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Map: The Movement of Refugees Around the World

MapGuide Maestro 6.0m7 announced

New HoloMaps Store Edition

New Google Earth Explorer Tours

Using Bing Maps? Here’s some new builds of MapGuide Fusion.

Examining Current Steamflow Conditions in ArcGIS Online

Using Callout Labels in ArcGIS

Describing the Value of Spatial Analysis in Education

New Series of GPS-to-GIS Videos

The Top 5 Skills Needed to be Successful in a GIS Career

Why is GIS Valuable?

Strategic Directions for the Geographical Sciences: Connections to GIS Education

A Brief Guide To Geospatial Technologies

New Book: The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data

Fantasy Book Map Hacks

Advancing STEM Education with GIS ebook Released

Fostering Spatial Thinking Through Paper Maps and Aerials

Camino a gvSIG 2.4: Nuevos servicios de mapas de OpenStreetMap

Grafton Tyler Brown, Trailblazing Cartographer of the American West

Microsoft & CARTO Strategic Partnership Announced

How To Use Uber, Lyft & Open Table Extensions in Apple Maps

Vídeo-tutorial para aprender a crear hiperenlaces con gvSIG Desktop

Back to the Map: Historic Maps of Belgium

Camino a gvSIG 2.4: Configuración de tema de iconos

GIS Day: November 15, 2017

Exploring Data Using Cartograms within ArcGIS Desktop

Analysis Walk-thru: How many contributors are editing OpenStreetMap in each Country?

This map shows all satellites in orbit

Leveraging a Multi-forest Active Directory Environment for Use with ArcGIS for Server

Mapping Chicago’s wealth inequality

Esri Places 3D and Visualization Into ‘The Science of Where’

Mappers across Africa share data with their leaders

Can GIS analysis make our roads safer?

2010 Census Data Now Available in the Esri Living Atlas

What’s New in Esri Story Maps (June 2017)

Must have Drone Apps for every Drone Pilot

Changes to ArcGIS Open Data (June 2017)

Markets of London Mapped

What’s New in Esri Demographics (June 2017)

Automated Generalization Sped Up Cartographic Output by 40% for This German Mapping Agency

Boundless Reinforces its Commitment to Open Source with Diamond OSGeo Sponsorship

Create your Scene Layers in ArcGIS Online (Out of Beta)

Snap Map’s ‘psychic’ Actionmojis: Creepy or cool?

Esri Invites Universities to Contribute to its Community Maps Program

Enhancements to Esri World Geocoding service (June 2017)

What’s New in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer (June 2017)

Penny, a playful AI that explores wealth and poverty in American cities

Rerun your analysis tools with ArcGIS Online

Mapping Future Climate Change

What’s New in ArcGIS Online Arcade (June 2017)

80 Beautiful Data Visualizations Using Location Data and Maps

What’s New in ArcGIS Online (June 2017)

Government and citizens collaborate to map Canada

Satellites and geospatial together help detect illegal fishing

The Millennium Falcon in Google Earth

Firefly Basemap in ArcGIS Online

OpenMapTiles are now multilingual

How to Make an RPG Game with Google Maps

Aerial Video Mapping

gvSIG Batoví para Windows

ICC2017 – The planetary program

What’s New in Esri’s Community Analyst (June 2017)

What’s New in Esri’s Business Analyst Web App (June 2017)

Video: “Adobe Illustrator for Cartographers: Special Effects Blur”

Esri Land Cover Layers Latest Updates

Martin O’Malley on cities and data

What’s New in GeoPlanner for ArcGIS (June 2017)

Google Earth takes students on tours guided by Nat Geo

What’s New in the ArcGIS Pro 2.0 SDK

Installing QGIS on the Mac

ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Has Been Released

ArcGIS Hub

4as Jornadas gvSIG México

Mapbox Cartogram

Designing maps for mobile devices

‘Cartograms’ aren’t Cartograms

Map: Free Eclipse Glasses

Video: “Adding ArcGIS Online Services to QGIS”

ILMF 2018 Call for Papers

Video: “How to Build a Smart Workplace with ArcGIS”

Editing the configuration of an Esri story map

HERE and Mapillary create better maps by bringing communities and computer vision together

Leaflet 1.1.0 announced

A Map of Where People Went After the NYC Pride Parade

Cómo mejorar la digitalización y edición en QGIS mediante plugins

Video: “How to add raster in r program | How to add multiple raster in r programming”

Mapping the Jewish Occupation of Hebron

Video: “As-Built Editing and Analysis for ArcGIS: Create a Service Connection”

Learn GIS for free. Module 3: Working with Tables

Google Earth and Street View as an historical record

Esri Soils Layers Latest Updates

Video: “ArcGIS Geo-processing Tool : Clip”

New York City Subway Map available as 48″ x 72″

Can a Map Speak for those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves?

OGC India Plugfest focuses on standardization of open data and its use in smart solutions

Working With Multiple Accounts in ArcGIS Online

Review: Avenza MAPublisher 9.9.1 and Geographic Imager 5.2

“Do Cartography With This One Weird Tool”

Analytics Release for MangoMap

FOSS4G 2017 Travel Grant Program

LABS.OpenRouteService·org with Open Space Routing and the Places POI search API

Drone2Map Version 1.2 Released

Thoughts on the Geospatial Data Act of 2017

Map: Great Journeys in Time

Mapas de localización de rayos en “tiempo real”

3D map visualizations on Android and iOS

Calling for gvSIG Community: gvSIG Desktop 2.4 translations

The Leica Geosystems BLK 360 Laser Scanner

New York City’s most dog-dense ZIP Codes

mapguide-react-layout: A modern map viewer for MapGuide Open Source / Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server

mapguide-react-layout 0.9.1 announced

Floating Solar Plants in Google Earth

You Can Impact the Design of ArcGIS Online With Just a Click

Video: “Download data free from inasafe | Download OpenStreetMap Data to shapefile QGIS | Downloading OpenSt…

Drone Mapping Software – WebODM

Speaking out: Mapping the world’s dialects

Map: Insects in the City

How Andmap works?

Video: “Label your map in ArcGIS Pro”

QGIS: print debug info

uMap of some 3D Digital Elevation Models

Tackling illegal fishing from satellite

ILWIS – Integrated Land and Water Information Management

Geofencing in XLSForm/ODK

Be Aware of the Proposed Geospatial Data Act (GDA) of 2017

Using Free and Open Source GIS to Support Natural Resource Management in the Developing World

Sync your overpass queries with your OpenStreetMap account

Video: “How to download google map from universal map download | Define project from QGIS”

Video: “Bringing Your Data to Life in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript: 3D Integrated Mesh & Point Cloud”

Video: “QGIS – Union polygon layers, then derive summary statistics in MS Excel.”

Maps Marker – WordPress Map Plugin

Free GIS Training

Video: “Tracking Engagement with ArcGIS Open Data”

Video: “Connecting to VCGI Web Services in ArcGIS and QGIS”

Video: “Visualizing Big Data with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and WebGL”

Video: “GIS Fundamentals and Mapping: Why Make Maps?”

Video: “Python: Developing Geoprocessing Tools”

When the Floods are Certain But (NOAA’s) Funds Are Not

Video: “QGIS: Understanding and Using Attribute Data, Queries and Analysis”

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Change dispaly of Projection to Lat_Long on ArcMap”

Video: “ArcGIS 10.x – Selection – Create layer from selected features – Export to new shapefile”

A History of Open Source GIS, from Humble Beginnings to World-Changing Applications

Mastering the Space Time Continuum: Considerations for Publishing Date Fields to ArcGIS Online

Intelligent Maps Checklist: Web Maps

Intelligent Maps Checklist: Thematic Image Services

Intelligent Maps Checklist: Map Services

University of North Georgia Receives NSF Grant to Expand GIS Program

Map: Sonnets on the Streets of Seattle

Global GIS Industry Continues to Grow

New Enhancements to HERE Platform services for June

How To Prank With Snap Map

Encuentro nacional de Geobloggers

Camino a gvSIG 2.4: Cambiando el aspecto de gvSIG. Nuevo juego de iconos

Video: “Adobe Illustrator for Cartographers: Complex Area Symbology”

Map: Purchasing Power for consumer electronics, ICT, and photography, France 2016

Geospatial Review: News & Updates – first half of 2017