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#Guatemala pone en marcha la Comunidad #gvSIG

Nominations Open for the Prestigious Carl Pulfrich Award 2015 | #photogrammetry #remotesensing #e…

The edge of the 3D world.

#CSV to #SHP with #Python in #QGIS

Updated Global Mapper LiDAR Module Now Supports NIR LiDAR Data

MAPPS Announces Summer Conference, July 12-15 in Sunriver, Oregon

Bird`s-eye view of Victoria, BC

QuakeAlert App now being tested by the USGS would give lead actor “The Rock” up to a 60sec wa…

Reinventing the Map

USGIF Announces Seven Keynote Speakers for GEOINT 2015 Symposium

GfK releases new digital maps for Russia

What’s new on …and an update to HERE for Android

9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology

What`s your OpenStreetMap story?

North Georgia URISA Meeting – June 8th 2015 – Gainesville Georgia

Learn About Various Featrure Extraction Methods Webinar

Open Aerial Imagery

Google Places API for iOS announced

Registration is Now Open for UAS Mapping 2015 Reno

Asian Elephant Preferred Habitat Mapped

Google Maps Will Be Available Offline

Google Maps delivers destination info, voice directions while offline

How to set the projection for a PostGIS table

Report on LearnOSM | #OSM #OpenStreetMap #Education

Earthquake Early Warning App “QuakeAlert” to be Tested by USGS, CalTech and Other University …

Updated Global Mapper LiDAR Module Now Supports NIR LiDAR Data

Ten Years of the Google Maps API

Recency Bias in Mapping, an Exploration

New Jersey`s Real-Time Buses & Trains from Seznam, biggest Czech portal, starts using OpenStreetMap

The Great San Francisco Earthquake Map

Creating a Virtual Sundial with FME

Another New England — in Crimea

How to create illuminated contours, Tanaka-style in #QGIS

Cleanup of incorrectly used noexit=* Tags on #OpenStreetMap with #Osmose

Orfeo ToolBox 5.0 Release Candidate 1 is ready for testing

The London Food Inspection Map

Thoughts on the import of address nodes in JOSM using MassGIS L3 Parcel data to aid in adding add…

#Bicycle routing on #Mapbox Directions

#Lakota Wicowoyake Canku owapi: Lakota #Language Story #Map

Mapping New York`s Historical Photos

New Maps Reveal #California`s Sensational Seafloor #Geography

Life – Updated in Real-Time

New Nepal Imagery following May 12th Aftershock on Google Earth

Morphing Between #SVG Shapes

Time Manager workshop at #QGIS2015

INSPIRE Geospatial Refresher by Boundless

Cascadia graces the cover of the 2015 Esri Map Book

Ordnance Survey Maps Undergo Major Innovation

Brief Introduction to Remote Sensing (3/3): Landsat image conversion

The United Tastes of America

Motion Contrast 3D Scanning | #LiDAR

#GeoServer 2.7.1 Released

OmniEarth Analytics Platform Videos

Intergeo (@InsideIntergeo) 2015 to Set New Exhibition Space Record

GeoTools 13.1 Released

Announcing Mapbox Mobile for iOS

The Global Homicide Rate on a 3D Globe

SuperSurv 3.3 for Android released

Accessing composer item properties via custom expressions in @QGIS || #GIS #QGIS #Python

The Oslo Blur in Google Earth

A Question of Scale, Resolution, and MMU

Archaeology Case Study: Using GIS Cloud for ‘Line Walking’ Survey and Field Data Collection

Climbing the Matterhorn in 3d

The Street Views & Sounds of Medellin

How to Upload Big Data to the Cloud

@Google: “Sorry for our Google Maps search mess up”

ESRI Data Viz App Challenge Winners and Finalists Announced

JPEG is Dead, Long Live JPEG! || #GIS #JPEG #JPG #PNG #GeoTiff

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: #OpenStreetMap Map Evolution

Global Mapper Version 16.2 Now Available

Forget “BIG DATA”, the future of GIS is small data!

3 More Free Map Icon Packs

pygeometa: New Geospatial Metadata Package

Carbon Copy Maps: Digging Coal, Digging Labour

Louisiana Quads Add Trails and Survey Data

Mapping the Demolition of Austin

Train Travel Times of Europe

Success through Data Science

Maintenance upgrade to ArcGIS Online map servers in early June

Esri Business Analyst Desktop 10.3 General Update 2 Patch

3DEP Workshops in Progress

How can degree qualifications profiles create a better geosciences workforce?

Integrating a Degree Qualifications Profile within a Geo-related Program Webinar

Cartographic Representations of the Internet

Making Sense Out of Google’s Geospatial Evolution

A tale of two cities, or Bauhaus for maps

Average Cloud Cover Map and Map Projections

NASA G.Projector: Global Map Projector

QGIS t-shirst, caps and mugs.

ArcGIS 10.3.1 Brings Smart Mapping and 3D Content Sharing to ArcGIS for Server

GeoTools 13.1 Released

Global Mapper Version 16.2 Now Available

Experiment creating a Territory Builder utilizing turf.js and US Census Bureau Services

TomTom Extends Apple Agreement

Ubisense Launches myWorld Inspection & Survey for Utilities

Maplim + MDC + MDC Portal Working Together

How to Contribute Maps to the Living Atlas of the World

The Massive Potential of Verizon Mapquest

OpenStreetMap and the Fourth Wall

Marc Pfister: “I enjoy that I can see my work get turned into large physical objects”

MaptimeATL events in June 2015

Fun with GIS 175: Styling Data

OGC announces Geospatial/BIM/Indoor Location Workshop

The Best New York Transit Maps

Directions Survey findings: GPS dispatching a must-have

Metro Atlanta Geospatial Social

OmniEarth Water Resource Management Webinar

ISS to map sea surface using GNSS signals

Researchers release climate resilience map

ArcGIS REST API Connector Plugin for QGIS

International Federation of Land Surveyors (FIG) Working Week Underway

Starting build cycle for OSGeo-Live 9.0

Sana`a Airport bomb damage on Google Earth

Increasing international collaboration on Global Navigation Satellite Systems applications

How to organize geodata storage?

These Online Maps Can Tell You Where Your Wine Came From

gvSIG 2.2: Hyperlink to folders

Spain by the Numbers

New MapProxy 1.8.0 release

Oil Slick from Oil Platform Explosion in Google Earth

New High-Res Challenge Searching for Urban Solutions

Global Climate Monitor

Global Climate Monitor: Descarga de datos climáticos

Ya te puedes inscribir a las 7as Jornadas gvSIG de Latinoamérica y Caribe

Brief Introduction to Remote Sensing (2/3): Supervised Classification Definitions

The Berlin Migrant Map

CITADEL on the move – Mobile application template for Crowd-sourced Points of Interest

A @VerySpatial #Podcast – Episode 513

VENOM Vulnerability Hype and ArcGIS Online

Mapping God & Money in New Zealand

Houston Community Eats Mapped

Enclava – the world`s newest country

The Geography of Tweets: Reading Tweets with QGIS

QGIS Plugin twitter2qgis

FOSS4G-Europe : Mapping parties, workshops & keynotes | #FOSS4G #Europe

Seamless context for mobile apps

#gvSIG 3D is coming

Configuring the Basic Viewer template in ArcGIS Online

OpenJump 1.8

ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2 Announcement – Coming Soon

Google Maps developer meetups coming to Boulder, Chicago and New York

Google Map Maker Program Suspended

UK Election Mappery: Will Maggie Ditch Marge?

The 1855 Business Map of #NewYork

Supporting raster data in .ECW, .IMG, .SID, .JP2 formats in GIS Cloud

Ann Johnson: “I’m never gonna be as cool as Eric Gundersen”

Walking on Water? Revisiting Reflections on Resolution and Scale

Mapping the Cost of Property in Amsterdam

Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2015

Survey Earth in a Day 2015

Visualizing #Barcelona #Spain using ArcGIS Online Imagery

#Lidar Study of Sequoias

OsmAnd and JOSM come together to make mapping easier

Announcing: #MapGuide Open Source 3.0 Beta 2