities.

Map of Christmas Markets in Zurich

Map: Languages without fricatives

Kute: Commute app for Sri Lanka

Geospatial Data United

Travel info on the map

Light Pollution Map of Western Australia

UseGalileo – Find a galileo-enabled device to use today

Catalan Regional Election Map

Find the Best Route for Santa Claus

Video: “How location data can give your infrastructure assets a competitive advantage”

Does real time satellite imagery exist?

Video: “Mapping Deformation: Combined Tomographic and Morphometric Analysis, Gulf of Alaska”

Bijgewerkte versie Vlaams wegenregister nu beschikbaar

Video: “What are the top 5 uses of LiDAR? Uses of Light detection and ranging”

Unofficial Map of Rail Services in Dublin, Ireland

A year in maps

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap

Esri CityEngine 2017 Highlight Reel

Map: Busing the Homeless

College Football Recruitment Maps

ArcGIS API for JavaScript – Website Accessibility

What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.1?

Identify ridgelines from a mountain in ArcGIS

OGC’s Testbed 13 Demonstration

What’s Coming in the ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.1

OSMCha Mailing list

Initial Results from study human cognition influence on data classification in OpenStreetMap

Working With Soil Data from the Living Atlas in ArcGIS Pro

Map: What’s in a Name?

Queensferry Crossing is firmly on the map

Map: The Best And Worst Countries For Business 2018

Unlock Information from Imagery for Use in Maps and Analysis

SAGA 6.2.0 released

Satellite data reveals Britain has been wrong about its tallest mountain

New Planetary Web Mapping Servers

Video: “Raster Data Theory (2/6): Raster Fundamentals”

2017 through the eyes of remote sensing

GeoSHAPE: create, share, and visualize information through dynamic, collaborative maps

OpenMapTiles Map Server: The easiest way to deploy vector OpenStreetMap

OpenMapTiles v3.7: Truly multilingual

OpenMapTiles Satellite

4 nouveaux styles pour le fond de carte vectoriel ArcGIS

Bundesamt für Naturschutz Karten

12 Days of FME Hackathon – Results and Recap

QGIS 3 compiling on Windows

Mapping London’s Vicious Poor

China Restricts Foreign Firms from Mapping Roads for Self-Driving Cars

Maps of the National Archives – Exclusive Geographical tour

Finding anagrams of place names (in the World)

Finding anagrams of place names (in GB)

December News from GraphHopper

Video: “Leveraging the Living Atlas Ocean Data For GIS Analysis of the Oceans”

Video: “Olympic Coast Seafloor Ecological Marine Unit Mapping”

Find Santa with a little GIS magic

GDAL is about to drop support for VS2013 and earlier

Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership #opendata

GeoTools 17.4 Released

GeoServer 2.11.4 Released

It’s now easier to style maps in Mapbox Studio

Seafloor Mapping Techniques

Cloudless: global cloudless composite coverage based on the VANE Platform

A Beginner’s Guide on Map Making

GRAPHIC: Where Net Neutrality’s End Could Be Felt the Most

Digital Map Mashups

The History of Data Visualization

Google Maps’s Moat

What’s new with hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online: Getting to know Append, Part 2

Lessons Learned from Analyzing Over a Million Points of GPS Data

Map: Finding the Artistic Heart of Paris

Talend ETL Software: Open Source System for ETL Projects

Google trims down its Maps app for entry-level smartphones

Ondersteuning INSPIRE-dataharmonisatie: stappenplan voor doe-het-zelvers

Vespucci “X” announced

Street View Car Gets Disrespected by the Bing

gvSIG 2017, a year of success, 12 months of progress

CNG Part 6: Metadata in a Cloud Native Geospatial World

What’s new in GeoPlanner for ArcGIS (December 2017)

Video: “Shapefile Creation in Google Earth and Open it up in ArcGIS”

Grabación del taller de introducción a gvSIG realizado en la UMH de Elche

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 585

Andrew Douglas-Clifford’s Maps of New Zealand

What’s New in ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.2.0

Map: Social Cleansing in the USA

An Interactive Geologic Map of the World

Using leaflet to study wine regions

MSF Search and Rescue map

Open Source Community Accelerates Big Data Analytics for Geospatial Solutions

Mapping the Alabama Senate Election Results

Map: How Many ISP’s Do You Have?

Visualize your data in QGIS 3.0 with the Data Plotly plugin

Call for 3d model repository API users | #OpenStreetMap

The Cartographer’s Guide to FME: 6 Steps to Making Beautiful Maps

Hillshade by Hand

How the James Ford Bell Library Fingered the Fake Waldseemüller Globe Gores

Blood on the Map: Charting Australia’s Colonial-Era Massacres

Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

Map: Vienna Through Time

What the Hell is Going On with the International Society for the History of the Map? 

MapAction is recruiting a Technical Director and a Finance Director

A New Basemap to Create Your Own Maps of Mars

GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 3 ‘Views, layers, symbology, labelling’

gvSIG 2017, un año de éxitos, 12 meses de avances

Video: “Using 3D GIS for Tactical Operations and Event Planning”

Adventures in PGADMIN4

Submit your abstract to Locate ’18 – Geosmart Asia ’18

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.6.0

Fiona and shapefile encoding

AR Globe – David Rumsey Maps on the App Store

When Waze Won’t Help, Palestinians Make Their Own Maps

OSM-Maps for Garmin-GPS-Devices

Rely on maps to implement projects, govt urged

OpenStreetMap Foundation Election 2017

Last minute GeoGeek Christmas gift guide

Gisquick: an open source geospatial data publishing platform

Video: “How to create Grid in ArcGIS with required Dimension”

Grassroots Mapping

Build for the cloud with Rasterio

2018 Summer of Maps Grant Application Process Now Open

Video: “Create Custom Legend – In Map Layout with ArcGIS”

Turn static images into interactive maps

Contrast Enhancement for fun and profit

Map: New York’s Shrinking Rivers

Libros sobre mapas para regalar (o regalarte)

Phase One Industrial Releases iX Capture 3.0 Software for Aerial Photography

Apple Adds The Indoor Mapping Support For 30 Airports In Apple Maps

The History of Data Visualization

What’s New with ArcGIS Solutions (December 2017)

Workforce for ArcGIS 17.0.1 Released

Video: “Raster Data Theory (3/6): Coding Cells”

QGIS vs ArcGIS Pro

OGC’s Innovation Program in 2017

Towards gvSIG 2.4: Quick Info Tool

EarthServer: More Than 1 Petabyte Analysis-Ready Data

Video: “How to georeference maps in Google Earth”

Vamos Falar de Padrões de Projeto em Sistemas GIS. É vital

Bing Maps Launches Three New Fleet Management APIs

Accepting submissions for Volume 4 | #cartographicdesign

Boundary Dropshadow in ArcGIS Pro

An Introduction to an American Literature GIS Project

Improved TypeScript development with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Use Maps for Free in your Presentations and Publications

QGIS-menu-builder: Create menus with your favorite layers. Easy configuration is done with drag & drop from the QGIS browser

ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 4.6 released

Customize Google Map Info Windows

15 Creative Maps Made with the New CARTO.js 4.0

Android Go makes sure Google maps run on it perfectly

Spatial Asset Tracking: The Return of the QR Code

The MP’s Expenses Map

2017 Geo for Good User Summit Recap

New Features Available in Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online