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Translating #ArcGIS Hub sites and pages

The GeoGeeks at Home #Podcast

Use This Down Time to Become a Better Surveyor

The topography of Mercury

Crowdsourcing App Uses Heatmap Analysis to Predict Coronavirus Outbreaks

Improve Your COVID-19 Cases #Map

SotM 2020 will be a virtual conference

Mobilizing Volunteers to Help the Most Vulnerable through Maps

Rolling Hospital Bed Data into…Craigslist Zones?

Video: “Saving styles to a GeoPackage in QGIS”

A Guide to Kickstart into the #Geospatial World.

Video: “Snap pour points and delineate multiple catchments in QGIS”

QGIS Full Motion Video (FMV) 1.9 released

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Video: “Importing spreadsheets into QGIS”

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Importing spatial data to #PostGIS

Video: “QGIS Basic #103: Lat Lon Part 3 Coordinate Conversion”

Video: “QGIS Basic #102: Lat Lon Tools Part 2 Multi-Location Zoom”

Video: “QGIS Basic #101: Lat Lon Tools Part 1”

Why is Bioregional #mapping important?

Petabytes of #geospatial data to bite-sized actionable insights

Collecting paths in OpenStreetMap

A day in the life of an Ordnance Survey cartographer

Why Lockdown Matters: Exploring Human Mobility Data in Italy

#Mapping a Virtual Village

Geolocation Data, Geofencing Warrants, and Crime

The obstacles holding satellite remote sensing from going mainstream

Writing Modern JavaScript with the #ArcGIS API for JavaScript

OGC (opengeospatial) and Ordnance Survey Invite Developers to the OGC API – Tiles Sprint

New Custom Data Features in #ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

Go for a spin! 3D interactive historic globes now live

Recording tracks using QGIS and Input app

New maps show Los Angeles residents where to find food during pandemic

#Map: More Traffic Free Cities

Smooshing Graduated Size AND Color into an #ArcGIS Online Symbol

#Map: Bringing the Outside In

How to Align Vintage Hillshade with Current-ish Imagery

The MapScaping #Podcast: Earth Observation, platforms and data

#Geospatial jobs of the week: WFP, SWCA, ManTech are hiring

From millions of satellite images to a deforestation alert

Open Access Novel Coronavirus Data

ST Geometry with Entity Framework // #PostGIS

Mapbox Boundaries: Examine data across 4 million boundaries

Where and when local travel decreased from COVID-19 around the world

Florence Nightingale’s Covid-19 #Map

Going to the Moon: Early Cartography of the Lunar Surface

Sentinel-2 cloudless 2019

Labeling Satellite Imagery for Machine Learning

Italian Baseball Stadiums in GeoJSON

A tutorial for using ipyleaflet drawing tools to interact with Google Earth Engine data

A Jupyter notebook example for interactive #mapping with Earth Engine, ipyleaflet, and ipywidgets.

#Map: Syrian refugee destinations

Geomob #Podcast – 8. Interview with Alexis Batlle

Coronavirus COVID-19 Data Available by County from Johns Hopkins University

Oriented Imagery 2.2 released for #ArcGIS Pro and the web

Service Area Analysis using Openrouteservice in QGIS3

Locating Nearest Facility with Origin-Destination Matrix in QGIS3

Basic Network Visualization and Routing in QGIS3

America’s Lockdown #Map

Spatial Modelling Tidbits: Hexbins vs Geohashes?

Virtual FME World Tour Roadshow

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Georeferencing in QGIS

Modelling your data processing flow in QGIS

#Map: How Covid-19 Went Global

Create a gallery of content using #ArcGIS Hub

#Map: Traffic Free Cities

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Video: “QGIS course, video III (databases, geoprocessing, simple analysis)”

Video: “QGIS course, video II (georeferencing, external data sources, digitising)”

Video: “QGIS course, video I (opening, simple editing, visualising data)”

Video: “#ArcGIS course, video IV (symbology, styles, templates)”

Video: “#ArcGIS course, video III (databases, geoprocessing, simple analysis)”

Video: “#ArcGIS course, video II (georeferencing, external data sources, digitising)”

Video: “#ArcGIS course, video I (opening, simple editing, visualising data)”

Video: “Wind Speed and Direction Estimation from Radar SAR Data Pt.2 Exploring the Sentinel – 1 OCN Product”

Video: “DEM Creation from Sentinel 1 Imagery using SAR Interferometry Approach”

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Video: “Importing OpenStreetMap data to QGIS with QuickOSM”

OpenStreetCam plug-in for JOSM: Search Box for detection filtering

Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of OpenStreetMap

Potential Harm from Geotagging Photographs

UK Schools Progress by Postcode Area in OpenStreetMap

Fun with Coloring Maps

Call for more featured tile layers on

How to Use OGC (opengeospatial) GeoPackages in #ArcGIS Pro

MovingPandas v0.3 released

Fulcrum Query API and Koop

Will COVID-19 kill off flat Earthism once and for all?

Use #GIS to help your child understand COVID-19

Satellite Imagery: COVID-19 testing facilities in Munich, Germany

How to Volunteer Your #GIS and Cartography Skills

Caliper Maptitude 2020 Released

How #GPS #mapping and satellite technology help reduce deforestation

#Map of Common Gaelic Placenames

Antique Globes, Virtual and Real

#Map: America’s Migration Corridors

US County #Map of the United States

The art of the Ordnance survey

#SAGA 7.6.2 released

#Mapbox is deprecating Studio Classic styles

HxGN Content Program provides aerial imagery in response to COVID-19

Video: “Add Coordinate Grid in QGIS 3.12”

Video: “#Python and Google Earth Engine in QGIS – QGIS GEE 02”

#ArcGIS Pro on the Azure NVv4-series

#Map: Spring is Here

7 best practices for #mapping a pandemic

#OpenStreetMap Carto release v5.0.0

Online courses with free certification about #Geographic Information Systems

Census 2020 Kickoff

The Oldest #Map of Britain

Huff Model Calibration with #ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

Soyuz rocket launches Glonass-M navigation satellite for Russian military

Adding XYZ Tiles to a QGIS Project

U.S. Geological Survey data sets

Video: “QGIS User 0025 – Complex Labels”

The MapScaping #Podcast: Disrupting Esri – Why it is hard to build a big #geospatial business

#Map: Worldwide Travel Restrictions

The MapScaping #Podcast: A #GIS case study