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QField 0.11.4 released

Modern original Map art prints

3geonames: A triple geoname geocode for the world.

Cartography Cheat Sheet

QGIS Map Design (Second Edition)

Open Data for Myanmar Flooding

Mapping the Northern California Wildfires

Transcript of State of the Map 2018 Podcast

The Shark Tracking Map

Video: “#Geodatabase Talk – Episode 5 – Registration Types”

Video: “#Geodatabase Talk – Episode 4 – Versioning”

Video: “#Geodatabase Talk – Episode 3 – Workspaces”

Video: “#Geodatabase Talk – Episode 2 – Tables”

Video: “#Geodatabase Talk – Episode 1 – What is a Geodatabase?”

Video: “Deleting Parts Of A Feature In QGIS”

Google Maps now reveals how much battery juice your phone has

Video: “Hillshade in QGIS (Analytical , Combined and Multi Directional Hillshading)”

cMapIT Analytics: Create quick charts and maps, embed and add to reports with no data skills.

Video: “How to make DTM from DSM DEM Processing in QGIS Tutorial”

Video: “MapInfo Drag Map – get your map into other applications”

lvl5 RoadDelta: “git diff for maps”

As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods, Residents Fume

Mapping the Global Refugee Crisis

Microsoft Inspire 2018 Bing Maps APIs session recordings

Google Maps Switches to 3D Globe at Small Scales

ImproveOSM: Tools and Data from Telenav, built for the OpenStreetMap Community

OpenStreetMap Awards 2018 Winners

Map: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Presentation and workshop about The Horton Machine (JgrassTools) for gvSIG Desktop

Map: UK Marine Traffic

NASA’s new Remote Sensing Toolkit for startups is free and awesome

GODAN AgriGIS session at 14th International gvSIG Conference: presentations in Agriculture theme

New 2022 state plane coordinate system will change locations by up to 1.5 meters

Accessing Real-time Satellite Imagery and Data

MAPS.ME Routes & Bookmarks Catalog

Why a self-driving car doesn’t use Google Maps

Ordnance Survey launches vector maps for Great Britain

MapGuide Maestro 6.0m10 and a new build of Fusion announced

Block-Print Maps Part I: Pixels to Grain

Loading Data from OpenStreetMap with Python and the Overpass API

Realtime Transit Trip Updates Added to CalcRoute API

Enhance geofencing with global boundary data

Old Zagreb Cinemas via Interactive Map Portal

Fascinating look at how America uses its land

Map: Where & When New York Eats

Explore Huge Career Opportunities in Geoinformatics in India

Mapping Bird Migration Routes

gvSIG Black: New icon (and information) set to customize gvSIG Desktop

JTS 1.15.1 and XYZM development

Map: Melbourne in 1945

Maps of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at the Canadian War Museum

New Demographic Feature Layers in the Esri Living Atlas

The Secret Maps of World War II Admiral Morton L. Deyo

3D Printing with LiDAR Data

Map: How America Uses its Land

PostGIS Performance Showdown: Geometry vs. Geography

Bing Maps Autosuggest API GA Release

Map: Unsafe Waters in the Delaware River Basin

Esri Enters into Memorandum of Understanding with World Bank

14th International gvSIG Conference: Registrations are now open

LAS Format: Converting LAS Files to DEM with ArcGIS 3D Analyst

osm2gtfs, extendable for any city

Anaconda install with OSGeo4W

Mappers wanted: Oceania Map Challenge

“How we Google Streetviewed the Bahamas on a Shoestring”

Map: The Native People of Australia

Earth Observation Challenge: The Three Winners

Rolling out PostGIS/QGIS Part II: Load your data

Geotechnology: a tool for innovation

Digital Maps that make a change

FME Raster operations

The Mappyist Hour Podcast

UNSW harnesses Google and NASA data for ecosystem mapping app

Video: “gvSIG Suite in a little more than a minute”

Como criar seu primeiro plugin para QGIS usando Python e Qt Designer? Parte III

Open Summer of Code and OpenStreetMap

Sierra Leone is the world’s roundest country (and Egypt the squarest one)

Map: How Gerrymandered is Your District?

Shapely 1.7a1 released

The Art of Location Tracking

An Amazing Relief Globe of the Moon

Map: The World According to Strabo

Maggie Cawley: “What else can we do but keep going?”

Geographers on Film

How to download sentinel 2 imagery

‘Empty Land Doesn’t Vote’ and Other Hot Takes

The California Wildfire Map

On Vector Tiles for OpenStreetMap

8 Data Protection Guiding Principles Under the GDPR for Drone Pilots

35 years of GRASS GIS development

Explosion des prix de Google Maps : le département de Maine-et-Loire abandonne Google pour OpenStreetMaps, un service de cartographie open source

OpenStreetMap Welcome Mat

The World as Seen in Vintage Photos

Analysing the Potential of OpenStreetMap Data to Improve the Accuracy of SRTM 30 DEM on Derived Basin Delineation, Slope, and Drainage Networks

door2door — Visualizing rideshare operations in real-time

An Extremely Misleading Election Map

Bing Maps Routing API knows the shortest route that visits all waypoints

Understanding data in ArcGIS Enterprise: two new resources

Open Data for the Laos Dam Collapse

SLYR: A Python library and set of command line tools for extraction, parsing, and conversion of ESRI .lyr and .style files.

PostGIS Server på Raspberry Pi


No more broken multipolygons in the standard style on

Beyond the Shapefile with File Geodatabase and GeoPackage

Construction of geological cross sections in QGIS

Geospatial indexing on Hilbert curves

Podcast Episode 11 – The Drunk One by The Mappyist Hour

Best Practices for Agriculture using GIS

2018 Mid-Year ArcGIS Release

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.9 Developer Edition Available

Map: Where is the fire?

Creating Empty Feature Layers for Data Collection in ArcGIS Online

Judgmental map of #Cannes (#France)

Map: Africa According to Donald Trump

Video: “QGIS import Geotag Photo and show photo of points”

Serving Non-mercator data in a Web Mercator grid with #PostGIS

GDAL SRS barn raising: 2nd report

Cartographic hyperbole

Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with GIS

Transportation and GIS – The Debate Continues

Visualize aggregated data in ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server 10.6.1

Esri Publishes Third Edition of Lining Up Data in ArcGIS

Ireland and Dublin Street Orientations

Pakistan Election Maps

INAT Metro Maps App

Jug Cerović Maps the Singapore MRT

PyQGIS 101: Styling vector layers

Video:”Analysis of CAD Data Using Insights for ArcGIS”

How to load geographic data like zipcode boundaries into BigQuery

Using BigQuery’s new geospatial functions to interpolate temperatures

Video:”Remove polygon topology error in ArcMap.”

Map: When Birds Attack

ArcGIS for your AutoCAD 2019

Video:”ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 – Add Http”

Enabling New Beta Search in ArcGIS Hub

COG in the Machine: Towards Cloud-Native Geospatial Deep Learning

New Maps of Pluto and Charon

Maps Matter: Coda on shop completion rates on OpenStreetMap

GeoServer 2.13.2 released

Radiation Map of Europa

What’s new in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1: Custom disk space threshold for collaborated content

Another Caricature Map of Modern Europe

Breathe easy: processing of Sentinel-5P atmospheric data begins

NASA’s push to drive commercial data use

ArcGIS Field Apps and new platform releases (iOS 12 and Android P)

`new-note` mode in iD

Why all world maps are wrong

OpenStreetMap World

Best Practices for Customizing Story Maps

Define Projection or Project? Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS

QGIS 3 Beginner’s Basics Tutorial

Spatiotemporal Analytics on Geospatial Imagery

Towards Map 3.0: the Consensus Map