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OGC seeks public comment on candidate ‘GeoPackage Extension for Tiled Gridded Coverage Data’ standard

The Veg Map

The German Election Candidates Map

Interoperable Data Formats Enhance Policy Decisions in the Arctic

Test MBTA Rapid Transit Map, 1991

Creating a visually accessible map

Better maps for navigation

A new platform for scalable error detection in OpenStreetMap data

Video: “ArcObjects by Example C#”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Code Refactoring (Part 3)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Code Refactoring (Part 2)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Standalone ArcObjects (No ArcMap)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Working with Layers (Part 2)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Code Refactoring (Part 1)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Working with Layers (Part 1)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Workspace Factories”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Relationships (Part 3)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Relationships (Part 2)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Relationships (Part 1)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Editing (Part 3)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Spatial Queries”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Editing (Part 2)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Editing (Part 1)”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Searching the Geodatabase”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Flashing Geometry”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Selecting Features”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Subtypes”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Query Filters”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Querying Features”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Filtering Layers”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – The Document, The Map and The Layers”

Video: “Extending ArcObjects – Getting Started”

FetchRoadSpeeds Utility v1.2 released

GIS and Virtual Reality

What can 3 Million tweets tell us about the eclipse?

Funny & Rude Street Signs

OGC, INSPIRE, and Metadata

OSGEO Live 11.0 Released

The curious case of Accuweather and other apps selling our location

Video: “Les jeunes et les métiers de la Géomatique”


Video: “La plateforme ArcGIS Online expliquée en 2 minutes”

Map: Singapore in Glorious 3D

A smooth intro to map visualization in R

Python API for ArcGIS Updates

Getting to know the ArcREST Python package

Why National Geographic Is Optimistic About Geography

Video: “QGIS – Statist – Display Statistics such as count, sum, min, max, etc”

Shapely 1.6.0 released

Map: Baku Metro, Azerbaijan

Video: “Unlocking the Value of ArcGIS with Apps: Apps for the Field”

Decision-making and GIS

Historical Map: CAAC Airways Service Diagram, China, 1957

Turn a Smartphone Into a Laser Rangefinder

Fake maps

map: “U.S. Areas and Municipalities Closed or Open to Travel by Certain Soviet Citizens As of November 11,…

Video: “Introduction to Unlocking the Value of ArcGIS with Apps and Why Go ArcGIS Pro?”

Survey: Calling all Women in GIS

ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Patch 1 (2.0.1) Now Available

GIS Mapping Terrain Analysis In Boundless Desktop At Your Fingertips

ArcGIS Earth adds Geocoding in ArcGIS Online, raster and 3D model insert, and an Automation API

GeoSolutions Presentations from FOSS4G Boston 2017

Photo Mapping the Eclipse

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Raster to other formats (multiple) – Export IMG format to TIFF”

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 577

Video: “Study Area Mapping”

Video: “QGIS – Openlayers Plugin – Add google, osm, bing basemaps as background”

Europe’s Galileo GNSS reaches a new level of security

The Proliferation of Real-time GIS

How to calculate the area, perimeter or length in ArcGIS?

Using aerial data to augment stand count management

Are you getting GPU error while executing the Viewshed 2 tool in ArcGIS 10.3 and ArcGIS Pro 1.0.?

Map: Spying on the Spycams

OpenStreetMap go – and stop – what next?

Mapping Racial Covenants

Configurações de segurança no GeoServer – Parte 4

Configurações de segurança no GeoServer – Parte 3

Configurações de segurança no GeoServer – Parte 2

Configurações de segurança no GeoServer – Parte 1

Video: “QGIS – Download OpenStreetMap (OSM) data”

Video: “The Language of Spatial Analysis”

Slides FOSS4G 2017

Watertoetskaart Overstromingsgevoelige gebieden 2017 nu beschikbaar

J. De Cordova’s Map of the State of Texas

Esri Adds Detailed Global Elevation Data to ArcGIS Online

Read online: Position #89 now available in digital

Video: “Introduction to Analyzing Large Raster and Vector Data (Impervious Surface Ex)”

Global Mapper by Blue Marble

Video: “Time-Enabled 3D Spatial Analysis using a Space Time Cube in ArcGIS Pro (Elec)”

Map: Sydney Trains

Video: “QGIS – Attribute Table – Advanced filter (Expression) – Save only selected features”

PostGIS geography type is not limited to earth

Making of: Washington Evergreens map with D3

Add 3D Tiles to Cesium 1.36 to Make 3D Virtual Scenes

Video: “QGIS – QuickMapServices Plugin – Add OSM, NASA, Landsat as basemaps”

Video: “How to convert Excel data to GARMIN GPS Devics gpx”

How LiDAR is Being Used to Help With Natural Disaster Mapping and Management

Map: The Legacy of Redlining on US Cities

Video: “QGIS and Google Earth”

Model the real world with the new ARKit library

Time Warped Cartograpy

Lane number and turn lane editing in Detroit

Driving before, during, and after rush hour: city maps of how far you’d get

Map: Help Partition India

How GPS Works

Video: “Webinar Live Recording: Self-Driving Vehicles & Geo-information”

Map: Avocado Toast or New Home?

Deux frères afghans rêvent de déminer le monde avec un drone

Open Data Inception – A Comprehensive Map of 2600+ #OpenData Portals in the World

OpenStreetMap Wikidata SPARQL service updated

Visualizing Turn Restrictions

13 amazing maps to celebrate 13 years of OpenStreetMap

Portmarnock School are World Champions for #MapLesotho

openstreetmap-carto v4.2.0 released

OpenStreetMap Taginfo Downloads

Social Engineering in OpenStreetMap

The demographics of Google Maps’ interesting areas

Video: “Popularisation of Remote Sensing based maps”

10 Errores cuando comenzamos a trabajar con PyQGIS

Reimagine INSPIRE by Leveraging Open Data and Web GIS

Working with Fonts and Sprites: Being Creative with Esri Vector Tiles

Map: Food Insecurity in America

Sierra Leone Open Data

Time Warp Walkability Map of Seattle

Open Imagery for Disaster Response in Sierra Leone and South Asia

Producing a Story Map in Multiple Languages

Map: Donald’s ‘Beautiful Statues’

The First Map of London’s ‘Pseudo-Public’ Space Epidemic

Tanzania Open Data

Running GeoDjango on Heroku

Yellowstone National Park and Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology Release New Data

Free Lidar Video Series

Dancing Maps

ebook: Creating Web Connections with FME

Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) v17.1.2 released

Leveraging Mapbox for location-intelligent analytics in Tableau

Video: “Download and Process SRTM data using SAGA GIS”

A new manager for the OGC validation tools: lat/lon

Report back on the 3rd QGIS Conference in Nødebo, Denmark

Mapping Confederate Monuments

Video: “Enhancing Imagery in ArcGIS Using Spatial Filters”

The Dot Map of Canadian Languages

Geomatics Atlantic 2017 – Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Geomatics

Video: “Studying international migration with 2D and 3D maps and data”

Map: Bat Detectives

If Maps Could Speak

MEaSUREs Greenland Ice Mapping Project (GIMP) Digital Elevation Model

FME Adjacent Feature Attributes: An Example of Reading Structured Text Files

Plugin-Load-Times for QGIS v.2.0 released

A Guide To Data Mapping

Storytelling with Maps in the Digital Age

Map: Every Wind Farm in America

Dancing buildings with Mapbox GL

Meeting operational requirements for persistent refresh through multisource imagery

The Colors of Mars

DC’s Historical Street View