Posts uit september, 2016 weergeven

Video: “Hillshade (Ombreggiatura) come style in QGIS 2.16”

Video: “QGIS virtual layers : spatial join”

3as Jornadas gvSIG Perú, los días 27 y 28 de octubre en Lima

Ring-shaped geoglyphs in Peru in Google Earth

Vespucci 0.9.8 released

Video: “Interview with Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless”

Video: “Precision Agriculture using Data and Analytics”

Leaflet 1.0 released

Global Mapper v18 released

Video: “Operaciones basicas de Geo-procesamiento”

Interactive air pollution map by WHO

Merkaartor: Call for new features in 0.19.0 release

A sizzling open source release for the Australian Election site

6th QGIS UK user group meeting in Edinburgh

The Great Smoky Mountains Species Map

Cambodian Lidar Initiative is Rewriting History

FME 2016.1 New Functionality: Rejected Feature Termination

Mapping Global Air Pollution

Seminarios online sobre las novedades de gvSIG Desktop 2.3 y scripting

Access Nova Scotia Online Civic Map Viewer

Video: “QGIS 2.16: Análisis raster”

Introducing mapguide-react-layout. A modern viewer for MapGuide

ArcGIS Desktop: Create multiple attribute indexes for feature classes or mosaic datasets

Post-earthquake Kumamoto in Google Earth 3D

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.1.1 released

Video: “QGIS 2.14 use SVG icons”

Mapbox Fall cleaning

PostGIS 2.3.0 Released

Using open data to learn about land use in Los Angeles

Video: “Come aggiungere tag GPS alle foto”

OpenStreetMap node density map 2016

Osmium Command Line Tool version 1.4.0 released

OpenStreetMap Carto Tutorials

Using GIS to Map Telecommunications

Map: The Underground Sound of America

Map: Drinking Water Sources in California

Video: “Feature Envelop to Polygon in ArcGIS”

Core Spatial Data Analysis: Introductory GIS with R and QGIS (free course)

Mapbox Cities announced

Video: “Using PostgGIS in a real advanced way”

Add OSTN15 to QGIS 2.16

OpenStreetMap Awards winners

Taiwan wants Google to censor satellite imagery

Connections between Geospatial Data and Becoming a Data Professional


OpenStreetMap Step by Step User Guides

#GeoawesomeQuiz – Can you recognize these bridges based on satellite images?

Update on the QGIS Grant Programme

Video: “Web dataviz application : CartoGSM”

Installing QGIS on Windows

Video: “QGIS virtual layers : joined layer filter”

Video: “Cesium 3D textured buildings”

Video: “Imbalanced classification problem: A remote sensing example”

GIS and Sustainable Energy

Video: “A QGIS layer type for simulation results : Mesh layer”

Video: “Como configurar estilos de pontos no QGIS”

How to visualize bird migration data with QGIS TimeManager

Video: “Time Manager PLUG IN QGIS (Visualizza i dati in funzione del tempo)”

Mapping Gentrification in New York

Video: “QGIS 3 : Plans wishes and challenges”

Video: “Comment utiliser l’outil ‘Définir cible’ sur MapInfo”

Video: “Gapfilling or Destriping Landsat 7 Image for Scientific Analysis”

Video: “Ethics in GIS Education and Professional Practice”

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.18 Released

Fun facts about DigitalGlobe satellites

The Car Shaming Map

MapGuide Open Source 3.1 RC1 announced

Landsat Thematic Bands Web Mapping Application Enhancement

Iowa DOT: Preparing Data for APIs


Google Maps get redesign of the blue dot showing your position

Video: “EU Esri 2016 – Novidades da Plataforma ArcGIS”

OpenStreetMap Funding Drive 2016

Video: “How to isolate labels in different layers using QGIS”

Bill & Melinda Gates may soon change the Geo World

Create rectangular features using their geographic extents in ArcMap

WorldView-4 launch update

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.1 Released

Video: “QGIS Quick Tip – Raster World Files”

Easily create OSM-based apps in Python with OSMAlchemy

Free Styling with Mapbox, Google & Maputnik

Tilegrams: Make your own cartogram hexmaps with the new Google tool

GIS and Anti-Crime Measures

Map: Global Urban Footprint

Ordnance Survey Announces National Map Reading Week

A Map of the London Underground Track Network

Video: “Measuring Distance on Google Maps”

Map: Where could you walk in ten minutes?

12th International gvSIG Conference: Registration is open and new proposal deadline

The SnowMap base layer

Video: “STILE 2,5D (visione in prospettiva di poligoni) quasi 3D in QGIS”

Video: “Dissolver Geometrias no QGIS”

AI facial recognition is too good, in two different ways

Custom map styling with the Google Maps APIs on Android and iOS

“Let’s Talk Local at the Global State of the Map”

New imagery for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Cameron Booth’s Amtrak Subway Map

Esri’s Global Content Challenge

Colorado: A Historical Atlas

Video: “Airbus to launch very high resolution satellites by 2021”

Mapping China’s Foreign Investment

Video: “3D QGIS Modelos de Elevación / Globo QGIS”

America’s Contaminated Drinking Water Map

Metropolis style for OpenStreetMap

Creating an Interactive Visualization of Air Pollution for a Museum

QGIS: How to fix a broken Processing model with AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘ge…

September = Maptember

Canada’s first urban heat loss map of over 500,000 homes

The Jiangsu tornado in Google Earth

Video: “Comment utiliser les outils ‘Assembler & Désagréger’ sur MapInfo”

This map shows all the rivers of the Mississippi Watershed system

Creating congressional district maps with Mapbox

GeoInspirations: Madison Vorva — A Voice for Change

location-history-json-converter: Convert the Location History JSON File from Google Takeout into a useable f…

Battling Pokémon trespassers with GPS Jamming

Video: “Remote sensing : Imaging the Earth for a better protection”

Multispectral Imagery in Action

Video: “Using the ArcGIS REST Query Page”

GeoServer 2.10-beta released

GeoTools 16-beta Released

Video: “Quick OpenStreetMap ( download data from Open Street Map by query)”

Google Maps app updated

Video: “QGIS: Como Salvar uma Seleção como Nova Camada Shapefile”

Supporting Youth Mappers for malaria prevention in Kenya

OpenAddresses: A global address collection

Sample Data of Spatial@UChicago

CARTO’s Open Data Week 2016

Mapping Germany’s Power Sources

The Novosibirsk Planetarium Globe

8 useful enhancements in Mapfactor Navigator 2.2

Mapping Berlin’s Election Results

Malaysia and Tunisia get Google Earth 3D

Just two days to vote in the OpenStreetMap Awards

Video: “Quick Finder plug in (How to find an address in QGIS)”

Map: Connecting the Arctic

Towards gvSIG 2.3: Bookmarks

Camino a gvSIG 2.3: Autoarranque de scripts al iniciar gvSIG

Video: “Profilo di elevazione (in QGIS e Google Earth) plug in terrain profile”

More Attractive, More Intuitive Point Symbols Coming to ArcGIS Pro

Video: “Comment utiliser l’outil ‘Définir cible’ sur MapInfo”

Awesome interactive visualization of bird migrations

Details of the Nov. 2nd #geomob London

Video: “Combinación de Bandas Satelitales Sentinel 2A”

Map: The 68 Stations of Montreal

Google acquires Urban Engines to better understand location-based big data

ESRI’s World Population Estimated 2015

Camino a gvSIG 2.3: Catálogo de favoritos

Landsat 8: The plans, the reality, and the legacy

Video: “Editiare un tracciato GPX con WTracks online editor”

Open tools to improve OpenStreetMap for navigation in France

QGIS2 compatibility plugin

Atlas Obscura

Geography of Crashes in Philadelphia

Video: “How to combine shapefiles in ArcGIS”