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Video: “Introducing Core GIS Toolkit: The Core Vector GIS Toolkit”

Video: “DEM to TIN in GIS”

PostGIS 2.4.0rc3 Released

NASA’s Updated Worldview

Location is Everything: Geocode to Success with ArcGIS

Video: “Drone2Map for Utility Inspections and Corridor Management”

Lets make a simple cartogram

Using Wikidata data, fixing wrong Wikipedia and Wikidata tags in OpenStreetMap

Road to the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 6 (Greenbelt): the SCP dock

Mapping with Microsoft Paint

HERE maps for drones and advanced robotics?

Video: “False Color Composite to Natural Color Composite Conversion in ArcGIS”

Stuart Arnett’s Artistic Cartography

Powder Horn Maps of Colonial America

What’s New in Esri World Imagery Basemap (September 2017)

New U.S. datum requires location corrections of up to 1.5 meters

Mapping Storm Damage from the Air

Video: “How to Download ASTER Imagery from MADAS Application”

Tissot’s Indicatrix

Video: “When GIS Is Just Not Enough”

When GIS is just not enough – Part 2

When GIS is just not enough – Part 1

Esri Ocean GIS Forum Keynote Speaker Announced

Map Reading and where to get free maps

9as Jornadas de Latinoamérica y Caribe de gvSIG: Programa disponible

Russell Kirkpatrick on Fantasy Maps

Bus Network Map, Dunedin, New Zealand

Video: “Optical and Thermal Hyper Spectral Image Classification”

Free tools & data to predict hurricanes

MGRS/USNG Coordinates to Web Map Made Easy

A Pyramid Map of the World’s Biomes

Video: “Satellites orbiting the Earth”

Geospatial to the Rescue

Taller de Desarrollo avanzado en gvSIG con scripting. 13as Jornadas Internacionales de gvSIG

Video: “Metadata and Documentation: GIS Vector Data Theory”

Video: “Map tutorial for Adobe Illustrator”

Video: “Adobe Illustrator for Cartographers: Exporting and Printing”

Video: “Explore the Galapagos Islands with Google Maps”

OpenRouteService API: A Leaflet example for Isochrones

Mapping glacier grief across the globe

Curso gratuito de Sistemas de Información Geográfica aplicados a Gestión Municipal: Temario y 1er módulo…

OpenLayers v4.3.4 released

Skyline Software Systems Releases Photomesh 7.3 with User-Defined Presets and True-Orthophoto Capability

Video: “Cyber-GIS: Using Geography to Focus Cyber Security on Mission Outcomes”

Map: Fried Chicken Dividing Lines

What’s New in Esri Basemaps (September 2017)

Mapping the bombing missions of the Vietnam War

Collector for ArcGIS v17.0.3 (iOS and Windows)

Authoring 3D Layers and Creating Web Scenes in ArcGIS Online

Video: “Introduction To GIS || GIS Tutorial || Learn ArcGIS”

Mapping the Earthquake in Central Mexico

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Spatial autocorrelation analysis of tourist arrivals using municipal data: A Serbian example

Global Mapper v.19 Now Available with a New Tabular Attribute Editor and Interactive Hillshade Rendering Tool

Map: Abandoned Railroads of the USA

Digital mapmaking

Google activates crisis map and person finder for Puerto Rico

Bringing imagery to life with rich sources of geospatial intelligence

Join the OpenStreetMap Foundation now and help shape the future of the project

What’s New with ArcGIS for Emergency Management, Local Government, State Government and Telecommunications…

GeoMoose 3.0.1 Released

Maria’s Deluge

Towards gvSIG 2.4: Heat map symbology

Map of the State of Texas, 1879

State of the Map Validation notes

Curso gratuito de Sistemas de Información Geográfica aplicados a Gestión Municipal: Temario y 1er módulo…

Map on Table

Quantifying Connectivity with Geospatial Data

Using ogr2ogr to convert data between GeoJSON, PostGIS and Shapefile

Map: The Rise of the Far Right in East Germany

Camino a gvSIG 2.4: Leyenda de mapa de calor

Traveling abroad with a drone? This app has all worldwide laws

220 metro and light rail systems from around the world, shrunken and simplified

Australia’s access to Earth observation satellites is high risk

Australia’s new datum – an update on GDA2020

GIS Analyst Salary Breakdown

OGC GeoPackage: Expanding the Realm of Geospatial Capabilities

Video: “Generating Confusion Matrix for Accuracy Assessment and Change Detection in QGIS”

A @VerySpatial #Podcast Episode 579

Video: “Convert between geospatial data format using OGR GUI”

Creating a Time Series Visualization of Two Decades of Changes in a Glacier

Video: “Select administrative boundaries and reproject in QGIS”

Confessions of a Geospatial Blogger

Video: “Download Landsat 8 Data Using Libra Development Portal”

Video: “Creating Spectral Indices ( NDVI , NDBI , NDWI etc ) in ArcGIS Pro (example using Landsat 8 Imagery)”

PostGIS 2.4.0rc2 Released

Video: “How to create Simulated ASTER Natural Color Composite”

Video: “ArcGIS for Server – Installation Windows”

Video: “delete raster cells in ArcGIS”

Video: “Cut and Fill Analysis using Contour line in ArcGIS”

Video: “Better Editing in ArcGIS using Feature Template”

Video: “Working Efficiently With Phyton for ArcGIS (Example 1. Renaming tons of feature classes)”

Map: Shrinking Glaciers Around the World

Video: “ArcGIS Server – Installing and Configuring WebAdaptor (IIS)”

Video: “Raster operations in QGIS”

Video: “Remote Sensing Datatypes and applications”

Video: “How to Georeference Scanned Map in ArcGIS Pro”

Open data for Hurricane Maria relief efforts

Travel is all about location

Video: “Landsat Collections — What are Tiers?”

Map: Subway-Surface Lines, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1978

Esri creates impact summary map after Mexico earthquake

Video: “ArcGIS for Server – Touring the Manager – Processes”

Get to the Point (On Your Map)

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market Worth 13.21 Billion USD by 2022

AudioDrops Map for Android

Video: “QGIS Tutorial: Define a new CRS and reproject a map”

Map: Boston Underwater

Map: Drifter Observations by macroplastics

Video: “GraphHopper Directions API”

Map: Hurricane Irma’s Vast Destruction in the Caribbean, Building by Building

OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager – Mexican Earthquake | 2017 Sep 19 – Mexico City

OpenStreetMap Belgium Mapper of the Month (September 2017): Jonathan Beliën

Update for OpenStreetMap name suggestion index

OpenStreetMap Feature Proposal about Language Information rejected

Multi-dimensional Choropleth Maps using PostGIS, GeoServer, and Google Earth

Indian buses are never on time, so Google is trying to track them in real time

Map: Hurricane Irma’s Water Footprint

Grab partners with Here Maps to improve location services

CartoView: App Market para GeoNode

Cómo crear mapas web animados con Leaflet

Map: Ryanair’s Cancelled Flights

The OSMF Data Working Group survey on organised editing

GDAL/OGR 2.2.2 is released

Video: “Create Satellite Imagery Band Composite in QGIS”

Le département de la Géomatique du Service public de Wallonie recrute

Video: “Downloading satellite data from USGS websites”

Video: “Measuring Distance on Google Maps”

Video: “Open a File Geodatabase in QGIS”

GeoCue Group Provides Free Lidar Data For Hurricane Impact Areas

Video: “Creating 3D Geospatial Visualization using QGIS and 3JS Plugin”

What’s New in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer (September 2017)

What is new in Survey123 for ArcGIS v2.4

Plan a Route in ArcGIS Online, and Use it in Navigator (September 2017)

Share and discover travel stories with the Trips app

A hospital on every street corner in South Korea?

Trump’s Wall Maps

5 Skills Every Data Scientist Will Need For Their Job in 2018

Rotating geometries in PostGIS

Video: “Uncontrolled Mosaic of Aerial Photo Creation Using Microsoft Image Composite Editor”

New ArcGIS Online symbol sets (September 2017)

FME and the Minimum Spanning Tree

PostgreSQL 10 RC1 Released

“Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky Homeland” tourist guide with gvSIG Desktop

2º Webinar gratuito sobre qualidade e análise de utilização de serviços OGC

The GeoDude on Scanning Efficiency

Video: “A Geography Class for Racist People”

Vector tiles and point data in MapBox GL JS

Map: Every Building in Great Britain

GRASS GIS 7.2.2 released

Video: “Another way to download Open Street Map Data”

What’s New in ArcGIS Online (September 2017)

Clustering in ArcGIS Online Enables Data Exploration

Video: “Navigator for ArcGIS: Creating Custom Navigation Maps”

Regional Smoothing in R