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#QGIS Grant Programme 2020 Results

#ArcGIS Indoors for #ArcGIS Online

Creating a linear heatmap with track data

Raster Vision 0.12 released

Build Your Own 3D Terrain Models

Khaki Basemap

UAV #Lidar or Photogrammetry? Which Should You Use?

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How to Integrate Interactive SVG #Map in Vuejs

Deep learning models in ArcGIS.learn

The Best Apps for Bicycle Directions

#Mapping COVID-19 with QGIS

OGC (opengeospatial) API Features / WFS 3 test client

Osm2pgsql version 1.3.0 released

Video: “Applying FOSS4G in #Mapping Shelter Centers for People with Disabilities in Disaster Scenarios”

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Quiet route planning for pedestrians in traffic noise polluted environments

Mapping The Civitas Tungrorum

Felicette: Satellite imagery for dummies

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GeoIgnite: Leadership in Times of Disruption

#GeoServer 2.17.2 Released

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What’s Coming in #ArcGIS Mission 10.8.1

Tips and Tricks for Working with Legends in #ArcGIS Pro

“Archiving Cartography is Impossible”

Turn Restriction Support for GraphHopper’s Directions API

#Mapping Paycheck Protection Payments

Essential Google Maps tricks for your next road trip

#ArcGIS Workforce final beta update

Let the Games Begin! (Russian Style)

Creating a d3 #Map in a Mobile App Using React Native

Developers are invited to the OGC (opengeospatial) Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Sprint

Video: “Sharing webmaps with Aspectum”

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Video: “Visualizing Gender of Street Names in Brazil”

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Video: “OpenStreetMap data assessment in the area of Athens – Greece”

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Video: “Create a LEGO #Map of Elevation in a Catchment with QGIS”

100K Clustered Markers with Huawei #Map

Visualize data with Choropleth maps

Marketing and Rebranding #GIS: Opportunities for #GIS Professionals

R-ArcGIS Bridge Meets the Cloud: Working with Remote Data

How to do archaeology with place names

#Map: Which Voters Believe in Climate Change?

Visualize aggregated track data

Maintaining Data on the Curb with CurbLR: A New Open Standard

Geodata for Financial Institutions 2

Long Term Storage of Spatial Data

#Mapping the Distribution of Place-Names

OpenSource lines for cartographic labeling of physical geographic features

The elephant in the map

#ArcGIS Field Maps beta program

OGC (opengeospatial) – ESA Virtual Workshop on Data Access and Processing Platforms

#Map shows 5.9 million US property owners unaware of flood risk

#Map: America’s Failed Response to Covid-19

How to Calculate Raster Surface Volume in QGIS

#Google BigQuery Visualization: #Mapping Big Spatial Data

Video: “#GIS 101: a complete tutorial for QGIS 3”

#Map: How Clean is My River?

Geomob #Podcast – 25. Interview with Randy Meech of StreetCred

#GeoServer 2.16.4 released

#GeoTools 22.4 released

Ordnance Survey (OS) Data Hub and APIs to improve accessibility, usability of OS data

Publish interactive Earth Engine maps

7 Awesome Google Maps Hacks 2020

#Atlas of Surveillance

Video: “Economy, Human, and Policy Impact on #Mapping in Public Sector”

Video: “The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa”

Video: “Assessing Global OpenStreetMap building completeness to generate large-scale 3D city models”

Video: “Ranks for Rendering in OpenStreetMap”

Video: “How to create an interactive Earth Engine App for creating Landsat timelapse?”

Video: “Create a Hypsometric Curve from a DEM using QGIS”

Time Manager Animation in QGIS

Classification Using dzetsaka Plugin in QGIS

The US Flood Risk #Map

#Map: The Future of Work in Europe

Your Birthday Sun Chart

Annotating Medieval Maps

Hands-on #PostGIS, exploring the #Geospatial capabilities

Video: “Health Facilities Import in OpenStreetMap”

Video: “Drones for Community #Mapping”

Video: “Winds of Change in OpenStreetMap”

#Esri Community Maps Data Sharing

Movement data in #GIS #31: exploring massive movement datasets

Racist Place Names in Quebec, Removed in 2015, Remain on Maps

Online #Map Tracks Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations

Create a Farm #Map with Soil and Elevation Data Using QGIS

FDO Toolbox 1.5 announced

The Documentary #Podcast: Unmapped world

WebGIS using QGIS2Web Plugin

Real-Time Transit Maps on Circuit Boards

Submarine Streetview